Hi Loves,

I’ve decided to try something different. I did some research on different blog sites and decided to make my way back to WP. But not necessarily here at Fabulous With Glitches. I’ve decided to venture into the sex genre. Some of it will be my stories, fiction, fantasies, and I’m hoping some of you will guest post from time to time.

Please keep in mind this might not be for everyone and I understand completely. If you’re wanting to check it out, please do….

Provocative Vibes

Hoping to see some of you over there and if not that’s OK too. I’ll be checking in here from time to time to catch up on your blogs and to say hi.




God….It’s Me

Another horrendous work week for you God. Thank you for protecting so many…..I want to ask you to help those that lost their homes and also pray for those that lost someone dear to them. 

As our flight was delayed five times on Thursday coming home from vacation I noticed two women sitting behind us at the gate complaining of the delays etc. Thank you for keeping my mouth shut and for teaching me self control. Although the flights were delayed because of arranging evacuees to be shuffled around to find shelter, food and a roof over their heads these two were self consumed and rude. I pray that you teach them compassion and how to be grateful instead of complaining so much. 

God……please heal the broken hearts of the families that lost their elderly loved ones in that nursing home without air conditioning. I can’t imagine what they’re going through. 

I’ve given you a lot to work on here so I’ll let you move on. Thanks for listening and always being here ❤

God….It’s Me

Seriously? How do you do it? You’ve had a really busy week God. 

I’m praying for this weather to take a turn for the better. Between the earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes everyone is scattering. I’m not praying for myself as we’re safe and comfortable here in upstate NY visiting family. Please watch over the people in harms way. Take care of your angels in disguise in uniforms that are waiting anxiously to save those in need. Keep the animals dry and warm and yes even the animals AKA looters and criminals….maybe give them a jolt up the *#%% a wake up call if you will? 

I want to aplogize for the eleven times I said the F word this week. I am so sorry. That’s a lot better than the previous week. Baby steps. 

Thank you for this platform to share my thoughts and my weirdness. 💙


Come & Get Yours….

Sigh….I’m so in love with these designs….Not only are they fabulous but they’re originals by my very dear friend Sandra. Most of you probably know her too, her blog is What Sandra Thinks which I am obsessed with. To just sneak into her brain for 24 hours would be amazing to me. She is so fantastically talented at writing poetry, fiction, about her struggles and whatever else is ticking away in that beautiful head of hers. She has pain sometimes too as she struggles with anxiety and worthiness. I’m not telling you anything she hasn’t already discussed on her blog. I adore her and would love to meet her in person one day. A girl can dream right? She inspires me daily and I’m sure she’ll be confused about that when she reads this but she really does. Why can’t I write as beautifully and as honest as she does? She has a gift for it.

Sandra is a stay at home Mom but would like to eventually find work outside of the home but for now she’s found a way to use her terrific talents and work from home. Today I want to share with you her creative collection on redbubble. I’m already hooked….she sells home decor, stationary, cards, to clothing of her original designs. I’ve already purchased a few of my favorites and will be back soon to start my Christmas shopping. She’s very reasonable on her pricing and she has a lot of wonderful items for gifts or if you just want to treat yourself, go ahead. She has something for everyone from men’s, to women’s, to children. Click on the link below and have your credit card ready…..I honestly don’t think you’ll be able to NOT purchase something. Happy Shopping!

What Sandra Makes


God……It’s Me…..

It’s been a few days since I’ve prayed. I know you’re always there, waiting patiently, watching over me and everyone else. You have a lot to do and I feel like you’re so busy….sometimes it just feels like I’m pestering you. Everyone says, nope, you’re here for each and everyone of us. I don’t see how you do it. But then again, that’s why you’re God right?

You know I have this problem with praying for myself. I don’t like asking for things. I believe the last time I prayed for myself was about three years ago when my husband was diagnosed with renal cancer. I prayed for him of course that you would rid his body from the disease. I prayed that you would give me the strength and the right words and courage to see it through and to be a good wife for him during this horrific journey. Of course, you came through for me. I didn’t break down until after the surgery where they removed the mass from his kidney. He never saw me shed a tear but afterwards I fell to my knees and cried happy tears and thanked you over and over again for sparing us and taking such good care of us during that time.

You take care of us every single day. Yes, I know, I’m not the most devoted or ever speak of you here on my blog or even in my everyday life. I actually cuss a lot and I know that upsets you. I could be so much better….if only I would be mindful. I don’t go to church either. But, I do pray.

Today…..I have some hefty requests for you. I’ve decided to start blogging to you and anyone who wants to read it once a week here on Sundays.

I’m praying for a very dear friend of mine. We’ll call her Sophie as there are people here that might know her if I used her real name. She suffers from depression and she’s one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever known. Nope, never met her in person but there’s something about her that makes me feel like I really honestly know her. She shares so much of her life with me and she feels comfortable enough to tell me how she feels and how she hurts everyday. She doesn’t believe in herself like I believe in her. She worries constantly about her family and her finding a job. She’s a kind, sweet, caring, overly talented person and has so much going for her. I feel that if you could just give her some good news or just make her feel better about herself everything would fall into place. She struggles daily and it’s as if there’s something in her mind that holds her back and makes her feel as if she’s not worthy of anything good happening for her. God, she’s so worthy. Can you put her on your list of people to work on and to help her out?

One more for you. I know this one is gigantic and I know I’m asking for A LOT. I don’t understand why the racism is still going on. The protests with the KKK, white supremacist, and so on. I don’t understand why Trump can’t see what’s going on and to do something about it. Does he not have compassion for others? What about doing the right thing? I see cops taking down people and cuffing them and then continuously beating them while they’re already down. I don’t get it. I also don’t understand why there’s so much hate in this world and why we have to go to war? Why was Kim Jong Un threatening to release nuclear strike on so many people? I don’t get it. I want a miracle to happen and I know ONLY you can do it. I want this racism, war, and hate to all stop. Each of us, White, African American, Pakistanian, Korean, LGBT, Muslim, Transgender, etc. are brothers and sisters and we all belong to you. Can you fix this? If anyone can, it’s you.

As for me, I don’t need anything. I’ve got everything I need here. I’m healthy, I can see, I have food, a roof over my head, a job, and I thank you for all you’ve given me. I want to say THANK YOU for always looking out for each of us even though we don’t deserve your love and at times we’re intolerable, you’re still here.




It’s been one month and eleven days since I embarked on a new career with a different company. It’s also been quite some time since I’ve actually written something here. I feel out of touch with all of you even though I have continued to post Mullet Monday’s and Hump Shenanigan’s. That’s a quick post since it’s just stuff from pinterest. Yeah, that’s where I get it from….save images, upload images, that’s all there is to it. I call it drive by blogging. In & Out and lazy but still puts a smile on some of your faces right?

As some of you know the job I left was Level 4 of hell and the owner/boss was a pill to work for. He was selfish, egotistical, unprofessional, and downright narcissistic. There were a few perks to that job which were wearing flip flops and jeans, using my favorite F word daily and some freedom to run the department the way I wanted to. One of my strengths in that position were increasing gross profit from 19% in our department to 58% within a year. The second strength was solving problems for any department when everyone had exhausted all efforts. Most of the accounting department had degrees but not I. As you can tell from my writing or my blog I come from the University Of Hard Knocks seeing as my parents were blue collar middle class folks and couldn’t afford to pay for college. I didn’t want student loans so instead I started working at a bank when I was eighteen straight out of high school as well as having a second job as a collector for a medical company in the evenings.

I love a challenge so when the upper crust staff couldn’t find the resolution I jumped at the challenge to find it. I won’t let a problem go until I solve it. I was extremely successful in this position. But, there’s always a but, I was burned out. I was bored to tears with it. It wasn’t a challenge for me any longer. My boss had just humiliated another manager by screaming at her and belittling her in front of six other employees. As she ran to the bathroom to cry my phone rang and as I answered “Parts this is Lennon” on the other end was a deep raspy voice asking me would I be interested in a management position at _________. As I replied absolutely, I went through a phone interview that evening and then two face to face interviews or as I like to call them “interrogations” I landed a new adventure with a solid, successful, well known company.

I have my own office and five male employees that I manage and I can say this position is not boring and it is definitely a challenge. I work anywhere from 11 – 13 hours a day and could probably work longer to get everything done. So many things I want to change but it’s going to have to take some  time. I’m a very impatient person and I think all of us are to some extent. I want to make my changes NOW so that they’re making tons of profit but I have to do it in baby steps. Sigh…..Lennon hates baby steps. Lennon moves fast and doesn’t like slow moving things one bit. Ha.

My previous employer has sent me three e-mails threatening me and accusing me of sabotaging their business or taking their staff with me. I’ve only taken one so far. Yes, it was the manager that he so blatantly humiliated in front of several employees. Four others have contacted me personally wanting a position. I informed him via e-mail…..

This is America and companies search through Linkedin, FB, and other social media for team players in the industry. It’s a free country and the recruiters can do whatever they please as well as your employees. You’re not a warden of a prison, people can come and go if they choose to. That’s how ______ found me.

I’m not surprised at your accusations though because anytime someone leaves your company the gossip and trash talk begin. The majority of you love to hang around and talk about people. I never did like it when people would do that. In my eyes, none of you had enough work to do if you had time to talk shit about previous employees. I am not out to sabotage your company. That was quite humorous actually. I’m not powerful enough to take down the mighty ___________. Nor do I have a voodoo doll sticking pins in it to hurt you. You’re hurting yourself with your actions, you’ve got that covered.

But, if you contact me one more time, I will have no other choice than to seek legal assistance to make sure you move on and leave my name out of your mouth. Let me make myself clear, do not contact me again under any circumstance.

That message was sent two weeks ago and I’m thrilled to say I’ve not heard another word from him.

So, with the new exciting and challenging position that I have, you can understand why I’ve been out of touch a bit lately. I’m hoping (really) hoping to get the opportunity to read your blogs this week. I sure have missed them.

Enjoy your Sunday loves and take care of yourselves. 🙂





Forever And A Day

I know, I know, it’s been forever and a day since I’ve blogged, posted Mullet Monday or Hump Day Shenanigan’s. I do have a good excuse though…hopefully you’ll understand loves?

I’ll start at the beginning….

A few weeks ago the owner of the company I work for lost it. He screamed at another manager in front of six other employees and it was completely uncalled for. He belittled her and used some pretty rough language. It humiliated her and every single person in that room was offended. All she could do was walk outside and cry after being put down and ridiculed. We all wanted to follow him up front and confront him but we all needed our jobs, paychecks, etc. We were too afraid to speak up.

An hour went by and one of our competitors called me directly and asked if I would be interested in a job opportunity with their company. I said “Absolutely” and gave her my cell # and told her the best time to reach me as I was at work of course. Later that evening she did a brief phone interview with me and then set up the face to face the following week. I met two men at a downtown hotel lobby and was interviewed for about an hour and a half. When I walked back to my car I had a sense of comfort. Normally I’m really nervous, anxious, and super stressed when it comes to interviews. I hadn’t had one in over a year. But, these two guys made me feel really comfortable and I could be myself. Nope, not the Lennon you all know, I didn’t drop F bombs or anything. Ha!

The very next day I got a call back that they wanted me to come by their facility to take a tour and a second interview. As I pulled into the parking lot I was intimidated immediately by the size of the building, the tall windows, the large amount of equipment surrounding the parking lot and the back area. I dabbed on some lipstick and made sure that my crisp white collar was straight along with my pencil skirt straightened and grabbed my notepad and folder and walked up the steps to the front glass doors. As I opened the doors and walked into the receptionist area and announced I was there she led me through a large open room that looked like how I imagine a Wall Street office would look. Some employees were sitting while conversing on phones and some were standing and pacing talking on headsets. I was introduced to the director of operations and offered a cup of coffee, juice or water and declined as he said “Have a seat Lennon.” He began asking the same questions as the other two guys and giving me what if scenarios and how would you handle the situations? I replied with directness, knowledge, and candidness. The director showed no emotion as I kept eye contact the entire time. He took me on a tour after the interrogation and I was extremely impressed.

As he walked me out to my car and shook my hand and told me to have a great day….I slid into the driver’s seat, fastened my seat belt, took the top down and blasted Earth Wind & Fire as I drove home wondering if I would get the offer. I couldn’t read the director. Normally I can read people very well but this one, he was tough. I decided to enjoy the sunshine that day since I was off so I flopped onto my float in the pool with a frozen drink and listened to music I felt at peace. Great if I hear back and get the offer and if I don’t, I have a job working for a mother fucker. Either way, I have a job.

The next morning I received a written offer via e-mail and I was elated. They offered me $20,000 more thousand dollars than I’m making now and I had no clue that I was worth that much. I kept re-reading it to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Listen up loves, Lennon has no college degree and only has work experience and knowledge of the business so needless to say, I happily accepted.

I turned in my two week notice and the owner was quite the dick about the whole thing. I worked out my two week notice even though he treated me like shit the entire two weeks that I trained three people how to do my job. The reason I stayed and worked it out was because I felt bad for the people having to take on my responsibilities. I cried my eyes out on my last day saying goodbye to my dysfunctional work family. I had worked with these people for ten years. But, I’m excited to say after my first week at the new much larger company that I know without a doubt I made the right decision. Being the warehouse manager at this company is less responsibility than I had at my previous job but I’m over more employees. So far it’s been wonderful.

Want to hear the best part of this? Remember the manager that got screamed at and cussed out in front of a bunch of people? Well, I got her a job there too and she starts next week. Yippy Ki Yay Mother Fucker! Now you’ve lost two dedicated people because of your egotistical arrogant self centered ways. Chew on that douche bag.

Anyway, with the transitioning of me training three employees before I left and starting a new career adventure I’m off my blog game. I’m really behind with everything in my personal life. Hoping you can forgive me?

I should be back on schedule with Mullet Monday and Hump Day Shenanigan’s this week 🙂

XO – Lennon


Catching Up

Hey Loves,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about what’s going on in my little world so thought it was overdue. Not that any of you are that interested in my daily situations but this is my journal of sorts as well so it’s good to write out your feelings right?

Let’s see….we went to a Billy Joel concert last weekend and he was incredible. He played all of his hits like Uptown Girl, Allentown, She’s Got A Way, Just The Way You Are, Movin’ Out, My Life, Pressure, It’s Still Rockin’ Roll To Me, Piano Man, NY State Of Mind and so much more. Because he was playing at the Braves Stadium here in Atlanta he also played a few songs by Georgia artists like “I Feel Good” by James Brown, Midnight Train To Georgia by Gladys & The Pips”. He brought out one of his roadies and the roadie sang Highway To Hell by ACDC while Billy Joel played guitar. It was fantastic. A young lady sitting next to me had a lot to drink so she puked all over the person in front of her and some of it landed on my feet as well. Ick. I didn’t let it ruin my fun though, I kept dancing and singing along. Of course after I cleaned off my shoes. Ha.

I finally made an appointment with a shrink about my anger issues at work and how I am out of control with my RMS. (Restless Mouth Syndrome) – For those of you that aren’t familiar with my made up diagnosis that’s when you get so angry that shit flies out of your mouth. That’s one of my symptoms, the others are my heart racing and feeling it’s about to jump out of my chest, breaking out in hives, turning very red when I’m angry and breathing rapidly and ready to throat punch someone.

When I went into the appointment he asked the basic questions why am I there and I explained and gave examples of situations where I had lost control (no, I didn’t hit anyone) but I did ask a guy if his balls were the size of a tic tack and that he needed to grow some. Then he asked if I was suicidal or homicidal and I said no, not at all. He then told me that I should go home and watch some youtube videos of how Obama handled confrontation in press conferences and such. He also recommended a book as well. I asked how is that going to help with my heart pounding so fast and my hives etc? He said I would work that out if I watch Obama and read the book.

Needless to say, that was a waste of time. Sure, I voted for Obama and I think he speaks very well other than the Um’s he would consistently say in between his speeches but he is a class act and knew how to handle himself. But, I need a happy pill or a calming pill. I truly think I have anxiety and need something. I do for the most part TRY very hard to remain calm and to hold things in but as they say the struggle is very real.

Friday afternoon, I had an appointment with my primary care doctor to see if he could prescribe something or advise me on what to do. Before I left for the Dr. appointment there was an incident at work where the owner screamed at another manager in front of several people. He yelled “You need to learn how to fucking communicate. Send someone now and learn to do your fucking job!” There are five of us in an open room with desks and there were a few others in there at the counters and I was actually on the phone with a client while this was going on. The owner stormed out of the room papers flying everywhere as he waved his arms like a fucking bird mumbling under his breath. It took everything in me not to follow him and confront him but I need my job desperately as I have bills to pay. How dare him speak to anyone like that? No one deserves to be spoken to in that manner and in front of her staff. She ran outside humiliated crying. I went after her and told her to just take a deep breath and that he was wrong to treat her that way.

By the time I got to my Dr.’s appointment I was red with hives and my heart was racing. My BP was higher than it’s ever been. I’ve never had high BP ever. The Dr. prescribed a generic version of cymbalta which is called duloxetine. Let’s hope it helps. I took it yesterday morning and this morning. Side effects so far are cold all the time, loss of appetite, extremely tired. That’s about it. I can handle those, not bad at all. Let’s just hope I don’t lose it on Monday when the owner acts like nothing ever happened and tries to act like we’re all friends again.

I hope all of you have a fantastic Sunday and thanks for stopping by. 🙂





Southern Sunday’s

Hey Loves, It’s been four days since I’ve been back from vacation and let me tell you, it’s been non stop since I got back to work. I’m still playing catch up on laundry, blogs, grocery list, and much much more. I’m happy to be back in the living of WP again and I’m shocked to see that I’m over 500 bloggers just this week. Thank you to all that read this blog, I can’t tell you how much it amazes me that people actually read these posts. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of you and look forward to your comments, likes and your posts as well. With that being said, on with today’s Southern Sunday’s…….





Southern Sunday’s

Happy Sunday Loves 🌷