For The Guys – Hump Day Shenanigan’s

I’m running out of time this morning but here’s some eye candy for you guys 💋

Kate Upton

Ashley Graham

Marisa Tomei 

Jennifer Lawrence


For The Doll’s….Hump Day Shenanigan’s

I thought I would switch it up today and do two posts of hotties. One for the ladies and one for the guys. 

One of my very favorites, Liev Shreiber which plays Ray Donovan. Gotta love a guy with a baseball bat on a mission. 

Ryan Reynolds…..This Guy. He’s funny, kind and well….just H.O.T. 

John David Washington – Yes, Denzel’s son….former UFL running back turned actor. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Love his role on Baller’s. 

Ok, don’t laugh or go ahead….I don’t think he would mind. He is one of my favorite guys. He’s hilarious, super creative, and loves animals. Have you seen Derek on netflix? This guy is uberly talented. I think he’s adorable! 

Well that’s it for you ladies 💋

Keep That Shit Up

fucking awesome


With it being Wednesday and me procrastinating (my favorite past time) in getting out of my jammies and putting on “Real” clothes this post is short & sweet! Be fucking awesome today loves!!! Only a couple of more days til the weekend. You’ve got this! Now…..onto my day job. Do I really have to? Grrrrrr….