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Simon’s Takeover – Short Story Cold Attraction

Last week Simon was kind enough to share some of my writing which was dark and I think a bit vicious to some extent. It came from a destructive relationship from many years ago. If you would like to read it, here you go: Shut Out As for Simon, well, he’s been an amazing friend throughout the years. We’ve collaborated a few times on a blog or two with some steamy stuff. I think we wrote some incredible things together. But, as life goes, work gets the best of us each time. I miss those days of writing and letting my mind wonder.

That’s why we’ve decided to do these takeovers. It encourages us to write more and to do something quite different than our normal routines. Simon is an exceptional writer. He blows my mind sometimes with the things he comes up with. Enjoy this short story and stop over and tell him I sent you Planet Simon He will be a lifelong friend and loves new followers. Once you chat with Simon, you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years. He’s sweet, caring, funny, talented, and quite the lovable guy. Enjoy loves!

– Cold Attraction –
“Come on! Come on!” He panted, pushing as hard as he could.
The bitch was bouncing now. Pushing with all his might as he grunted. “Yes! Come on!”
At that point the car finally moved off the grass, the wheels spun spraying him in a shower of grassy mud.
He stood there. Speechless.
Out of the note freed car stepped the beautiful woman. Despite her hat and thick coat the beauty of her blonde hair, striking blue eyes and pale face was easy to see.
It was hard not to laugh, but respect to her savior meant she wouldn’t. Taking some short steps she stood in front of him. Both staring at each other, puffs of breath riding into the air they both started to laugh. Despite the cold they felt each others warmth.
“Thank you.” She said as she pecked his cheek. Getting into her car she drove off.
The man reached for his keys, finding a note, he thought he would take the notes advice.
He would need to clean up. As her place wasn’t far it would be rude not to.
~ Simon ~

Mullet Monday

Loves….I’m hoping all of you are wrapped up in your warm cozy comforters with your tiny noses poking out having sweet dreams while I sit here in a messy bun looking at this excel spreadsheet at work….Happy Disgusting Monday?