Tears Streaming Down My Face

In case you didn’t know, I believe in God. I have a Lord and Savior that I wholeheartedly believe created me and looks out for me. No, I don’t go to church nor do I consider myself to be a “holy roller” or a “bible thumper”. If you read my blog you know without a doubt I’m a sinner. I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else. So, don’t judge me, don’t put me down, don’t preach to me. I know I do bad things. We all do in some way don’t we? That’s a whole different post.

Today on my way home from work I was on a two lane back road with the top down and the sun shining, blaring my music when in my rear view mirror about ten cars back I saw them coming.

I could hear their blaring sirens. I immediately pulled over as quickly as I could and cut my stereo off. As I heard the loud screeching sirens blow by me and the lights flashing it was almost as if I could hear the translation “We’re almost there. Hold on just a little longer. Stay with us. Help is on the way!”

There were two ambulances, one police officer and about four fire trucks that passed me within five minutes. Each time I saw them coming, I pulled over. I couldn’t help but get emotional thinking about what these rescuers go through daily on their jobs. They’re risking their own lives making their way to the victims that need them so desperately. When they arrive to the scene they’re not sure what they will see or witness.

The paramedic’s rush to car accidents saving lives…….the firefighters run into burning homes to save lives…..police arrive at a house where someone has been beaten and burglarized, among other things. The things they go through, see, sacrifice on a daily basis pull at my heartstrings. These are our protectors, our guardians.

It takes an extremely strong, giving, caring selfless person to perform these miracles daily. Just think about it for a minute will you?

When we’re bitching, whining and moaning about going into the office because we’re hungover, tired, or we just don’t want to deal with an annoying co-worker or because we have to train the new guy or we have a new software program we have to learn…..these saviors are enduring so much more. They’re risking it all for you and I. Sure, they chose that career and collect a paycheck BUT they do not get paid nearly enough for being a hero. Just think about their families…..parents of a young firemen worried they’ll get the call that there was that explosion that took the life of their son. The wife of the police officer that gets that knock on the door that her husband has been shot and killed. The husband of the wife that was driving that ambulance when someone didn’t cut down their music and hear or see her coming through the light that hit and killed her.

Do them a favor will you? If you see a paramedic, firefighter, or police officer at Starbucks, the gas station or anywhere buy them a cup of coffee or just say thank you for risking it all for people like you and I. I think they would love to hear a thank you. Another thing, cut your music down, pull over and get out of their way as they’re coming down the highway. I noticed a few people didn’t even pull over or get out of the way when they blew by me. What if they’re on their way to save someone you love? It really shouldn’t matter who they’re trying to save, move the fuck out of the way if you can. Say a quick prayer for their safety as they drive by and for the lives they’re so desperately trying to get to. Because they’re just trying to save us all.

Ironically enough, wanna know what song I was blaring in my car when I saw them in my rear view mirror? Check out the video below. I’m a huge fan of Boyce Avenue and Tyler Ward. I actually think this acoustic version is better than the original by Cold Play.

As I turned my music back on and realized this song was playing I took in that moment of those saviors ahead of me, chills went up my spine and tears streamed down my face…