A Love Like No Other

I don’t mean to bring everyone down on a Saturday morning but this is for me, selfish possibly but this is my journal sort of and I need to get it written now.

I came home yesterday to find my senior pup Cheesy hardly able to walk. His head was tilted and he’d had multiple accidents all over the bedroom and was really sick. I scooped him up and in the process pulled something in my back but called my husband and as soon as he got home we headed straight to the vet.

It was time to let Cheesy go. As I held him in my lap whispering “You’ve made us so happy. We love you the most. Go to sleep and we’ll see you on the other side” my heart was caving in and I couldn’t stop sobbing. Seventeen years he’d been by side. He’d seen me at my very worse and at my happiest. He loved me unconditionally and like no one has loved me before and I felt the same exact way about him. I took him everywhere with me…to the beach, shopping, work sometimes throughout the years. I have so many funny memories with him too. He was one in a million and I’ll miss him oh so much.

I do have peace with making that dreadful horrible decision knowing he’s not suffering or in anymore pain. He’s on the other side running, playing, rolling around in green grass, chasing other pups and humping (I hope). I also hope he’s spreading his fur love around to my Grandma, my Papa, Uncles and so on in heaven.

I post this in hopes that if you have a fur baby scoop them up (without pulling something in your back) and snuggle them right here and right now and tell them how much you love them. If you have children hug and love them hard. If you don’t have a pet or a child, I strongly suggest getting a pup or a cat or possibly having a child to share your love with. We all need something or someone to love don’t we?

God I miss him so much. I can’t stop crying. My eyes are so swollen it looks like I’ve been beat up. We didn’t get much sleep. I sobbed so loud my hubby had to sleep on the couch. My heart breaks and feels like it’s about to collapse.

Thank you for letting me vent and put this out there. Again, I’m sorry to post something so sad today but I needed to get my feelings out. I can only hope this will help me with the healing process.

Below is a picture of Cheesy celebrating his 17th birthday which was back in April. He had such a booming fun personality. RIP Mr. Colby Cheese, Cheesy, Cheeseburger, Mr. Cheese, you will be missed and we loved you the MOST.