Hotel Hospitality – Part I

Hyatt Regency San Francisco

It was my sanctuary away from the madness. As I put my black lacy bra on I couldn’t help but watch myself in the mirror and wonder if I had enough time to pleasure myself before the meeting at 8 am. I better not take that chance. Besides, if I bottle it up maybe I’ll have a mind blowing orgasm tonight with my best toy I liked to call Buzz. Yep, I’ll save up for later. I’d not had intercourse with a man in over a year. My body, my rules, it kept me focused intensely on my career.

My alarm went off on my phone which meant I needed to get down to the lobby in ten minutes. I shimmied into my black pencil skirt and finished buttoning up my flesh colored blouse and slid into my leopard strappy heels. I grabbed my coffee, lipstick and bag and headed towards the elevator down the hallway.

I pressed the button waiting and listening to the slight hum as it began moving its way down to my floor. “Ding” the doors opened up…there was the Regional Manager standing there grinning with his sparkling white teeth. I swear there was a spotlight on them. “Morning Olivia, you look bright eyed.”

“Morning Ezio, I’m not quite awake yet seeing as I didn’t get in until 2 am since I was dealing with the Barsetti clan.”

“I heard they had quite the demands last night. I hope you know how much I appreciate your work ethic Olivia. The clients prefer you over anyone and you’re a huge part of our team here.”

Before I could say thank you the elevator doors opened up to the lobby and people were rushing in while we were walking out. Ezio was a fantastic regional manager. I knew quite a bit about his extracurricular appointments.. He trusted me to make sure his pleasurable nights were always confidential. You see Ezio craved very strange things for his sexual appetite. He was bisexual and had weekly “appointments” or orgies as I would call them. I couldn’t help but envy his adventures. It must be incredible to just live out your fantasies that way at work while meanwhile having this rich bitch of a wife at home spending all of your money cash. But, to each his own right?

While I scanned the lobby walking briskly to my office I laid eyes on him. It was Ezio’s nephew Ben who was now our Chef at the hotel restaurant and bar. He was laughing and in conversation with a housekeeper as he was buttoning up his chef coat preparing to entice everyone with his flavorful scents. Ben had that perfect Greek nose, rich brown smooth skin, mint iced green eyes and was around thirty pounds overweight. Being a Chef and preparing those amazing dishes would be a good reason to be overweight if you asked me. He had a laugh that just captivated you. His personality was intriguing and he had humorous stories about his past that he would tell us. There was something about him that fascinated me. He wasn’t my normal type of guy actually, far from it. At no time had he even addressed me or even spoken my name. For all I knew, he didn’t know my name. So what, I’m the manager of this thriving successful hotel but he didn’t work directly for me.

I looked away and entered the code to my office as I balanced the cup of coffee and my bag. I flipped the light switch on and rounded my desk to cut on my laptop. I placed my bag on the desk and gulped the rest of my coffee down. Instead of diving into those budget reports I decided to stalk Ben and see what he was all about. I believe I’ll use him as my muse this evening with Buzz and see where it leads…..


Train Wreck

Hi Loves! Happy Fucking Friday!

So, on this weeks Mullet Monday I posted “I hope today isn’t a fucked up train wreck for you” because in most cases we all know Monday’s suck the happiness right out of our souls. Mine are usually a train wreck or comparable to getting a root canal and a pap smear at the same time. Yeah, it can be that bad at times. I have fabulous news! My friend Sandra has created some T-shirts and cards with that phrase on them. How cool is that? Check it out below and if you like what you see order one, two, or three! She also offers a clean version too that just says “Train Wreck” in case you want to keep things clean. Today is Friday so let’s get this party started and begin our weekends shall we? Check out all of her other merchandise too. She has a ton of fantastic things from pillows for your couch to journals, greeting cards, scarves, and even tech accessories.

Happy Shopping!

What Sandra Makes

Mullet Monday

So today I’m traveling to Birmingham, AL for my first day of training. I have to say I’m pretty excited for once on a Monday. But, I don’t want to break the tradition of our sarcastic Monday mood……

Mullet Monday


I cannot believe I honestly quit my job last Thursday…..without having another job….Yes, I did that. The job started out great – my title being a Warehouse Manager at an industrial equipment company. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll remember I worked for a toxic arrogant asshole that screamed at his employees. I honestly thought I was moving onto a much larger corporate environment that would help me to grow and advance. Unfortunately, not all of the responsibilities were presented to me during the interview process. Let me break it down for you…..It was supposed to be a management position with five employees working for me. I was told it was a smooth running department and that what was expected of me was to provided budget reporting and finding ways to increase revenue. I would have my own office with A/C and be guiding my team and coming up with new ways for them to be more efficient.

The details they left out were the department was severely understaffed and the five employees did not get along at all. They fought all day to the extent of screaming at each other and acting like children. They grab each other in the ass, tell each other to go fuck themselves, hiding each other’s cell phones, coming to me tattling on each other, and the list goes on.


They all worked hard but they were so negative and toxic. They hated their jobs and complained all the time. I tried to boost the morale by bringing breakfast, building them up, rewarding them for behaving and thanking them for working so hard. The warehouse they worked in had no A/C and it was easily over 100 degrees with no ventilation and they were lifting heavy items and on the move all day. I joined them four hours a day because we were so behind and understaffed. I had weekly meetings with my manager and director and stressed to them how understaffed we were and how I was unable to keep up with my responsibilities in generating revenue. They tuned that out and within two days they took two of my guys away from me to help out another department. It was as if we were already beat down and while we were down they kicked us in the ribs and then held us down with weights in the ocean and left us to drown.

The next day my manager asked for his reports and I told him I didn’t have time to do the reports since we were two men down. “Don’t be a smart ass bitch Lennon. Are you seriously pouting because I took two of your guys?” I walked over to him and asked him to look out of my office window down at the warehouse. Boxes were stacked and you couldn’t even see the three guys below on the floor because there were so many boxes to unpack. There were two trucks backing into the doc delivering more orders and I expressed to him I wasn’t sure how we were going to get everything put away or shipped out to customer’s. He said “make it happen, it’s all about direction and pushing your people as hard as you can”.


One of my employees also kept comparing me to the previous warehouse manager and how I would never be as good as he was. I finally just had enough. I typed up a resignation letter and didn’t say a word to anyone. I left when it was time to close up and never looked back. Below is my resignation letter…..

I’ve not quite made it to my 90 days yet but today was my last day. Not only is the 90 day probation period for you to make sure I’m meeting your expectations but it’s also for me as well to figure out if you meet mine.
I honestly had no idea how understaffed you were nor did you inform me of that during the interview process.   I certainly wanted a challenge but I had no clue it would be this difficult. I strongly suggest putting on some steal toed boots and rolling up your sleeves for a day or two and sampling the parts warehouse day to day hurdles.You can check my e-mails, take the technician calls, handle the petty cash, quote and process tire orders, pick and pull parts, help unload trucks, move tires around, etc. It would be a good learning experience so you’ll know the responsibilities for the next candidate and explain the position in full detail so they’re prepared for it. Your company is currently past due with several vendors. That’s pretty scary. Technician’s are having to use their own cash to purchase items for customers.
Another issue is the returns that the technicians bring in daily. The restocking fees and freight charges have to be hitting your bottom line. I actually e-mailed an example of one situation where parts were ordered for a customer before the customer approved the quote which was over $10,000 worth of parts + freight of $795 and now we have to return it with a restocking fee of $2,000.00 along with whatever the freight will cost to return it to the supplier as the customer stated they’re not going to approve the quote. You’re taking hit after hit on restocking fees and although I’ve brought it to your attention you didn’t even acknowledge it. We might be able to pay our bills if we didn’t have so many returns and paid so many restocking fees.

I hope you figure out a new way to manage this department. I also hope that you describe this position correctly this time for the next person that attempts to run it. This is not a good fit for me at all.

The next day I found another job with another company but this time I’ll be a service administrator. Less money and less stress. I’m happy about that. I just don’t think I want to manage people anymore. Maybe it’s me…..maybe I’m not a good manager. Either way, I accept that and I’m excited for a new journey. Sometimes, you just have to take a look at the position you’re in and admit you fucked up. But, then again, if I didn’t take that chance I would’ve never gotten out of the other toxic job I was in. Baby steps 🙂