It Gets Worse

Happy Sunday Guys & Dolls,

I was driving home from my new job on Friday and the song “Sorry Not Sorry” started playing and instead of thinking about an ex-boyfriend I couldn’t help but flashback to my last ratchet, possessive, egotistical dickhead employers. I believe I’ve finally found my forevermore career? I’m in love with my new office with a window, what I’m doing, the people I’m surrounded by. I really feel good about this one. Who cares that I’ve quit two jobs in three months, if it’s landed me where I’ll have my happily ever after then it’s worth it right?

Both of those dickhead employers have been asking about me through mutual friends. I’m sure they’re salivating at the mouth hoping to hear that I’m failing miserably and that I’ll come begging for my old job. Ha! Fat chance motherfuckers that will EVER happen.

Besides, I’ve also heard both places are losing money currently and trying to figure out what to do. I love they’re taking a loss because I’m no longer there. I know, I know, I’m vengeful but if you knew what I went through you would probably understand.

Some of my clients have contacted me and told me they won’t do business with either of them since my replacements have fucked up their accounts so badly. Got news for my old employers, it gets worse……Your clients are finding me at my new job and now they’re signing contracts with me 🙂 Cheers!


Mullet Monday


I cannot believe I honestly quit my job last Thursday…..without having another job….Yes, I did that. The job started out great – my title being a Warehouse Manager at an industrial equipment company. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll remember I worked for a toxic arrogant asshole that screamed at his employees. I honestly thought I was moving onto a much larger corporate environment that would help me to grow and advance. Unfortunately, not all of the responsibilities were presented to me during the interview process. Let me break it down for you…..It was supposed to be a management position with five employees working for me. I was told it was a smooth running department and that what was expected of me was to provided budget reporting and finding ways to increase revenue. I would have my own office with A/C and be guiding my team and coming up with new ways for them to be more efficient.

The details they left out were the department was severely understaffed and the five employees did not get along at all. They fought all day to the extent of screaming at each other and acting like children. They grab each other in the ass, tell each other to go fuck themselves, hiding each other’s cell phones, coming to me tattling on each other, and the list goes on.


They all worked hard but they were so negative and toxic. They hated their jobs and complained all the time. I tried to boost the morale by bringing breakfast, building them up, rewarding them for behaving and thanking them for working so hard. The warehouse they worked in had no A/C and it was easily over 100 degrees with no ventilation and they were lifting heavy items and on the move all day. I joined them four hours a day because we were so behind and understaffed. I had weekly meetings with my manager and director and stressed to them how understaffed we were and how I was unable to keep up with my responsibilities in generating revenue. They tuned that out and within two days they took two of my guys away from me to help out another department. It was as if we were already beat down and while we were down they kicked us in the ribs and then held us down with weights in the ocean and left us to drown.

The next day my manager asked for his reports and I told him I didn’t have time to do the reports since we were two men down. “Don’t be a smart ass bitch Lennon. Are you seriously pouting because I took two of your guys?” I walked over to him and asked him to look out of my office window down at the warehouse. Boxes were stacked and you couldn’t even see the three guys below on the floor because there were so many boxes to unpack. There were two trucks backing into the doc delivering more orders and I expressed to him I wasn’t sure how we were going to get everything put away or shipped out to customer’s. He said “make it happen, it’s all about direction and pushing your people as hard as you can”.


One of my employees also kept comparing me to the previous warehouse manager and how I would never be as good as he was. I finally just had enough. I typed up a resignation letter and didn’t say a word to anyone. I left when it was time to close up and never looked back. Below is my resignation letter…..

I’ve not quite made it to my 90 days yet but today was my last day. Not only is the 90 day probation period for you to make sure I’m meeting your expectations but it’s also for me as well to figure out if you meet mine.
I honestly had no idea how understaffed you were nor did you inform me of that during the interview process.   I certainly wanted a challenge but I had no clue it would be this difficult. I strongly suggest putting on some steal toed boots and rolling up your sleeves for a day or two and sampling the parts warehouse day to day hurdles.You can check my e-mails, take the technician calls, handle the petty cash, quote and process tire orders, pick and pull parts, help unload trucks, move tires around, etc. It would be a good learning experience so you’ll know the responsibilities for the next candidate and explain the position in full detail so they’re prepared for it. Your company is currently past due with several vendors. That’s pretty scary. Technician’s are having to use their own cash to purchase items for customers.
Another issue is the returns that the technicians bring in daily. The restocking fees and freight charges have to be hitting your bottom line. I actually e-mailed an example of one situation where parts were ordered for a customer before the customer approved the quote which was over $10,000 worth of parts + freight of $795 and now we have to return it with a restocking fee of $2,000.00 along with whatever the freight will cost to return it to the supplier as the customer stated they’re not going to approve the quote. You’re taking hit after hit on restocking fees and although I’ve brought it to your attention you didn’t even acknowledge it. We might be able to pay our bills if we didn’t have so many returns and paid so many restocking fees.

I hope you figure out a new way to manage this department. I also hope that you describe this position correctly this time for the next person that attempts to run it. This is not a good fit for me at all.

The next day I found another job with another company but this time I’ll be a service administrator. Less money and less stress. I’m happy about that. I just don’t think I want to manage people anymore. Maybe it’s me…..maybe I’m not a good manager. Either way, I accept that and I’m excited for a new journey. Sometimes, you just have to take a look at the position you’re in and admit you fucked up. But, then again, if I didn’t take that chance I would’ve never gotten out of the other toxic job I was in. Baby steps 🙂



Ho Hum….

I’ve been meaning to write something for weeks here. All I’ve been doing is posting Mullet Monday’s and Hump Day Shenanigan’s. I’ve been working on a special project in hopes of being featured in a book. Let’s hope I make it, wish me luck? That’s where my priorities have been and work of course. But, this bitch is back loves 🙂

So, I think I blogged about having a new employee a few months back. He is truly incredible. I’m ecstatic that he’s there. I don’t even have to fix myself a cup of coffee anymore. He wants to do everything for me. Although he’s not my assistant it’s as if I have one. I’m getting so spoiled. Life is good now for me with being a manager. Honestly, I was somewhat insecure about the position. I doubted myself and if I could handle the responsibilities but I’ve proven myself wrong. I’ve got this. I’m doing fantastic at it, at least that’s what the owner tells me.

We’ve landed a large client. I get massive orders daily from this corporation. I’ve been requested to visit their facility by the plant manager.  It’s always lovely to be complimented by a major client and especially to the owner of your company. It helps for bonuses, raises, and promotions. This particular client is a female. I have enormous respect for her as she over sees it all. I can be so naive sometimes. I didn’t realize she was flirting with me until she stated in an e-mail “I bet you’re extremely beautiful Lennon. You’re voice is raspy and very sexy. I love your wittiness and you are exceptional at your job. We should meet halfway for dinner one evening. Let me take you out. Please tell me you’re single?” Sigh….I explained to her in the e-mail that I would love to meet her sometime to put the face with the e-mails and yes I am happily married. Well, that seemed to excite her even more. Go figure. As the owner says “Lennon, you need to take one for the team and accompany us on the next visit to the plant.” Sure thing, I’ll play along for the time being. Lennon doesn’t discriminate, she flirts with everyone anyways right? Ha. Not sure when we’ll visit the plant but I’ll keep all of you posted on that tidbit.

That’s about all that’s new with me. Sorry I’ve not written much lately but I’m planning on getting back into it again. Thank you all for always stopping by, reading and commenting.





Finish Line


This one is hard to remember. I have goals…I’m a motivated person. I work extremely hard. For fuck’s sake I wear a head set to the bathroom at work so I’m working ALL the time. My work follows me home but I do get burned out sometimes. I hear the negative drama at work all around me. I don’t necessarily get involved with it but I hear it. I’m sure I’m known as the Snarky Bitch in the office but I’m there to do my job. So if I hear it I try to shut it down.

Currently one of our departments is slowly circling the drain. The technicians are moaning, complaining and moving slowly and they all actually just got a raise a few weeks ago. They’re treated like princess’ most of the time. If they do something wrong and get caught the management always says “It’s Ok, don’t worry about it.” They get away with a lot because they’re special….they have a talent in repairing things. These guys are hard to come by and difficult to find and keep happy. There are tons of competitors that want them.

But I swear they’re a pain in the ass and it’s almost as if they’re toddlers in a playpen and you’re having to change their diapers and powder their asses and give them a bottle every two hours. They want this and they want that and then when they talk it sounds like a newborn baby crying and I can’t really hear what they’re trying to tell me because I can’t stand their baby man voices.

Sorry, I got off on a rant and basically off the subject here about the baby men. Anyway, what my point is to this post is we can’t get caught up in that turmoil. We need to keep our eyes on that finish line to get shit done. I’m preaching to myself here more than all of you. Although the tech’s annoy me I can’t get intertwined in their temper tantrums. I need to just remind them of how good we do have it and how we’re fortunate to have jobs and tell them something positive to get them to move on from their whiny bitch melt downs.

So, mugs up and I’m going to wear my positive panties today and try very hard not to go off on anyone…… Wish me luck? Ha!




The Grenade

A few months ago I posted about a particular employee that I was not thrilled with. If you missed it you’ll want to read it first before continuing on….

Today was a great day for me….

This person has been “up front” with the promotion of “Marketing Coordinator” for three months now. I’d love to say they proved me wrong and have been doing amazing work in this new position….BUT that’s not the case here.

First Strike: Said person managed to post Pinterest quotes about Cake, Trump, Prince, and Religion on social media sites for our company. Did I mention I do not work for TMZ, E News, or any entertainment venues. The company I work for is an industrial equipment company. The type of quotes she’s posting has nothing to do with our product. Unacceptable.

Second Strike: Uploading photo’s of our competitors brands onto our social media sites advertising that’s our brand and to call us today for a free quote. Shaking my head…I know, what the fuck right?

Third Strike: Continuing to clock in and out while not even there are the office. Definition of that: Stealing….Thievery

Fourth Strike: Wearing clothing that is way too tight and a boob popping out by accident in front of a client. Yes! That REALLY happened. Might I add that this person is probably well over 300 lbs and has no business wearing tight clothing with very low cut tops. Don’t get me wrong, curvy plus size women are stunning. But, wear your clothing appropriately. Be professional for Christ Sake will ya?

I over heard the owner laughing about this person in his office today with my boss as I was walking by I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation of course…. (Sneaky Lennon listens in)

Owner: “I feel like I’ve been bamboozled by Lennon. It’s almost as if she opened the door to the front offices, pulled the pin on a grenade and rolled it in secretly and bolted back into her office. She dropped a bomb on me. ______ doesn’t listen to anything I tell her and she’s fucking up our social media.”

My Boss: “Yeah, Lennon knew exactly what she was doing when she told you about us needing a marketing coordinator. She wanted _____ out. She told you multiple times about how bad _____ was in her department but you ignored it. No offense but she got you. She sold you on the idea and told you how great ____ was because that’s what you always told Lennon. Give _____ a chance, she’s really smart and she’s ______ daughter. She gets everyone at some point and time. You just got served by Lennon. I still can’t believe you didn’t see it coming.”

Me: “Muahahaha” – Slinging my blonde hair back I strut back to my office and put more lipstick on.

As Charlie Sheen says: Winning!


What Do You Do?

Hey Loves,

It’s Sunday and I’m basically doing not much of anything. While I sit here preparing blogs for the week and getting my mindset for Monday I can’t help but wonder…what do all of you do for a living? How do you earn your paycheck? Maybe you’re a housewife – hardest job ever! Stay at home Dad? Possibly retired? If you’re retired what did you do? If you don’t work, what would you like to do for a living? If you’re on disability, what is your disability? School me on your lives will you?

What do I do? I sell industrial parts for forklifts, sweepers, utility carts, and scissor lifts. I purchase all of the parts for our company, keep the inventory discrepancies low, quote parts, invoice the clients for the parts. I also go out to call on customer’s from time to time or to “fix” their issues. I also help out the other departments with our software and training new people.

Tell me what fills your days?  🙂