Finish Line


This one is hard to remember. I have goals…I’m a motivated person. I work extremely hard. For fuck’s sake I wear a head set to the bathroom at work so I’m working ALL the time. My work follows me home but I do get burned out sometimes. I hear the negative drama at work all around me. I don’t necessarily get involved with it but I hear it. I’m sure I’m known as the Snarky Bitch in the office but I’m there to do my job. So if I hear it I try to shut it down.

Currently one of our departments is slowly circling the drain. The technicians are moaning, complaining and moving slowly and they all actually just got a raise a few weeks ago. They’re treated like princess’ most of the time. If they do something wrong and get caught the management always says “It’s Ok, don’t worry about it.” They get away with a lot because they’re special….they have a talent in repairing things. These guys are hard to come by and difficult to find and keep happy. There are tons of competitors that want them.

But I swear they’re a pain in the ass and it’s almost as if they’re toddlers in a playpen and you’re having to change their diapers and powder their asses and give them a bottle every two hours. They want this and they want that and then when they talk it sounds like a newborn baby crying and I can’t really hear what they’re trying to tell me because I can’t stand their baby man voices.

Sorry, I got off on a rant and basically off the subject here about the baby men. Anyway, what my point is to this post is we can’t get caught up in that turmoil. We need to keep our eyes on that finish line to get shit done. I’m preaching to myself here more than all of you. Although the tech’s annoy me I can’t get intertwined in their temper tantrums. I need to just remind them of how good we do have it and how we’re fortunate to have jobs and tell them something positive to get them to move on from their whiny bitch melt downs.

So, mugs up and I’m going to wear my positive panties today and try very hard not to go off on anyone…… Wish me luck? Ha!





Crooked & Disturbing Drama

Vent / Rant session here……Allow me to elaborate?

For a couple of weeks it’s been like the twilight zone at work. From over emotional cry babies to dramatic nonsense. All entirely out of my control.

Let me share with you a few instances so you can get the picture….

My “Dude Bestie” put in his 2 week notice and the owners walked him out basically because he will be working for a competitor. The next day I get called into an unscheduled meeting with both owners for interrogation. I felt like I was on The Making Of A Murderer. They questioned my friendship with him. They wanted to know if he had approached me to leave with him. They really grilled and strong armed me. It was uncomfortable to say the least. The end result was a raise (Hush Money) for me and to distance myself from him.

I walked away feeling dirty, ashamed, guilty, and confused. It also felt like I was part of a cult or working for the mob. Maybe I’m overreacting or being a bit dramatic about it but it didn’t sit right with me. You see I know why “Dude Bestie” left and it’s because they are shady and didn’t pay him what he earned in commission. The song “Bitch Better Have My Money” was serenading me in my mind listening to their bullshit that day. “Pay me what you owe me….don’t act like you forgot….I call the Shots Shots Shots”…..

I’ve been looking for another job and had a phone interview last week. Sure the raise is great but I can’t trust these overpowering Assholes. Sure they told me they’ll do whatever they can to keep me and make me happy BUT to play mind games and tell me lies about my friend or keep me from being friends with him….Bitch Puh-Lease.

Another incident at work this week was two chic’s getting into it. Chic #1 left a crime scene in the ladies restroom and Chic #2 accused #1 of it and told her she cleaned it up for her. This all didn’t go over well at all. Cat fights are the fucking worst. Tears were flowing and feelings were hurt and so on. Good Grief. I can’t make this shit up.

We don’t really even have an HR department so no one to report anything to. That place is a fucking joke.

For now I’ll sit tight with my hush money and hopefully find something much more professional & secure in months to come.

Honestly I didn’t see myself ever leaving or embarking on another career at 44 years old. But Hey, I didn’t plan on waking up today being this fucking awesome but shit happens right? Ha!

Stay tuned for Monday Eve’s post later this evening. Enjoy your Sunday Loves.


Monday Eve Essentials

It’s that time again isn’t it Loves? It’s Monday Eve and it’s approaching quickly. So, let’s get this party started shall we? Here’s the essentials you’ll need to keep in mind.

1.) Indispensable: Absolutely Necessary.

2.) Extraordinary: Exceptional in character.

3.) Significant: Remarkable and Important.

Whether you believe you have these qualities or not,  I’m betting someone sees these in you. Do you have a career? If you have a job your supervisor believes in you or you wouldn’t be in the position you’re in right now. I don’t care if you’re a shipping clerk, cashier, truck driver, contractor, engineer, babysitter, or whatever it is you’ve chosen to do for a living.  Whoever hired you saw something in you and is trusting that you will do an outstanding job for them.

If you’re cringing at the thought of tomorrow and another Monday I ask you to reevaluate your attitude. I know, I know, you’re reading this and thinking “Bitch, don’t tell me what do!” I assure you, it’s for your own good and I’m also talking to myself here.

Reason with yourself for a second will you? If you’re dreading tomorrow that causes worry and anxiety. Do you realize you’re in control of those feelings? What makes you happy? Can you think of something right this second that makes you happy in your life? Is it your spouse, child, pet, a new pair of shoes, a trip you have planned? Well, keep your eye on the fucking prize! Pull up your boot straps and dust yourself off and get your shit together. Why do you want to think negative thoughts about tomorrow? Seriously, choose happy. Choose thoughts of “I’m happy I have a job to go to.” Do you know how many people are without jobs right now?

Although you might bitch and moan about your job from time to time, there is someone out there that needs a job and would love to have your position. Count your blessings my loves and take note that your job pays your bills and also helps you to get your prize, am I right? You feel me?

Walk your valuable ass into work tomorrow knowing you bring something to the table. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have that job now would you?

You are all of those three things listed at the top of this blog. Excellence is an attitude. So, think you’re excellent at what you do tomorrow morning and it will seep out of your pores and hopefully jump out and onto a lazy ass co-worker so they’ll wake up and contribute to the team. Be accessible to your employer. Never underestimate yourself. I want you to stop doubting your capabilities and show up for the game tomorrow.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it, there’s only one you and only one me and we’re fucking extraordinary.

You and I are so much more.

Now tomorrow morning get up, get that cup of coffee, listen to a kick ass song like the one I’ve posted below. Start Me Up – Rolling Stones – I mean if you don’t get fired up listening to The Stones, get your head examined. Although it’s 34 years later, this song never gets old. Seriously, look at Mick’s moves! I was just ten years old when it came out but I can remember putting Christmas garland around my neck and strutting around the living room trying to imitate his moves. Hmm, maybe I’ll try that next week when I’m putting up the tree. Ha!

Cut the volume up my friends and get your mindset started up!






Monday Eve – Get What You Deserve


Loosen up loves, it’s just Monday. No reason to tighten up those ass cheeks. You’re not about to have an enema or a colonoscopy are you? Or maybe you are? Well, if you are, lube up for the invasion eh?

Monday’s are a bitch sometimes but we’ve battled through every Monday before this one so I sense we can handle another one, Yes? Of course we can.

We’re going to crash into Monday like we’re driving 120 mph in a 1970 Chevelle. <= (My dream car by the way). We’re going to get out of that Chevelle like we’re wearing some black leather pants, kick ass boots and balls the size of our heads. That’s right mother fuckers, we’ve got tenacity, fearlessness, and determination.

First of all, we’re not built to be safe. We’re risk takers. If you’re not, live a little Puh-lease. Don’t you ever be afraid to fail. I mean, Ever. Take chances this Monday. Think outside of the box. Do something different and out of the ordinary.

Get noticed at work. Engage with your boss. Contribute every single day. Be present! If you’re feeling insecure, afraid, or inadequate, change your attitude. Swallow your doubt and know that you’re larger than any obstacle that comes your way.

Mind over matter all day, every day. Where’s your confidence? Hello? (In my Adele voice) Anyone in there? You better pull your shit together and hustle.

Listen up loves, Lennon can’t stand pity parties I’m just telling you right now. I believe in myself and I believe in each of you. Deep down you’re a fighter and you love yourself, I mean, you really really love yourself. And if you don’t, wake the fuck up right now.

Do you ever play the lottery? How about gamble on yourself Monday? I’m betting on you….you’re worth it. Don’t you think so? We’re all winners here.

What’s higher than #1? Ahem….You! Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Swag your ass into the office tomorrow with the attitude that you’re higher than #1 and you’ll have a shield for the unnecessary theatrical bullshit. Those negative douchebag’s in the office will bounce off your blockade and fall on their asses hopefully.

Let’s focus on possibilities and stop focusing on dumb shit. If those haters try to reel you into their dimness and self loathing, Remember they’re just the glitter and you’re the fucking diamond. Got it?

Now, let’s rise up and get what we deserve tomorrow!


Monday – Are you ready to play?

everyday bad ass

I had a “moment” on Friday after work. When I say “moment”, I mean, I allowed my emotions to get to me. As most of you know I blog about strength, positivity, inner strength, and strive to encourage others. Work was stressful that day and I felt defeated. I felt like I was being taken for granted and just downright pissed off.

I’m blogging about this as I want all of you to know that I have bad days too. I’m a real person just like all of you. I don’t want you to think that I’m always this super strong chic. We’re all human and have those shitty days don’t we?

When I came home from work and my husband asked me how my day was, I started elaborating and broke down in tears. My husband has seen me cry twice in the ten years we’ve known each other so it’s a big deal if I cry. His immediate reaction is to fix the problem and asked me if I wanted to quit my job. He would support me 100% if I did quit. That’s when I snapped back to reality. When I heard him say that, I thought to myself “No fucking way!” I am no quitter that’s for sure.

After I got the crying out of my system I felt much better. I felt relieved to get it off of my chest. It’s OK for us to have these moments where we do feel defeated. Of course it’s not a good feeling and it’s frustrating for us but this is life. Sometimes things don’t happen the way we want them to. We have to pick ourselves back up and begin again. We have to try again the next day and overcome these defeating moments. I allowed someone to make me doubt myself. I’m sharing this with you because I’ve read that if we blog about our life experiences including the ups and the downs that it brings our bloggers closer to us as we let them see us for who we really are. I assure you I am very real. That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

So, on that note loves, we’ll move on with my Monday Eve prep for myself and all of you. I appreciate each and everyone one of you. Now let’s get to the good stuff on how we’re going to attack Monday, shall we?

Let’s tell the board of negativity meeting in our brains to sit down and shut the fuck up. Our business is not to bring ourselves down or anyone else for that matter tomorrow. We’re tougher than we think aren’t we? So what, we have a moment of defeat every once in a while. That’s when we should brush the dirt off and get our asses back in the game again.

We all have a fire inside of us that needs to break free. It needs air. We’re about to set it free and burn it up.

What’s on the menu for tomorrow you ask?

A positive attitude to get shit done, a mentality that we’re in charge, and most of all we bring VALUE.

Let’s start the day with inhaling some confidence and exhaling any self doubt.

As we hit first base tomorrow we’re going to have fabulous energy and it’s going to be fucking contagious.

Face it, we’re all under pressure at work on Monday’s, I think we’d all agree. Focus on the things that are going right for us in our lives.

As we run to second base, we’re going to spread some positivity. Light the game up! What I mean by that is, If a co-worker starts bitching and moaning about how she or he hates working there… them by complimenting them about something they contribute or how well they do something for the company. Try to bring them up to your level. Cheer them on and build them back up. Reel them in. They’re part of the team too.

Stealing third base……You’re in charge of your attitude and your mindset ALWAYS. Every day we’re tested & doubted in our careers and life in general. Remember, hold your head up high and understand we’ve got this. We can handle anything. Put your positive pants on and swag yourself right into work and bring your bad ass to the forefront.

As we slide into home base let’s serve up enthusiasm, sass, encouragement, and fucking charm all damn day. Let’s own it people!

“Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play.”

Go ahead Monday, throw my team some curve balls because it’s obvious these batters can swing.

Extraordinary Wednesday

“Don’t be like the rest of them Darling”

Seriously…..make an impression. We’re born to stand out don’t you think?

If you disagree with me then I’m encouraging you to believe in yourself. Understand you are an original. There’s not anyone else like you or me.

Are you on point today? Bring it and own it.

Remember, Bitches get shit done 💋

Theatrical Pity

There are many things that annoy me but the #1 annoyance is the whole “Pity Me” theatrical.

People that are so self-absorbed and whimper about the slightest little thing provoke my dark sarcastic split personality.

For instance, someone I work with is constantly whining about her neck, step daughter’s doctor’s appointments, the rain, the ugly colored flowers in front of our office, the grass not being green enough?

Another example is of another co-worker that gets in a fowl mood of “feel sorry for me” because I hate my job and then talks “baby talk” all day long. I can barely understand what she’s saying. All I hear coming out of her mouth is “Goo Goo Gah Gah”.

It’s almost as if these people are unstable or something. When I come into work I don’t bring in any drama from my personal life, that is IF I have any. I’m pretty much a drama free chic. I can’t stand that shit obviously.

I just don’t understand why people don’t make a change if they’re so miserable with their circumstances. Either change your attitude or handle your shit. Or better yet be grateful for what is going right in your life. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Why always look at the negative in your life and bitch and moan about it to everyone else?

Pull yourself up and brush that dirt off your shoulders and stop feeling sorry for yourself. It’s not attractive and you’re killin everyone else’s vibes. Don’t be a fucking downer.

Ok, now that I’ve turned into one of these people by blogging about it and being a whiny little bitch, I’ll end my rant.

Now, let’s be fierce and fabulous and get shit done! 🙂

Operation Monday

Monday Eve’s prep……

Last week negativity called me up for a booty call. I wasn’t feelin’ it so I happily told negativity to go fuck itself. Abstinence never felt so good.

I often hear co-workers spewing bitterness about their jobs and how they’re being mistreated by their manager or the company. Sure, there are times where I feel the same way. I don’t discuss it out loud to bring others down. There’s no need in allowing it to affect my work or take it out on any of my co-workers.

I actually call this “The Sickness”. It’s when the negativity plays house in their brains and the words “It’s not fair” come into play.

The Sickness is an infection that needs a remedy stat!

If you’re feeling any symptoms that point in the direction of the The Sickness, get help fast! No need in their germs sweeping through the office like a parasite.

Disinfect yourself before entering the ward tomorrow. Spray on some “Bitch Puh-lease” repellent and handle yourself. Put on your mental mask and shield that bacteria.

Remember, you have choices, do you want to be encouraging or disheartening? You can’t be both darlings, pick carefully.

Don’t Kill My Vibe

Morning Checklist….

Positive Panties On – Check!

Coffee Cup In Hand – Check!

Lipstick – Check!

Got Swag? – Check!

Feeling Positive – Abso-Fucking-Lutely!

Negativity? – We have a runner!

You’re not here to be average, you’re here to be awesome! Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. It’s time to evict that negative resident out of your mind and have a new lease drawn up for a paying occupant named positivity. You hear that beeping? That’s the moving truck backing in….Negativity pack your shit and get the fuck out. Mind over matter all day, everyday.