Seriously, why do others feel the need to judge someone?

First of all, Love is the absence of criticism and judgement. No one has any idea what you have been through.

Why can’t everyone assume that each of us are doing the best we can through life?

Why can’t people accept differences?

I think we should all be encouraging and uplifting. I try to make everyone around me to feel comfortable with being exactly who they are.

I embrace individuality and everything different than myself. Again, we could learn from someone that is the opposite of you and I.

In most cases the people that are judging you or talking behind your back don’t even have their shit together. They forget what they’ve even told you about their own lives.

Support each other instead of tearing each other down. Listen to situations and and try to be there for each other without passing judgement. Sometimes people just need to be heard. We all have a heart. Let’s use our heart instead of our mouth.

Closed minds often have their mouths wide open don’t they?

Let’s stop picking out the faults in others. No one needs validation to be who they want to be. We are valued and love has no limitations.

Everyone matters and is deserving. In my eyes, everyone is beautiful and has a heart. Think with your heart and especially if someone is different than you. If we just knew people just like us how boring and dull would life really be?

An open mind is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Judge me by my past and I’ll put you in the past. Just sayin’…..