I swear sometimes I feel like I sound like a broken, warped, cracked record. But here I go again…..

Father’s Day at my sister’s house was nice. I enjoyed spending time with my niece and nephew playing, laughing, and holding them. They give the best cuddles EVER. I mean they smell like snuggles fabric softner and they love to hug me. Even after they’ve hugged me when I walk in the door….I’ll be loading the dish washer or doing something around the house while everyone is talking and they latch onto my leg wanting more hugs. They make me feel so special. These kids are so perfect to me. Why can’t they stay at the tender ages of four and two?

At our Father’s Day celebration my brother-in-law’s parents were visiting. I’m not a fan of his Dad at all. His Mom is a beautiful, caring, sweet and a timid soul. She always seems like a wilted flower to me. She seems scared or frightened to say much of anything to anyone. When she does talk it’s about her grandchildren, her gardening or work stuff. I always enjoy our chats when I do see her. But, her husband is basically a low hanging meat grape. What’s that you ask? It’s a raging festering bleeding hemorrhoid.

Why would I say this about someone? Because he belittles his wife and his own Mom. His Mom is 80 years old and has cancer. She has little use of her hands and is going through chemo and radiation. He told us all at the dinner table that his wife had wrecked their car and how it was all her fault. He said she should’ve kept her fat ass at work instead of out gallivanting on her lunch break. She was with a lady from work going out to lunch and was a four way stop sign. No one was charged for the accident by the police so in my eyes it’s not her fault. Besides, why would you call your wife a fat ass?! He was also bragging about how he makes his Mom cook him dinner some nights when his wife is working. “So what she can’t use her hands sometimes. I don’t care if she has cancer. It’s tough love. If I make her do things for me she’ll get better. If she sits around moping she’ll die.” He said all of these things in front of both women.

I didn’t open my mouth. I feel like I should have. My husband said it’s probably good that I didn’t or it would’ve caused a lot of problems within the family and would’ve made everyone feel awkward. Really? As though no one felt awkward already? But, I didn’t want it to make things worse with me telling him that he was a fucking asshole and that I would meet him in the drive way and bring him to his fucking knees by grabbing his needle dick and crunching it in my fist. The thought crossed my mind to do this and to ask him to squeal like a girl but I kept the peace. He and his wife have been together for 30  years. She’s put up with his bullshit for that long. His Mom was laughing as he said the things about her and I couldn’t believe she would laugh at his harsh words. Maybe it was a nervous thing for her. Neither women spoke up for themselves. Neither did anyone else in the room, not even his son listening to his Dad downgrade two of the most important women in his life. It sickened me and hurt me to not say anything.

I’m trying to decide if I should take a stand and tell my sister that I won’t be coming back to the next family event if he’ll be there. But, I don’t want to miss birthdays and family celebrations. Should I have said something?

What would you have done? Keep in mind I’m a chic and we’re in the south. A lot of the men in the south are like this. And, when a woman speaks up to a man like this it’s a big fucking deal. I hate causing waves but I feel like something should’ve been said. There were about 10 of us adults sitting at the table while this conversation was going on.

Oh yeah, he was talking about some show he’s been watching how “hard” he got watching it and how he would’ve liked to have done a few things to the chic on the show. Yeah, this was in front of his wife, his Mom, myself, my sister and my Step Mom. Sick mother fucker.

Not that I’m one to really give any advice but ladies and gentlemen, if you’re ever disrespected, disparaged, undervalued by your significant other…..Check them hard. What I mean is you’re not anyone’s doormat. You are valued. Stand up for yourself. It’s unacceptable for anyone to be treated this way. Do not hold your head down and be ashamed. If they abuse you verbally, physically, etc. get the fuck out. Don’t know how? Tell a friend. Someone will help you. If you don’t have anyone there’s places you can call. Google it. It’s not just women that go through this. It’s men too. I’ve witnessed it.I know it’s not that easy and some people feel like they cannot go anywhere or they’re too afraid.

I can say if I were living with someone like this I would hurt him badly. I wouldn’t kill him but I would make him very sick. There are so many things I would do to make him suffer. I would make him regret every damn thing he’d ever done to me. He would have the shits daily and nightly because I would put something in his food. I would also put a brown recluse spider in his underwear while he was sleeping. Oh the things I would come up with to hurt him. He would deserve everything I did too. Ok, I’m not that crazy but you get the drift.

So, back to my question….what would you do?









Monday Eve Essentials

It’s that time again isn’t it Loves? It’s Monday Eve and it’s approaching quickly. So, let’s get this party started shall we? Here’s the essentials you’ll need to keep in mind.

1.) Indispensable: Absolutely Necessary.

2.) Extraordinary: Exceptional in character.

3.) Significant: Remarkable and Important.

Whether you believe you have these qualities or not,  I’m betting someone sees these in you. Do you have a career? If you have a job your supervisor believes in you or you wouldn’t be in the position you’re in right now. I don’t care if you’re a shipping clerk, cashier, truck driver, contractor, engineer, babysitter, or whatever it is you’ve chosen to do for a living.  Whoever hired you saw something in you and is trusting that you will do an outstanding job for them.

If you’re cringing at the thought of tomorrow and another Monday I ask you to reevaluate your attitude. I know, I know, you’re reading this and thinking “Bitch, don’t tell me what do!” I assure you, it’s for your own good and I’m also talking to myself here.

Reason with yourself for a second will you? If you’re dreading tomorrow that causes worry and anxiety. Do you realize you’re in control of those feelings? What makes you happy? Can you think of something right this second that makes you happy in your life? Is it your spouse, child, pet, a new pair of shoes, a trip you have planned? Well, keep your eye on the fucking prize! Pull up your boot straps and dust yourself off and get your shit together. Why do you want to think negative thoughts about tomorrow? Seriously, choose happy. Choose thoughts of “I’m happy I have a job to go to.” Do you know how many people are without jobs right now?

Although you might bitch and moan about your job from time to time, there is someone out there that needs a job and would love to have your position. Count your blessings my loves and take note that your job pays your bills and also helps you to get your prize, am I right? You feel me?

Walk your valuable ass into work tomorrow knowing you bring something to the table. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have that job now would you?

You are all of those three things listed at the top of this blog. Excellence is an attitude. So, think you’re excellent at what you do tomorrow morning and it will seep out of your pores and hopefully jump out and onto a lazy ass co-worker so they’ll wake up and contribute to the team. Be accessible to your employer. Never underestimate yourself. I want you to stop doubting your capabilities and show up for the game tomorrow.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it, there’s only one you and only one me and we’re fucking extraordinary.

You and I are so much more.

Now tomorrow morning get up, get that cup of coffee, listen to a kick ass song like the one I’ve posted below. Start Me Up – Rolling Stones – I mean if you don’t get fired up listening to The Stones, get your head examined. Although it’s 34 years later, this song never gets old. Seriously, look at Mick’s moves! I was just ten years old when it came out but I can remember putting Christmas garland around my neck and strutting around the living room trying to imitate his moves. Hmm, maybe I’ll try that next week when I’m putting up the tree. Ha!

Cut the volume up my friends and get your mindset started up!






Beauty In Every Face


Morning Everyone,

Yesterday as I was out & about I enjoyed the simplest little pleasure of people watching.

The function I was at had more than 40,000 people attending.

As I watched and relished in my favorite thing to do I couldn’t help but think to myself….Why don’t we choose to see the beauty in everyone?

I would pick out a person and mentally think of something unique or dazzling about them. I didn’t just do this with women but men too.

A photographer with the largest lens I’d ever seen on her Canon. She had weathered skin with a few lines. It looked like she hadn’t combed her hair in days but I couldn’t help but see the exquisiteness of her face. The stories she must have with each line. The beauty in her gleaming green eyes.

The charming older gent with his WWII Veteran Cap on. As he walked with his cane and the tenderness in his smile looking down at his granddaughter with her fairy costume on. As she jumped into a mud puddle in shear delight, he chuckled. He highfived her as she looked up at him with her wide eyes. He was beautiful to me for the way he looked at her.

We should never see ugly on anyone’s face. Of course there are many ugly things that people do or say. But, a face, a face is not ugly at all to me.

Judging a face before knowing someone’s character, personalities, their story is cruel. Because in a sense that makes you ugly….just sayin’

The stories are the mystery behind the eyes. When you look at someone, embrace what they might have to tell.

Extraordinary Wednesday

“Don’t be like the rest of them Darling”

Seriously…..make an impression. We’re born to stand out don’t you think?

If you disagree with me then I’m encouraging you to believe in yourself. Understand you are an original. There’s not anyone else like you or me.

Are you on point today? Bring it and own it.

Remember, Bitches get shit done 💋


Since when do I make up words? I know…..this is not orderly for a blogger/writer (If you will) to make up words is it? Humor me?

I’ve always been in my own little world and my imagination and wordplay ignite like a brush fire. I’m running with it this morning.

Bitchnificent is my definition of a female that’s shameless, glittering, quick-witted and obviously magnificent.

She’s not one to smear or devalue another person. She praises and encourages others to be exceptional.

Of course there’s always counterblows if a threat arises. She will seek retaliation for the wrongfulness of a hazard.

Classy yet saucy. Handling her life and close ones with care and commitment of the up most importance.

I wonder….do you have a female in your life with this enchanting trait? I do believe they are a limited edition. If you catch a glimpse of one do hold them close at hand as you could learn from them or collaborate with this exquisite spirit.

I honestly hope all of you Loves experience a friendship, confidant, sisterhood, wife, or lover in this lifetime that carries this authenticity.

She is thrilling, breathtaking, magical and one to be there for a lifetime.

Don’t Kill My Vibe

Morning Checklist….

Positive Panties On – Check!

Coffee Cup In Hand – Check!

Lipstick – Check!

Got Swag? – Check!

Feeling Positive – Abso-Fucking-Lutely!

Negativity? – We have a runner!

You’re not here to be average, you’re here to be awesome! Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. It’s time to evict that negative resident out of your mind and have a new lease drawn up for a paying occupant named positivity. You hear that beeping? That’s the moving truck backing in….Negativity pack your shit and get the fuck out. Mind over matter all day, everyday.

Monday Maneuvers….

fucking awesome

As you stretch and shuffle downstairs to get that cup of fearlessness remember you’re going to make Monday your Bitch.

You’ve got this! Do no harm but take no shit……put on that bright bold shade of lipstick or that new tie and swag yourself into the office. Be fierce, Fabulous and Bad Ass.


Well Behaved…..Yawn, Stretch, Zzzzzz

How many times have we all heard “Oh Behave”? I’m not talking about the funny Austin Powers shit. I’m talking about your parents telling you this at a wedding or your supervisor at work mentioning it to you. Boring……who the hell wants to behave?

As badly as some of us would like to behave to please our parents, co-workers, supervisors it’s just not in our best interest.

Are you unusual? Quirky? A bit bizarre? I know I am to some people and it freaks them out a lot. Sure, I’m a woman. I wear lipstick, jewelry, and smell nice. But, I’m twisted and freakishly insensitive to others around me.

Filter you say? What the fuck is that? Put a muzzle on it? Try it, you’ll get a throat punch quicker than you can say HELP.

Of course I can turn off my bad ass four-letter words at work to some degree. I would never use profanity speaking with a client. But, there has to be some release and that is my vent sessions with co-workers or with friends or better yet here on my blog.

In the south, the majority of society down here still thinks women shouldn’t be so blunt or speak their mind. We should be more ladylike and serve sweet tea with pie. Well, it’s 2015 fuckers and it’s a whole new world out here. Censoring strong opinionated women is absurd.

It feels good to make noise and be a woman. We’ve got balls. Ours are just on our chest. We need to stand out and be heard. We have something to say. Be crazy about yourself and daring. Never let life break you. Be you and rebel as often as you can get away with.

Because behaving is just too fucking tedious.