Incredible Sex – Make It Happen

Well, my girls weekend getaway got cancelled at the last minute. I’m really disappointed because I had a stressful day at work on Friday. I won’t get into that because I can’t stand whining and negativity but since I’m home and it’s raining and miserable outside for the 6th day in a row I thought I’d take advantage of the time I have.

I’m diving right into what I promised a few weeks ago.

Yes, I’m blogging about sex. You were warned in the subject of this blog so if you’re practicing celibacy or abstinence look at the top left arrow and click it, back away slowly from this blog…..

When I was just an adolescent teenage girl in the south my Mom had the sex talk with me. Not only was it awkward, but it scared the fuck out of me. My Mom was and still is to this day an extremely religious person. It went down like this…”If you kiss a boy, you’ll get pregnant, if you have sex, you’ll be in a lot of pain. You’ll bleed and have a baby.”

In a way maybe it was a good thing she told me those things. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18 years old. I waited for the right one to come along. The one that meant something to me. I’m thankful for that. It was beautiful and special.

Now that I’m in my forties I’m completely in love with sex. Well, I’ve always loved it ever since the first time I had it. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to learn what my body craves and what turns me on. I’m much more comfortable with myself. I’m accepting of who I am and what I want. My husband and I have incredible sex. I’m going to give you a few tips on how to enjoy sex. No, I’m not a therapist but I’m just going to tell you how my mind works from a female perspective.

I never say no, Ever. If my hubby wants sex, he’s going to get it. I’ve got a headache? Too fucking bad. I’ll take it anytime he wants to give it to me. Never resist sex from your partner. Do you like being rejected? I sure don’t. You love one another and you give yourself to them. This is just what I’ve always believed. Often my girlfriends tell me they just don’t want it anymore. They’re not happy with their bodies or they don’t want to shave their legs. The kids and their jobs just take all of their energy. The list goes on for excuses they make to not have sex.

It seems like most women think the sex is mostly for the men. But it’s so not. I think women tend to hold back when they’re having sex and have tons of things running through their minds while they’re having sex. I’ve been guilty of this a few times myself. Turn that shit off. Flip the fucking switch in your brain and get in the moment. This TIME is about you and your partner. If you don’t “feel” like it, you better pull yourself together. We all need to get laid. Our bodies need that release. It’s good for our souls. It’s good for others around us. It puts us in a much better mood don’t you think?

We all have stressful shitty days from time to time. It’s not just us ladies that have shitty days either. All the more reason to have sex. It’s a great way to relieve stress. I know, you’re reading this and thinking, “Whatever, I don’t have time for sex. I’m exhausted and not in the mood.” Do not make excuses. Give yourself this gift.

Example of my life….Stressful day. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Shipments went to wrong addresses, customer’s complaining all day to me, co-workers are being lazy and standing around bullshitting, I’m basically doing everything. I mean, the train went off the tracks that day at work. I’m livid, pissed, and beyond irritated. I come home, my hubby wants to have sex. I’m thinking, Really? Now? That’s when my inner sex goddess shows up for the game. I’m rushed but I can make this happen. Didn’t shave my legs this morning so I throw on my thigh highs, long strand of pearls, brush my teeth, mess up my hair a little, spray some perfume, put a little red lipstick on and some high heels and look at myself in the mirror and I’m fucking hot! I’m ready to go!

So Ladies, in this example of my life, if you’re thinking, “Yeah right, this bitch is crazy!” Do you have self doubt? Do you think you’re not hot? Make yourself hot. You don’t work out? You’re insecure about your body? There are ways around that. Put on a bra, a sexy little gown, and hide your fat rolls or whatever it is that makes you feel insecure. Next thing is your mindset. Tell yourself you are fucking hot. You’re going to get what you deserve and you deserve to have incredible sex. Who’s the hottest actress out there right now? You’re her. Is it Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez? Blake Lively? Sophia Vergara? Whoever she is, be her.

Next move is the music….Have you heard the latest song by Demi Lovato – Confident? Well, if you haven’t, see the link below which is combination of “Cool For The Summer” & “Confident” from SNL. This is the hottest fucking song out there right now. If you don’t feel sexy after hearing this beat, make an appointment immediately with a shrink. This song is sizzlin’ hot. You’ll feel like ripping your partners clothes off and blowing his or her fucking mind.

Fellas, you see there’s a lot about us that you don’t understand. Ha! Bet you’ve heard that a few times. It’s our minds that you’re fucking as well as our bodies. We have to be in the moment mentally as well as physically. It helps for you to tell us that we’re fucking hot, beautiful, gorgeous, that you can’t wait to do things to us. That’s what we need to hear. If you tell us those things it will really make things worth your while.

I’ll close for now and pick up next Saturday hopefully. Have an excellent weekend loves!