Self Stimulating Monday Morning

Warning: You’ll now find that I have a twisted mind if you didn’t already know this. Some might say this is X-Rated – Maybe not? Anyway, consider yourself warned.

On with the Monday Eve prep….

As I was thinking about motivating myself and anyone who reads my blog for Monday’s circus at work tomorrow – I thought…”Self Stimulation!”

How about a big hot cup of yourself tomorrow morning?

Twisted as it may sound, why not fuck yourself before work? It will bring that “Go Fuck Yourself” to a whole new level. Everyone masturbates right? Why not do that on Monday morning to start the day off with a BANG?

If you have a significant other pounce on them first thing tomorrow morning and spread the motivation so their Monday isn’t so boring. Give them a piece of your swag to take to the office with them.

I mean who doesn’t feel fantastic after an incredible orgasm, how could you possibly have a bad day after getting off?

How many times do we run into someone at work that if you gave them a straw they’d suck the happiness right out of you? Don’t we all think to ourselves “Damn, he needs to get laid.” Well, lets all get laid tomorrow morning!

I need motivation every Monday Eve like the Pope needs his rosary beads. I know, I know, I shouldn’t reference the Pope when blogging about masturbating. I have a warped and twisted mind. Didn’t I mention that in the beginning of this blog? You couldn’t help yourself could you? You had to keep reading.

I believe it’s possible that we might just walk into work as a Limited Edition. We’ll ooz confidence so much that we give off this ora of “fuck you, I’m the shit” without ever opening our mouths.

So, on that note, go fuck yourselves in the morning loves and enjoy every second of it. Monday is going to be Fantastic!