Indecent Thursday? 

Y’all got stood up yesterday…..I failed to post Hump Day Shenanigan’s 😯 

Forgive me? Here’s some indecent shit for you 💋



I woke up with a serious headache at 4 am. Nope….I didn’t even hit the sauce last night. It’s also 18 degrees and I can’t get warm. Sigh….only one more day and it will be the weekend. Let’s pound it out shall we? Happy Thursday 💋

Thursday’s Mood

Most of you have heard of the fabulous Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu but if you haven’t, let me introduce you. So fucking talented. My mood today is fierce….so enjoy this funky little beat everyone and strut yourselves into work with some extra flavor and own the day….

Thursday Rant


I’m in no mood for stupid, lazy, ignorant, self righteous people today at work. I need a case of this Fuck Off Spray because I’m surrounded by idiots pretty much at the office.

The other day we had a really bad storm and the roof was leaking. Water was dripping from the light fixture right above my computer. Before I left I wrapped it up with whatever I could find like trash bags etc. to protect it overnight. The owner’s solution??? Duct tape or sealant…..

Nope, they didn’t call a professional but instead had one of the Fuck Nuggets to put a bandaid on it. I see a new computer in my future.

Thanks for letting me vent this morning loves! Prepare for the day and be sure to carry some powerful Fuck Off Spray to ward off the idiots.