Turbulent Tuesday

It’s not Monday but it’s definitely going to be a bumpy ride. I’m heading to work shortly and I have a sneaky suspicion it’s going to be a quadruple Monday. If you’re off…..sleep in and enjoy it!


Trifling Tuesday

Since yesterday was a holiday for me I missed Mullet Monday therefore…..here we are with Trifling Tuesday 😏

Dreams Can Come True

Hi Loves,

I wanted to share with you a friend that has re-entered the blog land. He’s been MIA for quite some time. He’s just resurfaced and I’m thrilled to share his blog. He had good reason to go missing since he was following his intuition and making his dreams come true. Some of you might know him or used to follow him. Share some love with him and welcome him back, he’s started over again and has shared some of his photography work with us. Check it out.




My feelings exactly…After yesterday it feels like it should be Friday already. I know I shouldn’t wish my life away but Friday can’t get here quick enough. It’s a three day weekend coming up and we’re heading to the beach. I can imagine the sand in my toes….literally can’t wait. Hoping all of you have a great Tuesday!


Adorable Badass


Mugs up loves! Let’s all be adorable badass misfits today shall we?  Let’s rock Tuesday’s world! We’ll turn it upside down and then drive home laughing at it with a fuck you attitude. Tuesday can suck our balls, well, I don’t have any balls, but I do have fabulous boobs so they’ll just have to do. 🙂 Go stir things up loves and make it a fantastic day!