One By One….Baby Steps

Hi Loves,

I’m ashamed of myself and humiliated that it’s been this damn long since I’ve written or updated here in WP. I’ve missed ya’ll and reading your posts with your adventures, life moments, the up’s and down’s in your lives, the images and the music you’re into these days.

Let me start by thanking each of you for hanging on to this dried up blog. Why you’ve hung on is the question? I would’ve already given up on myself and thought I had left the husband and skipped town and changed my name and was challenging people to outdrink shots of tequila with me at a bar in Santo Domingo….


Nope, I’m sitting in my office in downtown Atlanta. Not somewhere tropical like I wish. But, the good news is, that my husband and I have had a great couple of weeks together. We’re both trying really hard to make this marriage work. No one said it would be easy. But, things that are worth something take work I suppose. We’re working on it.

I have my headphones in and am listening to some “sick” music so thought I would share with you what’s on my playlist and that I can’t seem to stop listening to. Thanks to What Sandra Thinks for inspiring me with an idea of something to write about. I was on my lunch break and wanted to check out her blog and then after reading her post I thought to myself “I need to write something and thankfully my dear friend just reminded me how important music is.” I miss you doll face!

My favorites currently on my playlist….

Dennis Lloyd – Nevermind

Billie Eilish – You Should See Me In A Crown

John Mayer – New Light

JP Cooper – All This Love