Happenings & Thankfulness

Sigh………..Finally….I’m home and have two hours of free time. How do those of you with kids find time to blog? I’m being serious. How do you do it all? In my eyes, if you’re a parent, work, do the laundry, cook dinner, take care of the kids, go to the grocery store, and blog, you’re a super hero in my eyes. Give yourself a huge pat on the back. Bravo! Yes, please….take a bow. You deserve it.

I’ve had a lot going on the last couple of weeks. Last weekend I went to visit my Tennessee girlfriends and had a fantastic time catching up, shopping, pedicures, cocktails, music, etc. We had a slumber party sort of. There were four of us in our jammies piled up in a king size bed talking girl talk, watching movies and gossiping. It was so much fun. I miss them already.

This week at work has been hectic. I’m afraid our newest member of the team is falling short on his responsibilities. I’d love to say he’s just new and a bit slow but nope, he’s just fucking lazy. The management doesn’t seem to notice it or want to do anything about it. This kid was in the air force too. The other day I told him I didn’t believe him and he proved it to me with showing me his military ID. There it was…proof. He worked on planes too. Yikes. Anyway, he has set us back a bit. He’s been there almost five months. He should be up to speed by now but continues to take anywhere from six to eight smoke breaks a day and puts things off. Even hides work and tells me he’s done it. Shaking my head. I’ll have to come up with a resolution to fix this issue since management won’t. I’ll be scheming up something.

On Friday my Mom arrived for a visit with us. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her being here. I never get alone time with her so it was really nice to shop and have lunch with her. She left this morning or I should say this afternoon. She stays up until 2 am and then sleeps until 10 or 11 am. I don’t see how she does it. I go to bed at 9 pm and get up at 5 am. It’s just my nature. Due to having that schedule during the week for work it sticks with me on the weekends.

I have a God daughter that I adore and love more than life itself. I don’t believe I’ve blogged about her before. She’s such a beautiful, carefree, loving, exquisite soul. I love her unconditionally and always will. She lives a few states away so I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. She’s 19 years old and has always looked like an angel to me. She has milky white porcelain skin, just a few freckles, big beautiful doe like eyes with the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen. Her long auburn hair lands at her hips and she is an old soul to say. She has an eclectic type of personality. She loves everyone and I swear in a past life she was a  hippie from the sixties. She came out to me a couple of years ago when she came for a visit. She told me she was in love and her girlfriend meant everything to her. Just last week they broke up and now my beautiful God daughter has cut her hair off and completely stopped wearing make up. Not that she needed any at all but she looks more like a boy to me now and no longer that sweet beautiful girl I’ve always known. I support 100% on being gay and whatever you wants to be in life. It’s going to take some time for me to get used to her looking completely different now. It all happened so fast with her now looking  more like Justin Bieber than a beautiful girly girl. Any advise or suggestions for me are welcome to get used to it. My love hasn’t changed for her at all. I’m just trying to understand the whole change the look thing. I don’t want to ask her why she cut her long beautiful hair off and why she isn’t dressing girly anymore. It’s kind of obvious in her pictures that she’s transitioning into a more masculine look that will make her happy. And that is what I want, her to be happy.

Anyway, now things will soon be back to normal with my schedule in blogging and I don’t have anymore trips planned until September. I’m looking forward to diving into some good stuff to post and catching up with all of you loves.

So, I’m thrilled to say that I’m celebrating my one year anniversary here on WP. I’m so shocked I’ve stuck with this blogging thing. Normally I don’t stick with hobbies. I’ll find an interest in something and within a couple of months I lose interest. If  you’ve followed me for some time you know I have a few commitment issues so I’m ecstatic to say that I’ve done this for a year and I absolutely love it. I love all of you. You’ve encouraged me, inspired me, lifted me and I’ve found so many new friendships here. I’ve learned so much from you as well. I love that some of you write poetry, stories, funny things, serious heartwarming moments, share your recipes or what’s new in your lives. I enjoy seeing your photo’s and experiencing where you’re from and the many different cultures. You’re all teaching me so much. Thank you for following me, commenting and sharing so much of yourselves with me. I’m so happy to call all of you my friends. I’m a lucky girl that’s for sure. I’m now up to 300 followers and I’m totally blown away by that. If you would’ve told me a year ago I’d have 300 people following and reading my blog I would’ve laughed hysterically. Thank you for making me feel special and for being here.

Now, Happy 4th Of July to all of you whether you’re in America or across the pond or on the opposite end of the world enjoy your Sunday and I appreciate each of you so much!




Ugly Days

ugly days

Today was just a really ugly day. Can you say ugly for me? It sounds strange and foriegn doesn’t it? Probably because I never say it. I try to find the pretty in everything that comes my way. The issues at work today were mad real, I can’t make the shit up. I’ll spare you the ranting, bitching, and moaning because I’m sure you have ugly days too. You don’t need to hear about mine.

Loves!!! You are my beauty in this ugly day. Know Why? Because your blogs are inspiring, motivating, funny, real, and uplifting to me. Ya’ll are always making my days brighter! Thank you for that!

I have a little celebration bouncing around in my heart as well. As of today, I have 202 followers on this lame ass blog that I write. It’s shocking and insane to say the least. I remember it took about 3 weeks to get 5 followers when I first started back in August of 2015.

Who knew that my mundane day to day rants and ramblings would have followers like you. Although some of you are new to my blog I so appreciate getting to know each one of you. I love your comments, jokes, blogs, personalities, pictures and everything about you.

I just want all of you to know that you make me smile daily and you’re like family to me. Not the dysfunctional kind either. You support me and build me up and I hope I do the same for you.

Thank you for following and for being you! Now, enough of this mushy bullshit! How was your day loves? Tell me all about it, raise a glass of wine, beer, mixed cocktail and let’s toast to this fucking Monday being O.V.E.R. shall we? Cheers!





Here’s To You


Happy New Year Everyone!

Sitting in Starbucks this morning having my coffee with my hair tossed in a messy bun, wearing my scarf, cozy soft coat, riding boots and plaid leggings…..(One Cold Mess, I’m not even going to call it a Hot Mess because there’s nothing hot about the weather or myself this a.m.) I debated on blogging about what’s to come in 2016. New goals, new adventures, resolutions <Hate that word> and so on.

Nope, not gonna do it. I could’ve posted my 2015 Year in review but I wanted to blog about something meaningful to me. Call me sentimental or softhearted maybe…let me tell you, it doesn’t happen often so enjoy this my loves.

Let’s start shall we? A lot of my new followers might not realize I’ve only been blogging for five months. I believe I’ve posted over 140 entries which is insane. Who knew I had so much to say? I’m grateful for this mental release. It’s something I’ve needed in my life. Blogging has allowed me to be ME. I’m open, honest, and I spill every single thought into this blog. Sometimes I think it’s a bit too much but when I do, you assure me that it’s OK to be ME. Thank you loves for accepting my salty, sassy, blunt, and bitchnificent self. (Definition Of Bitchnificent Here: https://fabulouswithglitches.wordpress.com/2015/10/25/bitchnificent/)

You’ve all given me so much encouragement and most of all inspire me daily. Why can’t it be this way in our everyday lives? It seems like we’re building each other up and cheering each other on here in this magical blog world. While in real life when we come into contact with people it doesn’t seem to be easy, comfortable, and as positive as it is  here. I feel like I’m in a cocoon, it’s velvety, warm, and protected here. I so wish it was like this in the real world, don’t you?

Throughout the year I’ve had moments of fear, weakness, mistakes, and foolishness. I’ve learned from these junctures throughout the year and with this blog I’ve grown. I feel more confident, assured, powerful, and most of all appreciative of life. With your blogs, pictures, conversations you seem to keep me centered. For that, I thank each of you.

Here’s to growing, laughing, inspiring, sharing and being bad ass bloggers in 2016!








What Matters The Most


Christmas Tree Home


Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. I honestly  look so forward to it….not for the gifts or the shopping and all of the hoopla. It’s a magical time of year for friends, family, and thoughtfulness. This picture above is of our Christmas tree. I could sit and stare at it for hours. Each ornament has a story behind it. Sure, it’s cluttered and nothing really matches and there’s really no theme at all but it’s a sum of places we’ve been, gifts from family and friends, pictures, even Christmas cards from our loved ones.

As you can see there are gifts under the tree but mostly just for the children in our family…nieces, nephews, and little cousins. It feels as if the older I get the more commercialized Christmas has gotten to be. My very dear best friend Rhonnie reminded me of that this morning when we were texting each other. The trees are up in stores before Halloween. It’s insane how much they push the gift purchasing, commercials, black Friday and so forth.

Isn’t Christmas about Jesus being born and spending time with loved ones and cherishing these special moments? Of course, I understand Santa Claus and the children sitting in his lap and so excited for Christmas morning. But, what about reading the true story of Christmas to the children and how we celebrate Jesus being born? What about also telling them the story of Twas The Night Before Christmas? Those are the things I remember most about my childhood Christmas’s. Not the dolls, games, candies, etc that I received. It was the moments of reading those stories with my family or chasing my brother around the tree.

This year my mother and I decided we wouldn’t exchange gifts. She said it’s about our love for each other. She’s also had a rough year financially and is having to support my brother…(long story). Anyway, I decided to take my friend Jean’s advice on a Thank You letter to my Mom. You can check out her blog about a Christmas Letter To Her Dad here on this link  https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/19162911/12396

My Thank You letter will be my gift to her. I’m thanking her for being in labor with me for over 24 hours and giving birth to a 9 lb 10 oz baby girl. The struggle was real for my Mom don’t you agree? My Dad wasn’t even there to be by her side. Instead he was shooting pool in some shady bar and then later said he “hit a deer” on the way to the hospital. No proof of that or damage on the car by the way. Typical of my Dad. Anyway, the point is that I want my Mom to have a sentimental Christmas gift straight from my heart. She wasn’t the perfect Mom but is there a perfect Mom? She made some mistakes along the way and it wasn’t the best childhood ever but I can tell you this, she did the best she could with what she had. I am blessed for all she did for me and my brother growing up. I want to thank her for that.

The meaning of Christmas to me is counting my blessings, thankfulness of every single thing in my life. Reaching out to family and friends and telling them how much they mean to me. Christmas cards are my joy each year. I absolutely LOVE receiving them. In fact, today I reached out to each person that sent us a card and then sent them an e-mail thanking them for remembering us and how much it meant to us to hear from them.

To me, that’s what Christmas is about. I don’t want anything for Christmas. I have all I could EVER need. I’ve informed my hubby DO NOT buy me anything whatsoever. I will be livid if he does. Just having him in my life is my gift.

I hope all of you have a very Merry & Bright Christmas. Remember those that you care about and love and let them know what they mean to you.




Something To Be Thankful For

Have you ever struggled? Had hard times? Been broke? Hit rock bottom?

That sounded like an infomercial didn’t it? No worries Loves, I’m not selling anything.

Since it’s Thanksgiving and we’re all thinking about what we’re thankful for…. I was thinking about why I’m so thankful. I’m thankful for the smallest and most trivial things because I’ve had nothing before. I’ve struggled and wondered how I was going to make it. I don’t mean just financially but mentally as well. I’ve not always been a strong, happy, sassy type of chic.

I’ve been broken down, weakened, and rock bottom before. That’s why I am so thankful each and every day. Life has so many curves, bumps, and snags along the way. It’s the hard times that we’ve been through that make us so grateful for where we are.

Think about the lowest time in your life and then look at where you’re at now….be thankful always. No matter if you’re having a shitty day or something isn’t going your way there is something to be grateful for.

By the way I’m Super Thankful for all of you. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!


5 Positives Of Today

My Darling Friend Jean blogged earlier today about finding 5 new positive things each day. She mentioned she’s thinking about starting a private journal for each day of these “5 Positives”. What an incredible idea don’t you think? As she mentioned, there are so many things in our lives that are positive that are not acknowledged.

I know I take for granted life’s beautiful moments and positives. I think each of us allow ourselves to get swept away in many insignificant conditions. Life is full of stress, work, problems, and irrelevant things like watching TV, shopping, napping, etc. I call that life’s fluff. That’s the filler in between the work, family, and the treasured moments.

I wanted to share my 5 for today just because…..

  1. Having lunch at a packed cafe today there was only one waitress working and probably 20 tables. She was beyond overwhelmed. Some patrons were so rude to her even though it was obvious she was doing the best she could under the circumstances. I noticed two older gents after finishing up their lunch began bussing tables to help out. As I watched the two I thought how beautiful it was that humanity still exists and there are so many kind people in this world. I handed her a substantial tip with a note complimenting the way she handled herself as we left. She gave me a hug. For that I’m thankful I was able to experience that special moment.
  2. I awoke this morning and had coffee on our deck and listened to the birds chirp and sing. It’s cloudy here and a bit cooler but the birds were out and entertaining me as the leaves whirled around with the breeze. The colors of yellow, red, brown and green were flashing brightly all around me.
  3. I heard from a very dear friend this morning and it was lovely to hear her sweet voice on the other end of the phone. We got to catch up and laugh and reminisce. I miss her so much as she lives out of state.
  4. Blessed to have all of you to read. I’ve been anticipating catching up with all of you this afternoon so let the stalking begin shortly.
  5. Finding Jean’s blog earlier today and reading about her 5 positives makes me appreciate the little things. So, thank you for sharing yours with me and all of us and coming up with this fantastic idea.

If you’re not following Jean, please check her out. I adore her posts. She’s in Ireland and has so many beautiful adventures and posts. You will be in for a great read and some outstanding photographs. https://socialbridge.wordpress.com/


Have a fabulous Saturday Loves!



My Fixation…Thank You

So, I hit 100 followers today. I know right? Seriously, I’m shocked and overwhelmed. I started this a few months ago just to log my thoughts and shit like a diary. I was basically writing to myself here on a blog to look back at it years from now to see what I was up to. My life on line for strangers to see? Sure, why the fuck not, right?

100 might not seem like a lot to some of you bloggers that have 20,000 + followers but for someone like me this is just insane. This is not a career for me. It’s just a hobby and now that I’ve started this blog I’ve found all of you. You loves, are my fixation.

It’s a gift to be able to look into someones life through a blog. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to be a part of this blogging community. Not once have I ever had anyone to comment anything derogatory on one of my blogs. Everyone is extremely genuine that I’ve come in contact with. It’s almost as if I have a new family and friends on line.

Thank you for following me and letting me see a piece of you and your life.

I wanted to post a song to show you my appreciation for all of you. I’m not so much a sappy kind of girl. Most of you know I’m a confident, sassy, free spirited chic but most of all I love encouraging and motivating people daily. My song for all of you is “Brave” by Sara Baraeilles. I love the song and the meaning of it and I especially love the video. No matter what size, race, gender, religion, political view you have, we’re all the same. We’re all so beautiful. Enjoy and thank you again for being you!





Enough Already

Stretching, yawning, another sip of coffee, sigh…….

Wake up loves! We have shit to blog about and today’s subject is about what we have in our lives.

Bet you thought I was going to go off on an anger rant with the subject being Enough Already, No Loves, it’s not “Enough Already!!”

It’s, Do you have enough money? Enough clothes? Shoes? Enough cars?

When is it enough?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes in our minds we think we don’t have enough? I’m guilty of this as well.

Look around you and take in everything you have. I’m not talking just the materialistic things. Think about this air we’re breathing, roof over our heads, jobs, family, friends, sight, feelings, the list goes on and on.

Often I take for granted of everything that I have and want more. Of course, it’s fantastic to have goals and want more in life. I’m not saying that shouldn’t be programmed in your mind. But, we also need to be grateful for every single thing that we do have in our life.

I live a very ordinary lifestyle. No designer hand bags here. No Jimmy Choo or Steve Madden shoes. My house is a little cottage style house with a $600 monthly mortgage payment. I drive a decent car, payment is affordable, I don’t get mani’s often at all. I’m a low maintenance type of chic.

I’ve noticed lately that women and men are caught up having the best of the best from cell phones, Ipads, jewelry, etc.

How about we take in the beauty around us that we’ve worked hard for and be thankful for how far we’ve come and how our lives are pretty fantastic.

Do you have enough in this moment? I bet you do. I know I do.

I ask you this, the next time you just have to have that coach purse or that new Call Of Duty video game how about you do a random act of kindess for someone?

Use that money to buy someone’s dinner at the restaurant you’re at. You see the guy eating alone three tables over? Tell the waitress to bring you his tab. If that’s too much, the next time you’re at Starbucks pay for the car behind you in the drive thru.

I do this type of thing once a week. I’m not wealthy by all means. I’m a middle class chic that lives a normal lifestyle. I just choose to give back because I look at my life as enough. Sure I have hopes and dreams and goals but I also have a beautiful magnificent life.

By doing things like RAOK it shows that humanity is still among us and that we’re caring individuals and want to give back. It’s not only a wonderful thing to do for someone else but it’s an incredible feeling doing something nice for a complete stranger.

Do we have enough? I do believe we all do. Be happy and thankful for what you have while working for what you need.