Southern Sunday’s

Hey Loves, It’s been four days since I’ve been back from vacation and let me tell you, it’s been non stop since I got back to work. I’m still playing catch up on laundry, blogs, grocery list, and much much more. I’m happy to be back in the living of WP again and I’m shocked to see that I’m over 500 bloggers just this week. Thank you to all that read this blog, I can’t tell you how much it amazes me that people actually read these posts. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of you and look forward to your comments, likes and your posts as well. With that being said, on with today’s Southern Sunday’s…….





Southern Sunday’s

So today I’m sharing with you some vacation pictures for Southern  Sunday. Happy Easter Loves! We’re vacationing in Destin, FL which is on the gulf coast. 

The beaches here are obviously spectacular! This entire week the temperature hasn’t been above 80 degrees. The breeze is so relaxing. 

The water is crystal clear…..

The pool is heated and refreshing. I need one of these at home. 

The above photo is at Crab Island. We rented a pontoon boat and anchored here to swim up and have some pina coladas. 

Excuse the no make up, wrinkles, sun spots but it feels amazing to not have a care in the world out here. Isn’t that what vacation is all about? Literally…..wish all of you were here with me. Cheers! 

Thursday’s Good Humor

Quite a few of my followers are in different countries, scattered all over the world. Some have asked if I have a southern accent. I thought about doing a video and of myself but I’ll save that for some other time. I’m sure some of you have seen these videos but it always cracks me up when I watch them. This is episode 1 of Sh%t Southern Women Say so you get an idea of how some of us talk down here. I’m guilty of many of these scenarios, especially “Bless his heart” and “Fixin’ to kick your ass”.  Enjoy 🙂

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