Who Rescued Who



I’m enjoying my cup of java this morning listening to the birds chirp while the sun makes it’s way around the corner of our back deck.

Mr. Cheese is sluggish and still stretching out the back kinks as we welcome the cool and tranquil 70 degree weather.

This coffee mug says it all. Sure I found Cheesy in jail, prison, The Pin, The Big House 16.5 years ago. But in so many ways he rescued me. I had just went through my divorce and needed a companion. I needed something to love and someone to love me.

I hit the jackpot when he rescued me. He’s loved me unconditionally all of these years and all he asks in return is some cuddles, kibbles and a walk.

That’s not much is it? I strongly encourage you to adopt a mutt or a cat before spending tons of money on a registered purebred. This scruffy fish breath 20 lb ball of fur has to be the best gift I’ve ever given myself.

Happy Sunday Loves! 🐶🐾