Warning: If you suffer from homophobia do not read any further. Also, if you’re under the age of 18 please stop reading.

If you’re looking for something new, adventurous, thrilling, dramatic, suspenseful, and sexy this show is all of those things and much much more. If you’re a fan of Orange Is The New Black you’ll love this. I actually prefer Wentworth over OITNB….gasp, I know. It’s that fucking good.

Wentworth is an Australian female prison which has quite a bit of corruption, sex, politics, and violence. The characters are addicting. They’re fucking brilliant! These actors and actresses make you feel serious emotions of what they’re going through. Although the majority of the women in the prison have committed wicked horrific crimes you feel empathy for them after flash backs of their lives and what they’ve been through or possibly the real reason they committed the crimes.

I live in the US and found it on Netflix. So far there’s been three seasons offered and I’ve stayed up all hours of the night watching them back to back. The fourth season is due out in April this year but will take a while to hit the US on Netflix unfortunately.

For now I have to watch the series over again as I miss these characters. I’m attached to them as if they’re real people. I wait with baited breath for Season four.

Let me tell you this…. It makes Orange Is The New Black look like something from Nickelodeon or The Disney Channel. Do not watch this around your kids please.

I’ve posted a teasing clip of the show below.

Again, if you’re homophobic don’t watch it. No hate comments either please.

And you’re welcome!