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Seeing as I’m a bit under the weather and have been carrying around a box of Kleenex everywhere I go today I thought I’d share some blogs that I’m currently loving. Also I’ll be sharing some of my older stuff tonight and tomorrow too for those of you that are a bit new to my blog. Until I’m recovered here’s some delightful blogs you should check in on. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, a shot of tequila, maybe a sip of moonshine, a glass of wine or possibly two tablespoons of Nyquil like myself? Either way, get comfy, relax and enjoy!

#1. Jonathon blows me away. He’s real, honest, and heartfelt. He’s sharing his everyday life with you in his blog. He’s not your average daily personal blogger. His words reel you in and whether he realizes it or not he keeps you sort of on the edge of your seat wanting more. He’s the complete opposite of myself. He cycles daily from here to there and has a brilliant career, a “techy kinda guy” and has three daughters and is just very real to me. Check him out!

#2. Itsgoodtobecrazysometimes
– Always commenting sarcastically to my blogs and I love her for it! Uplifting, fun, and feels like she could be my sister? Check out this blog she posted full of inspirational blogs. I love shares obviously!

#3. A Pondering Mind
Come on! Did you just read those three little words above? I had to follow this guy. He is a ponderer and I feel like he’s a life long friend to me. You see, I’m not one to watch the news. The media tends to only show the negative and also sometimes blows things way out of proportion so I’m a sceptical when it comes to the news. This guy keeps me informed with pictures and quotes. I get a daily dose from him each day and I look forward to it every single day. When my notification pops up with his name I’m on it! He’s my news anchor 🙂

#4. Sepultura13
Of course I’m a huge fan of randomness as that’s one of my tags and categories that I use obsessively because I’m ping-ponging all over the place. This blog is outstanding and full of laughter, truth, quotes, and is a firm believer in “sharing is caring.”


Something Good

This Monday sucked balls….I’m over it. It’s not like me to whine, bitch, moan or complain much but I’m going to be selfish and tell you a little about today. But, I promise I’m leading up to something good.

Our system crashed at work and it lost everyone’s time from last week. That means it has to be re-entered and recalculated and so forth. A certain company didn’t show up to deliver our packages and also stated we refused packages last Friday which is a lie. My hubby is out of town so that just makes me sad because he’s my best friend and I love him and miss him. Then I settle into watch some TV on my comfy beautiful sofa and my dog pissed all over it so I basically laid in his piss not knowing. Disgusting. After cleaning it up and showering I grabbed my crack which is a secret stash of Laffy Taffy and head down here to my office to see what’s up with WP. Laffy Taffy makes everything so much better.

Let me just first say that the ultimate compliment here is when someone shares your blog. I never expect that, EVER. I don’t think what I’m blogging is really worthy of sharing but if it makes someone feel better, laugh, believe in themselves or makes them feel anything at all, it seriously makes me warm and fuzzy inside. So when I checked WP this evening and found that my sweet friend Michelle had nominated me for some Liebster award, it genuinely made my Monday that sucked balls so much fucking better!!! I’m not much on the award stuff but I am sharing her “About” below and I would love for you to check her and Moose out.

I would do this award thing but I would much rather share with you blogs that I enjoy one at a time instead of in one blog with a list. I just think when I share them one at a time it puts them in the spot light. All of you deserve the spotlight if you ask me. 🙂

For now, I introduce my buddies Michelle & Moose (Thanks Ya’ll for making my day!)



Can’t Get Enough – Addictive

Hey Loves,

Today I want to share with you a few blogs I’ve been obsessed with lately. I find myself waiting impatiently for the next post like a drug. Yes, they’re that spellbinding. Some are the opposite of myself and something new I’m not familiar with which makes it that much more exciting for me.

I’ve listed them below and there’s quite a variety. Please stop over and check them out as they definitely are captivating. I’m new to this meet and greet blogging but I’m all about sharing. Please feel free to drop a link below of your favorite blog you’ve written or if you have a favorite blogger that you would like to share here with me and my followers please do.

Jazz You Too – I’m embarrassed to say this but I’ve never really listened to jazz before until I came across this blog. It offers a wide variety of jazz artists and this person knows jazz. I’m hooked in the worst way. I have to listen to something from this blog every morning while I’m getting ready for work. It really sets the tone for my day. You’ll be strung out for days after hearing some of these beats…..Snapping your fingers and thinking you can scat….You’re so welcome loves! Enjoy!

A New Perspective Perhaps – This little one is a bright ray of sunshine! I just adore her and her words. She’s uplifting, encouraging, funny, quick to interact with her readers. If you follow her blog you’ll feel like you have your own personal cheerleader out there. She builds people up. I love that about her. She shares her life experiences and you’re laughing along side of her. Quite entertaining and you just feel like you have a friend on your side reading her words.

Doles Photography – I’ve actually shared this blog before but it’s so fascinating I wanted to share it again with you. The photographs are haunting. He has an unusual way of looking at things that mesmerize me. The shots are vivid and at times eerie. They command your attention instantly.

HarsH ReaLiTy – This guy….I can’t even. He is so multi-talented. He is the Mick Jagger of blogging if you ask me. I’ve told him that I’m his #1 groupie. Ha! He really doesn’t need a shout out, he has over 55,000 followers but he is A-mazing. He’s a poet, comedian, father, son, friend, and although he’s a bit grouchy from time to time he’s the most gracious blogger I’ve ever seen. He shares his knowledge, helps new bloggers, encourages us and just cares a lot. Whether he likes it or not he actually has a big heart. I love everything about his blog. Even with as many followers as he has he ALWAYS takes the time to interact with them. Follow him, you’re in for a thrilling ride.


It’s Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big!!

I absolutely love a meet & greet! New friends, encouragement, so exciting!

Dream Big, Dream Often

imagesIt’s Meet and Greet Weekend at Dream Big!!

Ok so here are the rules:

  1. Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post.
  2. Reblog this post.  It helps you, it helps me, it helps everyone!  So don’t be selfish, hit the reblog button.
  3. Edit your reblog post and add tags (i.e. reblogging, reblog, meet n greet, link party, etc.), it helps, trust me on this one.
  4. Share this post on social media.  Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new bloggers to follow.  This helps also, trust me.

Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and meet n greet your butts off!

See ya Monday!


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