Say Walking Dead One More Time

For Christ sakes……What the fuck is so damn fantastic about this show??? 

I know…..I know….my husband reminds me that when the zombie apocalypse happens I’m on my own since I’m not a believer. Ha! See? My own husband is brainwashed with this fictional spaghetti bloody faced zombie shit.

We live in Georgia and because I love my husband so much I gave in and went on one of the WD tours. Oh My God….people take this zombie bullshit seriously on these tours. Of course I went because I adore him but he also held it over my head that he went to church on Mother’s Day for my Mom. So paybacks were due.

This show is ridiculous. How do they eat? Where do they get gas? Just the sound of the zombies growling, gurgling, and shuffling annoys the fuck out of me. I’m trying to sleep on a Sunday evening and you would think my husband was watching the superbowl. He’s angry and talking to the TV “Awe shit Carol!” while the bed I’m trying to sleep in (my comfy haven) is moving because he’s in so much turmoil he can’t relax. 

And ladies….what is so hot about guys that haven’t bathed in four years i.e. Rick & Daryl. Seriously?!?! What the fuck? They’re soooo NOT attractive. I mean even with a bath I don’t think they’re attractive. I will admit that Nic & Norman’s restaurant in Senoia is fabulous. I can remember overhearing two older guys discussing the script with paperwork all over their table. That was kinda cool. 

Honestly…. I think I would rather watch the debates all over again, prep for a colonoscopy and have a fucking root canal all at once than to watch WD. 

But I know without a doubt a lot of my bloggy friends watch it so if you’re a fan….you enjoy yourself tonight. Ick.