Nose Job

I adore my crazy, hilarious Aunt. You might remember me writing about her before. If not, here’s the post so you can get familiar with our relationship. No worries, it’s short and sweet…

So as you can see we have a fun, open and honest relationship. We pretty much tell each other everything. We e-mail or text daily. She’s definitely more like a big sister than an Aunt.

She texts me last night…

“Will you take some close up pictures of your nose for me? I want to get a nose job. I want mine to look just like yours.”

Most people would be flattered someone would want a nose just like theirs. Me? Not so much. I respond…

“What the fuck? Are you drunk? Why do you want a nose job? Your nose is great. Seriously, What the fuck?”

“I hate my nose. It’s awful. It’s too wide and the tip of it is too low. I have a deviated septum and the doctor said he could give me a nose job when he goes in to fix the septum.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? He’s just telling you that so that you’ll spend more money. You’re smarter than this! You DO NOT NEED A NOSE JOB.”

“Take the pictures. You love me right? Take the damn pictures.”

Of course I take a couple of pictures and send them to her…

“You could’ve at least smiled.”

“Nope, because why would I put on a fake smile when I’m sad that you want to change your beautiful face? Why would you want to be cut on? You’re beautiful already. God made us this way, why change it? I don’t get it.”

She goes on to tell me she’s not happy with her looks and she knows it will make her feel better. She feels insecure about it and wants it fixed.

I get it. You’re not happy with something on your body but why can’t we just accept ourselves the way we are? Shit, I don’t even believe in botox. I’m not perfect by all means. I have sun spots, a double chin, all kinds of things wrong with me but I wouldn’t change it for the world. This is me, if you don’t like the way I look then look the other fucking way. I am so upset that she is that insecure to have her face changed. Of course I want her to be happy and to love herself and if it makes her feel better then I guess I just have to accept it. But, often people go in for these things and have complications or it doesn’t look the way they thought it would. It just makes me very nervous.

Anyone want to share their experience with this type of thing? Have any of you had plastic surgery? Am I the only one that feels this way?

Don’t get me wrong…..if I were in a car accident and my face was cut or I was burned I would want something done probably. If I had breast cancer and had a mastectomy I would want my tits fixed. I get that…I really do. But, if nothing’s wrong, why put yourself through this to match what society thinks you should look like? I just think we get so consumed in our looks that we forget who we are or don’t appreciate ourselves. It makes me so sad.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear them.