Morning Loves,

I’m a Little Monster, sure I’m 44 years old but I absolutely love Lady GaGa. I think she is one of the most fabulous artists out there. This song Hair is so touching and deep. Even though the name is “Hair” and sounds a bit silly, it’s about being bullied as a teenager and trying to find yourself. Things are so much different now compared to when I was a teenager. Kids are struggling to figure out who they are and where they fit in at. People don’t understand the life long effect bullying can have on someone. No one should be pushed to the limit of being ashamed of who they are or what they stand for. Also, depression is a cruel and toxic illness. This song just warms my heart to know that Lady GaGa can relate and has put it into words so that we can all be aware and try to understand what kids or anyone might be going through on this level. Bullies can suck ass for all I care. I’ve experienced quite a few in my lifetime and I overcame it. Parents, just listen to your kids and try to be present and involved, deeply involved in their lives. You can’t tell them enough how much you love them. Remember that.