Catching Up….

How was everyone’s Christmas? I hope everyone enjoyed time with their families whether they were near or far. I know the holidays can be pretty stressful at times….especially if you’ve lost a family member or are going through a break up or just missing someone.

This year was different for us. We normally stay home and have a quiet Christmas but not this year. We headed to my  hometown early Saturday morning to meet friends for coffee and to catch up. That was somewhat normal other than us quoting lines from a few movies which consisted of “I don’t rock thongs. I have a very fussy taint.” < Sisters > And if you’ve not seen that movie, please do so, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are hilarious in it. We also mentioned the word pussy a few times and before we knew it everyone that was sitting near us had moved to a table farther away. Trust me, there were no children around, we’re not that horrible…well maybe we are.

After we left Starbucks we headed to the hospital where my Step Dad was. I wanted to visit him as the day before he had symptoms of numbness in his hands and arms and felt light headed. As I walked into his hospital room he was sitting on the edge of the bed tapping his feet and grinning ear to ear. I said “I’m here to bust you out, pack your shit!” Of course he busted out laughing. He said my Mom was on her way and that the Dr was releasing him and that they couldn’t find anything wrong other than maybe he needed to see a shrink. Sounded about right to me. They believe that his BP and heart rate was really low which caused the symptoms and told him to only take one pill instead of two that his primary doctor had prescribed. So, that was fantastic news. He was able to go home and we were set to be there Christmas for lunch. After the hospital and lunch with my Mom and my Step Dad we headed over to my Aunt’s house which is the other side of the family. This Aunt is my Dad’s little sister. She’s the only family I have left on that side and she’s a lot like me.

My Aunt had planned a cocktail party for Christmas Eve with friends and my Uncle’s side of the family. We played a lot of drinking games, gambling games, sang at the top of our lungs, and enjoyed incredible appetizers. This all started around 6 pm but by 9 pm we were all pretty tipsy. So much so that I began singing “Errbody in the club gettin tipsy” and then my Uncle found it on his phone and blasted it and before I knew it even the eighty year old’s were bobbing their heads to it. I also might have been shocked by something and not by accident. I don’t quite remember it but was told I stuck my finger in a bug zapper and sparks flew. What the what right? When the night ended I was feeling pretty good but a little dizzy. Thankfully no one threw up and none of us were hungover Christmas morning.

So on Christmas morning we headed to the nursing home to pick up my Grandma and took her over to my Mom’s and we cooked and all had lunch together. Even my brother came over to eat with us and we reminisced and looked at old pictures, laughed and hugged and really had a great time.

You know what was so great about this Christmas? None of us exchanged gifts. There was no pressure. We all ate, drank and were merry. It was probably the most memorable Christmas ever. It’s not about the gifts. It’s about celebrating our savior’s birth and also spending time with the ones that we love.

I’ll leave you with my favorite holiday song. Of course, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is my all time favorite movie, probably because it reminds me so much of my family. So, enjoy this acoustic version of Holiday Road.



Hi Loves!

It honestly feels like it’s been months since I’ve blogged. I know, I’ve been posting my regularly scheduled stuff like Mullet Monday, Hump Day Shenanigans, Thursday’s Mood, etc. I just haven’t had the opportunity to blog on my personal life and what’s been going on in Lennon’s little world.

Let’s start off with me “movin’ on up” in the company. I got a promotion a month or so ago. I’m now a supervisor. You all know how bossy I can be right? Well they’re actually paying me to be a boss finally. But, I’m limited on what I can and can’t do. The owner won’t allow me to fire anyone but that’s probably because he knows I would terminate half the staff immediately. Anyway, more money, more problems. Now I have more responsibilities and I’m still having to do my current job as well until they hire someone to fill my shoes. It’s been very stressful doing both. I bring work home with me and it’s taking up so much of my time now.

A very dear friend of mine is going through a deep depression. She was admitted  yesterday into a mental facility. It’s breaking my heart. I want to run to her rescue but I cannot due to work. Also, she’s not allowed any visitors. I’m worried sick about her. She lives about five hours away. A friend told me she will be in their a while until they figure things out. She’s lost a lot of people in her life and has been through so much. She told the doctor’s that she was lonely and felt no reason to live. She stopped eating and drinking and taking her medications three days ago. She decided to reach out for help and I’m so thankful for that.

I’ve been trying to keep up with all of your blogs and to stop by and comment occasionally. My apologies if I’ve not been stopping by regularly or in a timely manner. Life gets so busy and we have to stop for a moment and take the extra time to connect don’t we? Thank you for stopping in and reading and commenting. I love hearing from all of you. You’re such a supportive bunch and I appreciate each of you.

Once I get someone trained at work and things start slowing down hopefully I’ll be able to post more upbeat, personal, and inspiring stuff. For now it’s back to the regular scheduled stuff.

Hang in there loves, tomorrow’s Friday. Hope you’re all doing well and remember, take some time for yourself like me whenever you can to get if off your chest and out here in the blog world.

Hugs & Love! Lennon


This Week In My Little World

Pardon my rambling this morning but thought I’d catch all of you up on what’s been happening in Lennon’s world this week…

I started out with sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes on Monday which by Wed. had me miserably ill. Went to the Dr. and found out I had bronchitis which I’ve never experienced before. She prescribed steroids, antibiotics and some strong cough syrup. Thursday morning I was extremely red and a bit blotchy. At first I thought looking at myself in the mirror “Have I been in the sun lately? I’ve got a red or pink glow going on. I look kinda cute?” But as I lifted my shirt and saw huge red whelps on my stomach I knew I was probably having an allergic reaction.

I called the Dr and come to find out, it’s a side effect from the drugs. Go figure. She said to continue taking them. At least the man voice and man cough have subsided. Now I’m just stuck in the 80’s with this Kim Carnes “Betty Davis Eyes” raspy voice. The hubby says it sounds hot. Maybe I should update my voice mail on the cell while I have this scratchy voice? :/

Earlier in the week without my knowing my boss had a bet with some of the managers that if he searched my sent e-mails for the word “Fuck” that he would find over twenty e-mails. How much did he bet? $50.00 – How many e-mails did he find with that fowl word? Over 400 – Yikes! How many were sent to him? Probably over 100 I believe. Double Yikes. Thank God we don’t have an HR department and he is THE owner and doesn’t mind and makes jokes about it eh? This my friends certifies I could probably not work anywhere else and be tolerated in a professional working environment. Is there a class to help me have tactfulness or put some more lady like mannerisms in my brain? Who knows.

Yesterday I receive a text from someone stating “This is my new #, save it.” My reaction anytime I receive a text that I have no idea who it’s from is “Who Dis? You bringing me that dope?” Why do I do this you ask? Because, I don’t need people from my past that I don’t want to find me blowing up my phone or finding me period. This way it gives me the out to say it’s not me right? Catching my brainwaves now? The next text from the person reads “It’s the man of your dreams, your husband!” Ha.

Last night we traded his company cars in for a brand new mustang. He had two vehicles in his company name so this way he now has one vehicle. It’s saving him quite a bit a month now and he starts that new job on Monday. Yay for the hubz! I didn’t embarrass him too much at the dealership last night. But, I assisted in getting him the right price for both of his trade-ins and he got a fantastic deal on that 2016 mustang. Yes! We’re both owner’s of mustangs now. Welcome to the wild side hubby, you’re going to love your new ride!

This morning although I was feeling pretty lousy from the coughing I bathed Mr. Cheese. He’s our 17 year old scrappy mutt and let me just tell you, it felt like I was wrangling a baby alligator in the bathtub. He is still full of energy and I had a really hard time getting him washed but now he’s got a great blow out and is fast asleep perched upstairs in his window seat.

Now I believe I’ll have one more cup of coffee and focus on some reading for the day. Happy Saturday Loves!


Sugar Coating Shit

sugar coat.jpg

I despise sugar coating anything…Unless it’s cookies or shit like that. You ask my opinion I’m going to be straight forward. There’s something genuine about people that are honest, blunt and just straight forward I think. I appreciate that. Whether it’s good or bad….I welcome the honesty.

You know when people say something like “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?” I always want the bad news first. Hit me up with it and let’s work out how to flip that to good news. Nothing is that bad is it? I choose to see the good in everything, at least I try my best to.

In most cases that bad news that someone tells me really isn’t that bad at all. They’re just a bit overly dramatic and are making it into something that really isn’t that big of a deal.

Seems as if some people choose to see the bad, the negative, the downside in things more so than the opportunity, challenge, or obstacle that it is. I love to find answers and fix things. At work they often call me “The Fixer” as I love to find answers and fix shit. I like to think outside of the box and make things happen. I love manipulating the system too as well to see what I find and to make things work.

So, you see, sugar coating is really meant for cookies & shit, not everyday scenarios. This is real life so don’t sprinkle sugar on top of my life or problems. I’m a grown ass adult, spit it out and let’s fix it!

Have a great weekend Loves….I’ve missed you!






I’m sitting here at Starbucks trying something different for a change. A flat white which is fantastic. I’m also blogging on my phone which is a new discovery for me. I’m normally old school and use a notebook and scribble my words down and later blog it at home. I’m an old soul when it comes to technology. I wonder how do all of you blog? Do you edit, change your words constantly, over analyze what you’re writing like myself? I’m a bit of a control freak and perfectionist. This is outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve been slacking on blogging this week because of “the sickness”. All in all it was sinusitis but felt like the flu. I had a fever, chills, vomiting, congestion, achiness, and everything else. When I’m sick I’m lacking energy and my thoughts are not so positive. Pretty much I’m a big 44 year old baby wishing my Mom would come over and hold me and scratch my back….Ha!

But now that I’m feeling better and about 90% myself…… I’m back 🙂

I’ll be preparing the Monday Eve prep later tonight. Hoping all of you loves are enjoying your Sunday!



Well…Monday’s Stayin’ Alive didn’t go over so well.

I had to call in sick after all. The puking last night took it’s toll on me. I’m pleased to say this afternoon is looking up. I’m feeling a little better after the Dr gave me a shot in the ass.

I can only hope all of you loves had a productive day and are feeling fabulous.

I’ve been nothing but lazy all day watching The Affair, Fargo and napping.

Thankfully I’ll be back to work tomorrow. I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m a creature of habit, routine and structure.

Have a great evening loves!

Wide Open


I absolutely love this quote!

I appreciate traditional, normal, and general types of characteristics. But, those characteristics of abnormal, unconventional, and rare are a magnet to my steel.

There’s something quite gripping about diversity, wouldn’t you say? I think people that are authentic and resistant are the most captivating ones.

Honestly, we’re all authentic. There’s no replica of you or me is there? We’re originals.

Sigh, resistant….unyielding…no brakes….That my loves is a beautiful thing. Keep going and keep writing and shining here. Don’t hold back on anything. The door is wide open. You’re not in prison here. Let it all out. There’s a freedom about writing your thoughts and sharing a piece of yourself. Let your authenticity flow.

Now be proud of your originality and wave it around magnificently loves.

Happy Wednesday – XOXO




Beauty In Every Face


Morning Everyone,

Yesterday as I was out & about I enjoyed the simplest little pleasure of people watching.

The function I was at had more than 40,000 people attending.

As I watched and relished in my favorite thing to do I couldn’t help but think to myself….Why don’t we choose to see the beauty in everyone?

I would pick out a person and mentally think of something unique or dazzling about them. I didn’t just do this with women but men too.

A photographer with the largest lens I’d ever seen on her Canon. She had weathered skin with a few lines. It looked like she hadn’t combed her hair in days but I couldn’t help but see the exquisiteness of her face. The stories she must have with each line. The beauty in her gleaming green eyes.

The charming older gent with his WWII Veteran Cap on. As he walked with his cane and the tenderness in his smile looking down at his granddaughter with her fairy costume on. As she jumped into a mud puddle in shear delight, he chuckled. He highfived her as she looked up at him with her wide eyes. He was beautiful to me for the way he looked at her.

We should never see ugly on anyone’s face. Of course there are many ugly things that people do or say. But, a face, a face is not ugly at all to me.

Judging a face before knowing someone’s character, personalities, their story is cruel. Because in a sense that makes you ugly….just sayin’

The stories are the mystery behind the eyes. When you look at someone, embrace what they might have to tell.