I was going to use “Suffering From RMS” as the subject line but thought better of it. I’m not suffering, other people are.

RMS: Restless Mouth Syndrome


1.) Your Bestie shows up for lunch and has fire engine red hair with purple streaks which do not flatter her beautiful italian olive complexion one bit. You link your arm in hers and do a U-turn “Don’t sit, we’re leaving to get a box of Clairol, your hair looks hideous and you shouldn’t be seen out in public like this.”

2.) Talking smack about your boss to one of our colleagues and The Boss is standing right behind you hanging on every fucking word. Yeah, I do shit like this and still have a job… go figure?

3.) Butt dialing your husband while singing Trap Queen by Fetty Wapp.

4.) Answering your bosses questions in gangsta talk while he’s driving around clients and has you on speaker.In my defense…a little heads up would’ve been nice. I’ve worked for him for seven years now. He should know me by now…just sayin…


I really am a pain in the ass. Funny thing is, I don’t mean any harm, it’s just I can’t stop myself before saying things. It’s a sickness I swear….

Hoping all of you loves survived this Monday! XOXO