Firm Hold Part I

The other day I posted Caught Up  where I shared with you I hadn’t had much time to write. Well, this morning I’ve written the first part of a story. Hopefully next week I’ll have the second part of it posted or the end. We’ll see. But here goes…..

Firm Hold Part I

Marlowe had just read the front page of the local paper. Silva had finally made his mark. Too bad it was death. But he certainly had it coming. As Marlowe gazed out of the French doors overlooking the fountain in the courtyard she saw a blue jay sitting on the wrought iron rail singing. She exhaled a slow breath. She sat her coffee cup down on the delicate gold rimmed saucer. She knew all along she had the right man for the job. Ricci had completed the hit just like she requested. He was precise, swift and thorough. One bullet to the brain and the nauseating fat fuck mobster wannabe was out of the business.

Silva was Marlowe’s nemesis. Some might have said he was her competition. But, he was actually small time compared to Marlow and her father Marty. She and her father had built their business on integrity and class. They owned the jewelry galleria down on Forsyth Park in historic Savannah, Ga. They also used the galleria as a front for the largest gun smuggling operation in the south. They had a very lucrative business that was growing by leaps and bounds.

Silva ran his mouth to a snitch that was on Marlowe’s payroll that he was going to have her and her father clipped. Once she got wind of it she called an old friend in Vegas and he highly recommended Ricci. She decided to have Silva taken care of discretely without her father knowing. Sure, he would find out sooner or later but she would ask for forgiveness later. Her father didn’t need this stress on him with his heart problems. She adored her father. He had taught her everything she knew. Her father felt sorry for Silva and allowed him to continue with his small gun smuggling racketeer. She knew they had a history together. Her Dad had told her that there was enough to go around. Obviously Silva thought differently. Greed got the best of him. Now his body could rot in the dirt for all she cared. She would soon take over his crew and pay them more than Silva ever could. That would keep the peace.

Stay tuned….


Beauty In Every Face


Morning Everyone,

Yesterday as I was out & about I enjoyed the simplest little pleasure of people watching.

The function I was at had more than 40,000 people attending.

As I watched and relished in my favorite thing to do I couldn’t help but think to myself….Why don’t we choose to see the beauty in everyone?

I would pick out a person and mentally think of something unique or dazzling about them. I didn’t just do this with women but men too.

A photographer with the largest lens I’d ever seen on her Canon. She had weathered skin with a few lines. It looked like she hadn’t combed her hair in days but I couldn’t help but see the exquisiteness of her face. The stories she must have with each line. The beauty in her gleaming green eyes.

The charming older gent with his WWII Veteran Cap on. As he walked with his cane and the tenderness in his smile looking down at his granddaughter with her fairy costume on. As she jumped into a mud puddle in shear delight, he chuckled. He highfived her as she looked up at him with her wide eyes. He was beautiful to me for the way he looked at her.

We should never see ugly on anyone’s face. Of course there are many ugly things that people do or say. But, a face, a face is not ugly at all to me.

Judging a face before knowing someone’s character, personalities, their story is cruel. Because in a sense that makes you ugly….just sayin’

The stories are the mystery behind the eyes. When you look at someone, embrace what they might have to tell.