The Nothing’s


I grew up on the south side of town AKA the wrong side of town with divorced parents that struggled financially. Actually my Mom provided for us more than my Dad ever did.

My brother and I learned quickly that we had to work hard to earn money. There were times when my Mom would get us Happy Meals at McDonald’s and she would go without eating. It was a special treat for us to get McDonald’s. Of course I would ask Mom why she wasn’t eating and she would just tell me “I had a big lunch” or “I’m not hungry”.

Later in life a lightbulb went off in my brain…she didn’t eat because she couldn’t afford it. That’s love. This past year I wrote my Mom a letter and mailed it to her a few days before Christmas. I went over many memories in that letter telling her how much I appreciated the things she did for us. I mentioned I knew why she never got herself a happy meal and how I knew how much she loved us putting us before her own needs. She called and said she didn’t know I ever knew. She never wanted us to know she struggled.

I’m so so happy that I didn’t grow up wealthy. You know what stands out the most to me from my childhood? The moments we spent time together from shoveling coal into our wood burning stove to washing her car. She always though of free things to do to keep us entertained.

We used to sit on top of her 1979 mint green cougar at the airport runway watching the planes come and go.

We made Christmas ornaments with glitter and sweetgum tree balls.

We would put on funny skits that we would make up using her old records like The Beach Boys, Elvis and The Beegees.

It’s the little moments in life that are so spectacular to me.

I might come from nothing but the nothing’s were everything to me. These nothing’s turned me into extraordinary and very grateful. 

Appreciate every single thing loves. It’s all happening for a reason. That reason is growth and happiness.