Hump Day Shenanigan’s

Happy Humping 💋


God….It’s Me

Another horrendous work week for you God. Thank you for protecting so many…..I want to ask you to help those that lost their homes and also pray for those that lost someone dear to them. 

As our flight was delayed five times on Thursday coming home from vacation I noticed two women sitting behind us at the gate complaining of the delays etc. Thank you for keeping my mouth shut and for teaching me self control. Although the flights were delayed because of arranging evacuees to be shuffled around to find shelter, food and a roof over their heads these two were self consumed and rude. I pray that you teach them compassion and how to be grateful instead of complaining so much. 

God……please heal the broken hearts of the families that lost their elderly loved ones in that nursing home without air conditioning. I can’t imagine what they’re going through. 

I’ve given you a lot to work on here so I’ll let you move on. Thanks for listening and always being here ❤

God….It’s Me

Seriously? How do you do it? You’ve had a really busy week God. 

I’m praying for this weather to take a turn for the better. Between the earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes everyone is scattering. I’m not praying for myself as we’re safe and comfortable here in upstate NY visiting family. Please watch over the people in harms way. Take care of your angels in disguise in uniforms that are waiting anxiously to save those in need. Keep the animals dry and warm and yes even the animals AKA looters and criminals….maybe give them a jolt up the *#%% a wake up call if you will? 

I want to aplogize for the eleven times I said the F word this week. I am so sorry. That’s a lot better than the previous week. Baby steps. 

Thank you for this platform to share my thoughts and my weirdness. 💙