80’s Part I Male Artists/Hits + Cars

This week we begin the 80’s era of music & cars. I remember more from the 80’s than I do from just last week. So many fun times in the 80’s. I could wear my hair naturally without doing a damn thing to it because big hair was in. It was the day and age of Aqua net, jelly shoes, bright neon colors, head bands, big belts, and epic music.

1981 – The Cars – Shake It Up – I am a big Cars fan. I loved them so much it’s part of the reason I chose my vanity plate on my mustang. SHKITUP Such a fabulous song!

1981 Red Cadillac Eldorado Convertible – What a classic right? Beautiful car.


1982 – Michael Jackson – Beat It – RIP MJ – You had so many hits and there wasn’t one that I didn’t like. But, this one, this is my FAVORITE. Loved the video, the song, the dancing, every single thing about it.

1982 Lamborghini Countach 5000S – There’s something about a Lambo that I love. Maybe the clean curvy lines or just how fast it will go.


1983 Duran Duran – The Reflex – This one brings back fun memories of my friends and I dancing around in our PJ’s with tennis rackets, maracas, and bed posts using them as microphones or for air guitar. We LOVED Duran Duran. Bow down to their hair too will ya? They had fabulous hair, you have to admit.

1984 – Kenny Loggins – Footloose – I had numerous slumber parties and we would watch this movie over and over again. We were so crazy about Kevin Bacon. 🙂

1984 Chevy Monte Carlo SS – One of my dearest friends had one of these and we loved it. I can remember wearing bikinis and washing it every Saturday that summer. This was a bad ass car.


1987 Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me – No matter where you’re at…when this song comes on and Rick Allen (Drummer) rolls out the beat you feel an electric shock run through your veins….

1987 Ford Mustang Notchback – One of my best friends had one of these with T-Tops and we would cruise for hours blaring Def Leppard and racing guys in this hot fast ride.


1988 Billy Ocean – Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car – This song makes me want to get up and do my white girl dance….you know the one that Carlton always did on Fresh Prince Of Belair? I can’t get enough of Billy Ocean. I recently (a month or so ago) saw him on The Tonight Show with The Roots and he sounded amazing, hasn’t changed much at all. He just has long dreads now but same ole’ Billy – he’s simply incredible!

1988 VW Rabbit Cabriolet – All of the cool cheerleaders drove these in high school. I wanted one so bad. But honestly, this car didn’t fit my personality. I wasn’t a cheerleader, I actually tried out and wasn’t good enough…I was more of the type of girl that needed a big motor in my car so I could race boys. But, this was a cute little ride. I always loved them.


This wraps up this segment. Stay tuned for my Monday post. Not sure if I’ll have time to do a Mullet Monday. I might need to recycle one of my older posts for our Monday boost. Have a great Sunday loves!


1970’s Part II Male Artists/Hits + Cars

Hi Loves, we’re back with the second part of the 70’s. I’m diggin’ it!

1973 – Bennie & The Jets – Elton John – There really is no need in going over the many accomplishments of Sir Elton Hercules John Is there? What a star! So damn talented.

My ultimate dream car….I keep putting it on my Christmas list but I’m obviously not a good girl because Santa has failed to deliver it to me yet. I would give my left kidney for this car, I’m serious! It’s a 73 Mach 1 Mustang – Photo Credit: 7173 Mustangs


1976 – Shower The People – James Taylor – I can’t think of one person I know that doesn’t like this song. James Taylor is such an essential part of my life. I grew up listening to him and his songs were all stories. It was almost as if he was a distant relative that sang to me and helped raise me. I feel a strong bond with James Taylor. His music is tranquilizing to me. He comforts me with his words.

I couldn’t resist the 1976 Chevy Camaro LT75 back in the day. Clean curves and dashing to say the least. Photo Credit: Pinterest


1977 – Brick House – The Commodores – Funky, soulful, and hip guys. They really knew how to entertain. Their moves, harmony, fashion sense and happiness got us moving didn’t they? And praising the curvy women in this song, thank you lord! This song is iconic and everyone knows it.

1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo – Photo Credit: Pinterest – My Mom always wanted one of these and this exact color. She never got one but it was a beauty back then. Knowing my Mom she would’ve hit the house with it, look at it, it’s a yacht practically.


1978 – Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys – Waylon Jennings – Although I’m not a country music fan I can remember riding around in the pick up truck with my Dad driving down a dirt road with me beside him. He took me fishing one day and I caught my very first fish. When I caught it I made the big mistake of jerking my pole and the fish landed in my long white curly blonde hair. My Dad had to pull out his pocket knife and cut it out of my hair. I had a huge hunk of hair missing but a huge grin on my face because I had caught a big fish. So, this song brings back some good memories.

1978 Ford Pickup Truck – Photo Credit: Pinterest – This looks a bit like my Dad’s truck back then although his was a funky green color. Lots of great memories in Dad’s pickup before he and my Mom divorced.


1979 – Lonesome Loser – The Little River Band – I don’t know what it is about this song but I can’t get enough of it. I listen to it all the time on Spotify. The Little River Band was formed in Australia – Who knew? If you want to catch up with them and see what they look now, I’ve included their website here…. Little River Band

For this year I chose the 1979 BMW M1 – There’s something about this body style I love. Photo Credit: Pinterest


Alrighty then, hoping each of you have a terrific Sunday! Stop by tomorrow for Mullet Monday 🙂

1970’s Part I Male Artists/Hits + Cars

Bring on the 70’s music! Although I was just a little kid, this music was distinguished. Still to this day I can’t get enough of it. It brings back my childhood memories. It makes me feel young at heart when I listen to it. Too many artists to cover in one segment so here’s the first one….

1971 – What’s Goin’ On – Marvin Gaye – This song still has so much meaning today. Funny how this song is over 44 years old and we can relate to the words right now living in 2016. Times haven’t changed too much have they? The world still has problems and we’re still going through difficult times. Marvin touched us all with this beautiful song. He just wanted us all to find an understanding and to end the brutality. His words were loud and clear. Maybe we should listen to this one more often. There’s too much love in the world to have so much hate. Thank you for giving us this moving song. RIP Marvin, you were captivating.

One of my all time favorite cars is the 71 Plymouth ‘Cuda – This one is spectacular with a 6.1 Liter Hemi V8 and is a convertible. Photo Credit: RK Motors in Charlotte, NC It’s for sale ya’ll, check it out! RK Motors


1972 – Doctor My Eyes – Jackson Browne – I seriously love this guy. I cherish his music!

1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40 – This looks like something Jackson Browne would probably drive back then so that’s why I picked this SUV. I love it! Don’t you? Photo Credit: Barret-Jackson and if you really love it, it’s for sale for $38,500.00


1976 – New Kid In Town – Eagles – I wore this song out on my little cassette player. This was the very first cassette I ever got. My Aunt Ro Ro got it for me for Christmas and I was five years old. My Mom would put this on every night when she tucked me in. I would sing along at my tender age and loved it instantly. The Eagles….what can I say? They will always be special to me. RIP Glenn Frey. I still can’t believe you’re gone. Your voice was absolute perfection.

For this year I picked the 76 Ford Bronco 302 CI because it looks like so much fun. Photo Credit: Mecum


1977 – Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees – This song is quite significant for the seventies. We all love it don’t we? It just makes you feel bad ass. At least that’s the way it makes me feel.

I chose the 1977 Aston Martin Vantage for this era. It’s a stunning car. My Uncle used to have one of these. Such a fun ride!  Photo Credit: Pinterest

aston martin vantage 1977 price

1978 – Beast Of Burden – Rolling Stones – These guys are the ultimate rockers and are still continuously selling out arenas. I can’t get enough of them. So many unforgettable hits. Mick Jagger is such a sensational performer. Beast Of Burden is definitely one of my favorites.

For this year I chose the 1978 Porsche 911 – Photo Credit: Pinterest – She is gorgeous isn’t she?


Please stop by next week for Part II – Have a great Sunday loves!


1960’s Male Artists/Hits + Cars

I’ve been patiently waiting for months to start this series. This will probably be my favorite series EVER. I love cars….basically I love fast cars in general. I wanted to do a series with male artists and of course cars. Let’s put the pedal to the medal and crank up some music shall we? Although I wasn’t even thought of in the 60’s I am a big fan of 60’s music.

The Who – My Generation – 1965 – This is my go to song when I’m leaving work and it’s 74 degrees and I’ve got the top down and I’m on the interstate driving 80 – 90 mph and my hair whipping in the wind. There’s not a better feeling….not even chocolate and sex. Ha! So, whether you have a motorcycle, camaro, mini van, or SUV, roll the windows down and blast this rebellious song and free your inhibitions.

For this year, I chose this 1965 Buick Riviera, isn’t she sexy? Love the color too. Photo Credit: Top Notch Customs…..65-buick-riviera-cred-top-notch-customs

The Temptations – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – Not only do I love to hear their music but I can’t get enough of their performances. No matter where you are or what you’re doing when you hear those voices and the harmony you have to snap your fingers and sing along don’t you?

1966 Cadillac DeVille – Photo Credit: DaddyDerek CarDomain …..Smooth, luxurious, stunning…Sigh….


The Doors – Light My Fire – 1967 – Jim Morris had swag before we ever knew what the fuck swag meant didn’t he? Incredible vocals and he made everyone want to be bad didn’t he?

This song I thought needed a 1967 Pontiac GTO – This is the kind of car where you almost have a wreck when you stretch your neck to take a better look at it. Photo Credit: ClassicCars.com


The Beatles – Come Together – 1969 – I cannot stress to you how much I love the Beatles. I mean, My blog name is Lennon?! Why couldn’t my parents have been die hard Beatles fans and named me this? I have tons of T-shirts, a huge poster in my guest room, coffee mugs and my vanity plate on my mustang is “SHKITUP” I wanted Twist & Shout but too many letters. These guys laid down some incredible tracks. They were a phenomenon in their time and it was well deserved.

I chose the 1969 MGB for this year, Photo Credit: Pinterest & Classicar Garage


Hoping you’re digging this series….stay tuned for next Sunday’s 70’s edition!






2000’s Part IV Finale – Female Artists/Hits

Hi Loves, Normally I post this series on Sunday’s but I have something special planned for this Sunday so thought I’d go ahead and wrap up the finale of the female artists/hits. Myself and Lex  have really enjoyed ourselves putting these installments together.

Avril Lavigne – Scrappy little thing isn’t she? She was pretty much the opposite of Christina & Britney and came out swinging with her hits. She was a teen sensation and we could all relate to her lyrics. This one is my favorite.

Jennifer Lopez Ft. Ja Rule, Cadillac Tah, & Ashanti  –  Ain’t It Funny/Murder Remix …… How could I forget Jlo? This is my favorite song/video of hers – I love everything about it, the head tilt, the strut, the bangs, especially the karate chop. Ja Rule knows what he’s talking about when he says “must be da ass” because we all know she has an incredible ass don’t we? Ha.

Beyonce – Upgrade U Ft. Jay-Z – Listen, she brings more swag than any other species like EVA in this video. If you ask me, Jay-Z got served. She is a Queen….bow down everyone, she is the shit.

Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money – There we so many to choose of Rihanna’s hits but I particularly love this one because the video is like a mini movie and tells the story. Besides, someone owed me money when this song came out and I could totally relate and I had vivid dreams about stringing him up naked and torturing him. Nope, I’d never do that but it’s fun to imagine it. Rihanna is more than edgy…she’s gangsta, wicked, and scary-sexy-hot.

That wraps it up. Stay tuned for Sunday’s series.Happy Friday Loves!

2000’s Part III Female Artists/Hits

Hey Loves, it’s time for the third installment of the 2000’s.

Keyshia Cole – Shoulda Let You Go Ft. Amina – Keyshia is a Cali girl and has ties to MC Hammer and Tupac. Her voice is exceptional. I loved her reality show The Way It Is – This is by far my favorite song of hers although she has many amazing songs.

Pink – So What – Pink and I have a lot in common. Nope, I don’t have pink spiked hair but her attitude and personality is in sync with mine. She’s saucy, brash, and dangerous. I love this girl and anything she sings is fantastic. Her songs are sometimes humorous, heartfelt or kick ass. Either way, you’re sure to play them over and over again.

Kelly Clarkson – Walk Away – This song got me through a lot of shit in my life. Anytime I went through something where I felt less than zero I would blast this song and feel like I was back in control again. We all know Kelly was discovered on American Idol. She’s went on to do big things. I especially love her Christmas album Wrapped In Red.

Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You – She is such an elegant, classic, sweet soul isn’t she? When we hear her voice we are in a trance. She mesmerizes us all with her songbird voice. Her beauty is exquisite too.








The 2000’s-Female Artists/Hits, part II

Lex Jones, here.  I am excited to guest post in this next installment of Lennon’s series “The 2000’s-Female Artists/Hits”.  Lennon kicked it off well last week with several of my favorites!  This week, I plan to take you on an obscure journey with a little of this and a little of that…because that’s music today.  It’s a wonderful compilation of sounds and styles, where individuality rules.  That being said, let’s kick this segment off with Florence + The Machine.

Their first album, Lungs, says it all.  Florence Welch can sing her arse off.  I especially love her backstory…she was discovered by her future manager, singing in the “loo”.  The band is known for their eclectic live performances, and Florence’s voice is unmistakable.  I will never forget the first time I heard their breakout hit, “Dog Days Are Over” while driving to Chattanooga for work.  I was traveling down a narrow mountain road and had to keep myself from driving too fast.  The song energized me and it went on to serve as the opener on my divorce playlist. “Happiness hit her like a train on a track….”

There is something about the next artist’s voice that just makes me happy…the lovely Corinne Bailey Rae.  She came onto the music scene in the mid-2000’s and I’ve loved her since.  While most people recognize her for “Put Your Records On” my favorite is, “Like a Star.”  In fact, that is the song I sing to my daughter at night. I’ve been singing it to her since she was born and now at age 3, she sings along with me.  I watched Corinne Bailey Rae perform a cover of Zepplin’s “Since I’ve Been Loving You” on Austin City Limits and was blown away.  She just brings her own jazzy twist anything she sings.  In fact, she won a Grammy for her cover of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” in 2010.  But for me, my fave is “Like a Star”

How can we discuss the 2000’s without mentioning Norah Jones?  I wore her debut album…OUT.  Had to buy another copy…one for the house and one for the car.  Come Away with Me, was an amazing blend of musically-infused, dreamy songs that took me on a journey every time I listened to it.  I cannot pick one out as a favorite, because I loved them ALL. I loved her next album.  I loved her collaboration with Wyclef Jean to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina, on the song, “Any Other Day.”  And I loved her song, “Happy Pills” In fact, that was the second song on the “playlist” I mentioned above. (You know the one)

Growing up, I loved Queen. And I still do!  Freddie Mercury was such an amazing talent and the true definition of a front-man.  I mention him to introduce my next artist, Lady Gaga. Her name is derived from Queen’s song, “Radio Gaga” but came as a result of predictive text.  She and her manager would greet each other by singing “Radio Gaga” and when he attempted to text her that, autocorrect changed it to “Lady Gaga” and the rest is history.  Just like Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga is the full package…the ultimate entertainer.  I love all of her songs, but “Bad Romance” lures me in every time I hear it. And if memory serves, I do believe Lennon saw Lady Gaga in concert. That’s likely its own post!

I hope you enjoyed this little segment of musical magic. Stay tuned for next week’s post…I am sure Lennon will close out the series with a serious party!

The 2000’s – Female Artists/Hits

So today we’re starting the 2000’s….so many exceptional female artists in this era. Let’s get it started!

Aaliyah – Rock The Boat – As you know, she died in a plane crash in 2001. Gone way too soon. Such a remarkable artist. I can only imagine how many more hits she would’ve graced us with if she were still alive. RIP Gorgeous.

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl – You can always count on Gwen to get the girls fired up with her hits. She’s epic, tough, magnificently talented. She’s definitely a fashion goddess and when she sings we listen no doubt. Ha! I had throw in the no doubt seeing as that’s where she started, No Doubt was the shit!

Missy Elliott – Gossip Folks / Now this is my very favorite Missy song. We all know how people gossip. She wrote some mad lyrics for this one and I love the dance moves in the school hallway. Most of all I love it when Missy incorporates the kids into her videos and these kids can drop it like it’s hot. Anytime Missy & Timbaland collaborate it’s a hit.

Fergie – London Bridge – Who doesn’t love Fergie? Not only did we love her in The Black Eyed Peas but when she branched out to do her own thing, she dropped the base. For Realz.

Janet Jackson – All For You – I know…I’ve already featured Janet in a previous era but come on…how could I not feature her again? This song. This video. She’s perfection. Love it.

Nelly Furtado  –  Promiscuous – (Featuring Timbaland) – Sigh…I love me some Nelly. She has this raspy thing going on and when you hear her voice you instantly know it’s her. Add Timbaland to any beat and it’s going to be fabulous.

That’s all for this part of the 2000’s. I might have one more segment or two. I’m undecided. But, stay tuned as in a few weeks I’m starting over and it’s all about the guys. Yep, you didn’t think I wouldn’t include some fellas did you? Lennon likes the dudes so she has to share her favorites 🙂


1990’s Finale – Part IV Female Artists/Hits By Lennon

Hey Everyone, It’s the end of the 90’s era I’m afraid for this Female Artists Hits Series. I hope you’ve enjoyed this era as much as I have.

SWV – I’m So Into You – This girl group had it goin’ on! I was hooked instantly to their harmony. Smooth beats and sultry voices.

Mary J. Blige – I’m Goin’ Down – Come on now….who doesn’t love this Queen? MJB was destined to be a star. This song, man, I love it. She will give you chills up your spine with that powerful voice.

Britney Spears – (You Drive Me) Crazy – I know, she lip syncs every time she performs. But when she records her music, she makes money making hits. I’ve always been a Britney fan. Nope, I’ll never pay to see her perform live but I’ll listen to her pop music anytime. This was one of my very favorites.

Jade – Don’t Walk Away – I hate to say it but this is the only song I’ve ever heard from Jade but I can remember bobbing my head to it and learning their sexy moves. I can also remember wearing my cut off shorts with the combat boots too. Yikes.

Destiny’s Child – Bug A Boo – This is when DC hit the scene and this was my joint. I went to the beach when this first came out and I was with four of my girlfriends. We sang the hell out of this song all week too.

Christina Aguilera – What A Girl Wants – Sigh….Christina Darling, you came out strong, killin’ it! She was this tiny little powerhouse that shook things up. We loved her and still do. She gets better and better every time she comes out with something new.

TLC – No Scrubs – They were iconic weren’t they? From their song Unpretty, Baby Baby Baby, to this one – unforgettable. RIP Lisa Left Eye Lopes

Garbage – Stupid Girl – Shirley Manson wasn’t fucking around. She came to take names. Can I put bad ass and classic in the same sentence? Who cares, she was both.

Missy Elliot / Nicole Wray- Make It Hot – Nicole Wray had this raspy voice that was one of a kind. The hook to this was obsessive and haunting wasn’t it? Missy comes in at the end and shakes the walls a bit with her rhymes. I’m a gigantic fan of Missy and I’ll have more on her in the 2000’s. She’s my girl!

Stay tuned for next weeks 2000 – 2010 series of female artist. Can’t wait!

1990’s Part III Female Artists/Hits By Lennon

Welcome to the country segment of the 90’s. Wait, don’t go?! I know, I know, you would’ve never thought I’d post country now would you? Well, back in the day when I lived in the mountains of Tennessee I had  a ton of girlfriends that loved country and they loved line dancing and going to country concerts. So, I went with the flow. I began listening to country. Back in the 90’s there was something different about it. It felt like home to me listening to it. Country music makes you feel welcomed. There were strong female country artists that wrote and sang from the heart. So, why not take you down my memory lane? Maybe I can persuade you to dip your toe in the muddy water? Ha. Give it a listen….

Chely Wright – Single White Female – Let’s chat about Chely….she is one of the very first country artists to announce that she’s a lesbian. That was in 2010 and she came out to raise concern about bullying and hate crimes against being gay. I have a deep respect for this woman. She hid her sexuality for years and finally stepped up. I commend her for being brave and inspiring others. This song is amazing by the way and she is strikingly beautiful.

Faith Hill – The Way You Love Me – I had a serious woman crush on Faith. Come on, she is gorgeous and her songs really got to me. She’s a fantastic performer too.

Dixie Chicks – Sin Wagon – These chicks were the black sheep of country music. They were meant to be heard. They had something to say. Whether you agreed with their lyrics or not you were going to listen. They had a rockabilly feel that you just couldn’t stop listening to. Their fashion taste was off the charts and they shook things up for sure.

Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much – Well she impressed us all didn’t she? Sexy, stunning, a voice that wouldn’t quit…Shania was a star and still is. She had a tough childhood and made something of herself regardless of the speed bumps along the way.

Martina McBride – Wild Angels – This little firecracker has a very powerful voice. Her songs always had heart. They were deep and relevant in each hit. She had no problem expressing herself.

SHeDAISY – Lucky 4 You – When I listen to this group it puts a smile on my face. They’re quirky, fun, fabulous and are sisters. The harmonization between their voices….on point. These girls got me through some tough times with their songs.

So there’s my little piece of country for all of you. Come back next Sunday for Part IV (finale) of the 90’s female artist hits – I hope you enjoyed this segment!