Hi Loves,

I’ve decided to try something different. I did some research on different blog sites and decided to make my way back to WP. But not necessarily here at Fabulous With Glitches. I’ve decided to venture into the sex genre. Some of it will be my stories, fiction, fantasies, and I’m hoping some of you will guest post from time to time.

Please keep in mind this might not be for everyone and I understand completely. If you’re wanting to check it out, please do….

Provocative Vibes

Hoping to see some of you over there and if not that’s OK too. I’ll be checking in here from time to time to catch up on your blogs and to say hi.




About Tess

Tess and I go way back. So far back that we were busting moves to The Pleasure Principle in her bedroom after school. Tess is mysterious, stunning, and full of sex adventures. Some are spine chilling, some erotic and some are just, well…’ll have to find out for yourself. Her sex stories will leave your breathless, turned on, even frightened at times but one thing’s for sure, you’ll be intrigued and hooked instantly.

Tawdry Tales Of Tess