Often we wonder how people see us.

A few words people have used in describing me…Intense, Strong, Outgoing, Passionate, Defiant, Amusing, Bitchy and Hostile.

The above words are describing my work personality I believe. I tend to think I’m a completely different person at work. At home I’m somewhat a recluse. I like the solitaire. When we’re in a social setting I feel anxious an overwhelmed worrying about what to talk about and how to answer questions that might come up.

Unusual right? I wonder if getting paid to be something or to do something is the reason why I’m a completely different person at work with all of those overwhelming descriptions people have used to describe me?

So, do you ever wonder how people see you? Do you agree with what they think or say about you?

Happy Sunday Loves!


If I Had A Penis…

Yes, this phrase has been used for quite some time. I’m not the first female to wish she had a penis. I don’t wish for one because I’m a lesbian. Nope. I wish I had one for other reasons.

1.) At work it seems like when I speak, the men never listen. They DO listen to each other. They are coming up with ideas on how to solve a problem when meanwhile I’ve already solved it and taken care of it. I’m speaking and explaining it but the deep voices are still loud AF and booming while ignoring me. If I had a penis, it would be 15″ long and I would just pull it out and lay it on the conference table and demand their attention. Bet they would listen to me then.

2.) I would use it to knock things over. I think instead of being angry and using my words, I would just whip it out and just knock things off of the desk on purpose to put a dramatic effect on a situation.

3.) If someone pissed me off, I would hit them in the forehead with it.

4.) I would wear a cup outside of my leggings/pants, etc. to accentuate the bulge so that everyone would know who they’re dealing with. I would be the “Big Dick” for a change.

5.) I could tell people to suck my cock and be legit. Of course, I’ve been known to say that before a few times but didn’t have the cock to back up that statement.

Well, that’s all the reasons I can think of for now on why I would like to have one. I would just need a detachable one since I am quite fond of my lady parts. A girl can dream right?





Serene Sunday

Good Morning Loves,

Been a while hasn’t it? Just thought I would drop by on this rainy Sunday morning with some amazing covers…. I’m in a mood to hear some relaxing stuff compared to my usual rap music ūüôā So, here’s some cover songs that I love!




Let The Light In

Hi Loves,

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see 2019 arrive. 2018 was basically a personal shit show for me. But, looking forward to new and exciting changes in my life. Not sure what those will be but I welcome anything positive. I’m allowing the light in. No more clouds, darkness or negative feelings.

This leads me to the book “Daddy” that I contributed to by the request of Dr. K E Garland in 2018.¬† This is an anthology chronicling the impact of dysfunctional father-daughter relationships. After reading each memoir I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride for all fourteen of us. I can only speak for myself but writing personal despairing moments about my father were quite overwhelmingly exhausting. I’ve always felt it’s brave for anyone to write about something that has caused emotional pain.

My coping routine is to bury my emotions deep inside and not to speak of it. I like to rise above my problems and pretend they never happened. I’ve always felt that if I spoke of the deep hurt that it would show weakness. But, now after writing my chapter “The Uprising” I realize it was therapeutic to release all of the emotions and wounds into something other than the burial ground in my mind. Writing this was invigorating and beneficial to me in so many positive ways.

This leads me to encourage you to order the “Daddy” Anthology on line to follow the stories of how a father’s deficiencies can cause destruction internally for their daughter’s. If you’re wondering if this is a depressing book? I don’t think it is at all. I believe that K E Garland says it best “Don’t worry. The person next to you is flawed too.” Because of K E Garland I rose above my flaws and am a “healing in process”.

If you would like to order the book it’s available on Amazon. Click the link below. Thank you for reading XO






One By One….Baby Steps

Hi Loves,

I’m ashamed of myself and humiliated that it’s been this damn long since I’ve written or updated here in WP. I’ve missed ya’ll and reading your posts with your adventures, life moments, the up’s and down’s in your lives, the images¬†and the music you’re into these days.

Let me start by thanking¬†each of you¬†for hanging on to this dried up blog. Why you’ve hung on is the question? I would’ve already given up on myself and thought I had left the husband and skipped town and changed my name and was challenging people to outdrink shots of tequila with me at a bar in Santo Domingo….


Nope, I’m sitting in my office in downtown Atlanta. Not somewhere tropical like I wish. But, the good news is, that my husband and I have had a great couple of weeks together. We’re both trying really hard to make this marriage work. No one said it would be easy. But, things that are worth something take work I suppose. We’re working on it.

I have my headphones in and am listening to some “sick” music so thought I would share with you what’s on my playlist and that I can’t seem to stop listening to. Thanks to What Sandra Thinks¬†for inspiring me with an idea of something to write about. I was on my lunch break and wanted to check out her blog and then after reading her post I thought to myself “I need to write something and thankfully my dear friend just reminded me how important music is.” I miss you doll face!

My favorites currently on my playlist….

Dennis Lloyd – Nevermind

Billie Eilish – You Should See Me In A Crown

John Mayer – New Light

JP Cooper – All This Love

A Piece Of My Life – Daddy Reflections

Hi Loves,

In the last few months you’ve probably seen my posts on the interviews with K E Garland AKA Kathy for her book “Daddy”.¬† Since it is Father’s Day I thought I would share this with all of you.

This book is memoirs of several women (including myself) of failed relationships between daughter’s and father’s. Before you assume it’s a depressing read, it’s really not. In these stories you’ll see that most of us all have some positive learning experiences going through these series of events.

I would love for you to purchase this book and read it. No matter who you are, I believe everyone could learn something from the experiences we share in this book. Also, a portion of the proceeds will be contributed to each of our favorite charities. Mine being The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

Below is my interview with Dr. K E Garland. Thank you for stopping by and reading a piece of my life as always.

One more thing, I’m happy to say I will be spending some time with my Daddy today.

Daddy Contributor Lennon Carlyle

Beautiful Sandra

Happy Birthday!

I call Sandra my Bestie here on WP. Granted I’ve not been around much lately but she is my ride or die girl. She’s a bitchnificent¬†kind of¬†chic, she’s my people.¬†I absolutely adore her. I say it all of the time and I know she thinks I’m crazy because we’ve never actually met in person but I swear we’re¬†going to one of these days.¬†Know what I love so much about her? She’s real. She doesn’t sugar coat jack shit. When she’s down, she’s really down and she shares her low moments on her blog. When she writes…..Fuck. She writes. Her fiction is incredible. She doesn’t think so but I do and it that says a lot because I’m actually not a big fan of fiction. But,¬†she lures me in every single time. I read one and then I can’t stop, it’s comparable to me eating chips I suppose. I can’t eat just one, I mean who can really?

Today I want to celebrate her because she’s such an amazing friend to me. She gets me and whether she wants to believe it or not, she inspires me, makes me laugh, understands when I’m down and what I need. She’s truly an exceptional friend to me. If you have time, please pay her a visit and wish her a Happy Birthday. If you’ve got five bucks or you’re possibly¬†filthy rich, buy her a cup of coffee? You can do this on her blog where you see the little coffee mug with the heart on it. I’m planning on buying her a few myself.¬† What Sandra Thinks

This song makes me think of our friendship….I have my heart set that you feel the love today……..

Fire N Gold – Bea Miller





Take Me Back?

I’m almost ashamed to post anything at all here. I’ve been absent almost an entire month.

Would love to tell all of you that I’ve been traveling or doing something incredibly exciting. Um…..that would be a big fat negative.

I’ll be honest and tell you I’ve been consumed with work and my own self righteous pity party. Lately I’ve not been happy. It’s hard to describe my issues.

Normally I’m a happy free spirited scrappy kinda chic. The last few months something has crept into my mind to torment me and make me feel pretty low.

I can’t help but think maybe it’s because I’ve not been writing anything or interracting with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known….. here on WP.

Do you think that we all could have a closer bond sometimes than the people that we see everyday? At times I think so. It doesn’t seem as if we put up a front or pretend to be something we’re not here on WP.

So…..will you take me back? I’m so sorry I’ve not been around and haven’t read your blogs. I’m here now and hope to be here regularly again.

XO – Lennon

Daddy: Dr. K E Garland

Good Sunday Morning Loves,

Lately I’ve been sharing with you the interviews with¬†Dr. K E Garland and the women that contributed to her anthology. This book has eye opening cases of how significant a father and daughter relationship impacts our lives.

I was elated when my entry to this book was chosen to be among so many amazing contributors. Yes, it’s immensely personal but was very healing for me. Soon I’ll be interviewed and will share it here on my blog as well.

This book is to give father’s an awareness of how their love, time, and life examples effect their daughter’s lives for their futures. It’s also a book to liberate any daughter’s that do have Daddy Issues.

I highly recommend this read for anyone. It’s profound, moving, genuine and restorative. Also, a portion of the book’s proceeds will be contributed to an organization important to each participant.

The eBook version of Daddy is available now for pre-order!

The paperback version of Daddy is forthcoming, June 2, 2018.