Empathy & Pain


So many people endure a pain we know nothing about…..

It can be cancer, epilepsy, migraine headaches, hepatitis c, testing HIV positive. Someone that’s having to hide their sexuality or being transgender. A person losing a child or a spouse, their world is shattered into a thousand pieces. What about a pain of making a life changing mistake and spending time in prison. How about addiction?

How quick do we judge someone’s pain? I hear it so often at work people making jokes about depression, transgender people, racism and so much more. Where is our decency, compassion and kindness? Why would people joke and judge someone’s pain…..

I’m guilty of it subconsciously in my mind. I don’t join in the joking, teasing, and gossiping but at times it’s in the back of mind. When I discover it, I catch myself and mentally put myself in their shoes. What if I were a woman but had male tendencies all my life and had the desire to be a man? What if I stole groceries to feed my children? There are so many what if’s. We do not know what others are going through so the quote above is certainly true.

We wouldn’t want someone to mock our pain would we? I believe in most of our cases we’ve all had some type of pain, struggle, despair or torment in our lives.

Let’s take that into consideration the next time we don’t fully understand someone’s circumstances or pain. We should try to be more compassionate. Just think how kind and beautiful this world would be?


Defy The Normal

Why be a grey crayon when you can be a blue, red, green, yellow, purple, pink, etc? Why not be colorful instead of normal?

We all have our imperfections, flaws, glitches, and each of us are unfinished.

I’ve discovered so many new things with blogging. Each time someone likes one of my blogs or starts following me I immediately stop on over to their blog and it’s like Christmas morning.

I feel like I’m opening a precious gift and finding something so extraordinary. When I open up my gift my eyes light up and I want to say “Is this for me? All for me?”

Embrace all of the things that you were warned about in life. Deviate from the normal path you’re used to traveling and hurl yourself into the unknown.

Seize the opportunity to color outside of the lines. Dive into the abyss for once. Abandon all views of normalcy, please!

An open mind is an exquisite thing. Diversity is my addiction. Why always stick with the same chocolate you’ve always loved to eat when you can have an assortment of different flavors?

Accepting people that are the reversal of yourself is a liberating thing. Do not isolate yourself from the unique just because you are not familiar with it.

It really is an honor for someone to let you into their world and to get to know them. Do not judge them or ever criticize them for their lifestyle. We are all imperfect and no one is above the other. We’re all equal.

Open your heart to love the uniqueness of one another. No matter what your race is, whether you’re straight, homosexual, transgender, republican, a democrat, catholic, baptist, or whatever….we all have something in common which is LOVE.

Humanity is tenderness, kindness and goodwill. Let’s apply this in our everyday hustle shall we? We could all use some tenderness, kindness and goodwill couldn’t we?