Monday’s Stance

Have you ever heard the phrase “you wear your emotions on your sleeve”? I’ve noticed at my office a lot of the women seem to be wearing emotions like the latest Michael Kors handbags.

Just recently a female co-worker was hurt that I didn’t make eye contact with her when she was speaking to me. In my defense I was concentrating on schematics and working on a quote while she was telling me about her menstrual cycle and personal drama. I was listening and nodding politely while looking up part numbers. Later that day I read her Facebook rant about how people should be considerate and look at someone when they’re having a conversation. Maybe she wasn’t referring to me you’re thinking? Um, yeah, she was. The next day I mentioned how I saw her facebook status and how if she was referring to me I wanted to apologize. Instead of her saying “It’s alright, I knew you were busy and that status wasn’t about you.” She proceeded to get an attitude about how rude she thought I was and how it hurt her feelings and then as though that wasn’t bad enough, she started crying while giving me a piece of her mind. Sigh… I quickly hugged her and told her my intentions were not to hurt her and that sometimes I’m in a zone which is called work. She didn’t like that answer either.

I’m not one to be emotional at work but I work with six other women that are. So far I’ve made three out of six cry. Not on purpose of course. It’s difficult for me as I don’t understand it. I’m not an emotional person unless it has to do with veterans, death, children or puppies. It takes a lot for me to cry or to get emotional. For the most part I keep my emotions in check. I do pop off wise cracks and am sarcastic at times but for some reason I get away with that at work.

No matter the situation, never let your emotions fuck with your intelligence. Emotions in the office or with your career make you helpless and weak. Hold your shit together as you’re better than that bullshit. You came to work to succeed and to get paid. You’re not there to get wrapped up in drama or to let something bring you down. Keep your chin up and move forward.

Smell that? That’s fresh ambition brewing….

We all have ambition inside of us that’s eager to be released so that we can achieve our goals. Sure, sometimes it’s taking a nap or on hiatus but for the most part it’s there.

Tomorrow we need to wake up determined to rise. Rise above the negativity and shit from other co-workers. You know you bring something to the table each and every day. Pull up a chair and serve up that ambition with a side of success.

Let’s bury the haters with our swag and make Monday our bitch. It’s full throttle all day long. From our standpoint everything is conceivable. You dominate your mindset and you are the one that is in control of your perspective.

Kick the excess waste of negativity to the curb. Firm up your stance and stay on course with a hustler’s mentality.

My motto for tomorrow is “All I Do Is Win” – one of my favorite rap songs. Remember, we’re winners, now let’s show up for the game tomorrow.


Wide Open


I absolutely love this quote!

I appreciate traditional, normal, and general types of characteristics. But, those characteristics of abnormal, unconventional, and rare are a magnet to my steel.

There’s something quite gripping about diversity, wouldn’t you say? I think people that are authentic and resistant are the most captivating ones.

Honestly, we’re all authentic. There’s no replica of you or me is there? We’re originals.

Sigh, resistant….unyielding…no brakes….That my loves is a beautiful thing. Keep going and keep writing and shining here. Don’t hold back on anything. The door is wide open. You’re not in prison here. Let it all out. There’s a freedom about writing your thoughts and sharing a piece of yourself. Let your authenticity flow.

Now be proud of your originality and wave it around magnificently loves.

Happy Wednesday – XOXO




Extraordinary Wednesday

“Don’t be like the rest of them Darling”

Seriously…..make an impression. We’re born to stand out don’t you think?

If you disagree with me then I’m encouraging you to believe in yourself. Understand you are an original. There’s not anyone else like you or me.

Are you on point today? Bring it and own it.

Remember, Bitches get shit done 💋

Theatrical Pity

There are many things that annoy me but the #1 annoyance is the whole “Pity Me” theatrical.

People that are so self-absorbed and whimper about the slightest little thing provoke my dark sarcastic split personality.

For instance, someone I work with is constantly whining about her neck, step daughter’s doctor’s appointments, the rain, the ugly colored flowers in front of our office, the grass not being green enough?

Another example is of another co-worker that gets in a fowl mood of “feel sorry for me” because I hate my job and then talks “baby talk” all day long. I can barely understand what she’s saying. All I hear coming out of her mouth is “Goo Goo Gah Gah”.

It’s almost as if these people are unstable or something. When I come into work I don’t bring in any drama from my personal life, that is IF I have any. I’m pretty much a drama free chic. I can’t stand that shit obviously.

I just don’t understand why people don’t make a change if they’re so miserable with their circumstances. Either change your attitude or handle your shit. Or better yet be grateful for what is going right in your life. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Why always look at the negative in your life and bitch and moan about it to everyone else?

Pull yourself up and brush that dirt off your shoulders and stop feeling sorry for yourself. It’s not attractive and you’re killin everyone else’s vibes. Don’t be a fucking downer.

Ok, now that I’ve turned into one of these people by blogging about it and being a whiny little bitch, I’ll end my rant.

Now, let’s be fierce and fabulous and get shit done! 🙂

Operation Monday

Monday Eve’s prep……

Last week negativity called me up for a booty call. I wasn’t feelin’ it so I happily told negativity to go fuck itself. Abstinence never felt so good.

I often hear co-workers spewing bitterness about their jobs and how they’re being mistreated by their manager or the company. Sure, there are times where I feel the same way. I don’t discuss it out loud to bring others down. There’s no need in allowing it to affect my work or take it out on any of my co-workers.

I actually call this “The Sickness”. It’s when the negativity plays house in their brains and the words “It’s not fair” come into play.

The Sickness is an infection that needs a remedy stat!

If you’re feeling any symptoms that point in the direction of the The Sickness, get help fast! No need in their germs sweeping through the office like a parasite.

Disinfect yourself before entering the ward tomorrow. Spray on some “Bitch Puh-lease” repellent and handle yourself. Put on your mental mask and shield that bacteria.

Remember, you have choices, do you want to be encouraging or disheartening? You can’t be both darlings, pick carefully.