Hump Day Shenanigan’s

Damn…..I thought I posted this first thing this morning but nope… it is in my drafts…. Insomnia is kicking my ass loves. So forgetful lately. Hope you did some humping today 💋


For The Doll’s….Hump Day Shenanigan’s

I thought I would switch it up today and do two posts of hotties. One for the ladies and one for the guys. 

One of my very favorites, Liev Shreiber which plays Ray Donovan. Gotta love a guy with a baseball bat on a mission. 

Ryan Reynolds…..This Guy. He’s funny, kind and well….just H.O.T. 

John David Washington – Yes, Denzel’s son….former UFL running back turned actor. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Love his role on Baller’s. 

Ok, don’t laugh or go ahead….I don’t think he would mind. He is one of my favorite guys. He’s hilarious, super creative, and loves animals. Have you seen Derek on netflix? This guy is uberly talented. I think he’s adorable! 

Well that’s it for you ladies 💋


It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve slept more than 2 hours a night. I’m so annoyed. I’ve tried over the counter sleep aids: Benadryl, Tylenol PM, Nyquil, melatonin, Jack Daniels, and the list goes on. 

I’ve cut my caffeine intake down to one cup of coffee which is one cup first thing in the morning. 

Nope….I’m not stresed out. Love my job, happy marriage, no financial problems, my life is really good. 

But….why can’t I sleep?!?! I went to my Dr hoping he would provide something. He just increased my cymbalta another 30 mg. No….I’m not depressed….I take it for my anger issues and anxiety. It’s helped a lot when it comes to stupid lazy people. Instead of me being annoyed and verbally abusive to these type of coworkers now I just don’t care. I’m as cool as a fucking cucumber. 

But…..the increase in mg isn’t helping me sleep. If I had balls I would tell Doc he could suck my balls and give me some ambien. 

He said to give it 30 days…….sigh…..

Thanks for letting me vent loves. I’m absolutely exhausted. Waaaahhhhh!

Random Sh*t

For the past few weeks I’ve been suffering with insomnia. People have it all the time but this is my first experience with not getting much sleep. It’s dreadful. I think the worst part about it is, the drive into work and coming home. I find myself wanting to close my eyes but that’s when I crank up the A/C and blast some Kid Kudi or Taylor Swift and it gets me through it. *And yes, I know, I like rap but I also like my regular white girl music as well*

This leads me to the random shit that pops in my head when I can’t sleep. Figured, why not share it on the blog? Maybe ya’ll can share your thoughts on these possibly?

  • Flashers – Why is it just men that flash? Shouldn’t the feminists get in on this? I’ve been flashed twice in my life by complete strangers. I often wonder why? Why do they have the need to do this? I could understand if they had something outstanding to flash. I might would even say THANK YOU! Or, “let’s take a selfie so I can show my friends” but nope, both guys were nothing to brag about. So, they didn’t get a thank you unfortunately.
  • Why the hell didn’t I go to college? I should’ve been a shrink or a sex therapist. Not that I’m an expert on sex but I’m fascinated by it and wonder what makes people tick….like why some people are into S & M, what’s up with the choking, why do some women have so much trouble having an orgasm, etc. etc. I could go on and on. By the way, did you know some people sneeze when they’re aroused? Yeah, it’s a thing with the central nervous system.
  • Crushes – why do we get crushes on people? I mean, when we’re married, in fact happily married but then a person comes along and there’s a connection, a spark of electricity between the both of you…..No way would you ever act on that connection but you think about it and within days or weeks it slowly fades away and you forget about it or that person. Is it normal? Do people go through this often and just don’t talk about it? I know my husband and I both talk about celebrity crushes and my husband has a list with about twenty celebs that he ahem….well you know. But, mentally I think celebs and a “real” person in “real” life is completely different than fantasizing about Vince Vaughn. You feel me? It seems justifiable to fantasize about a celeb but not a “real” person if you will. Why is that?

I just noticed all of the above is thoughts pertaining to sex…..WTF? So my insomnia is thinking about sex half the night? I have other random thoughts but it’s not coming to mind now, plus, it’s time to get ready for work. Enough with this rambling.

Thoughts on any of this? I would love to hear some feedback on my random shit, so drop me a comment pretty please?