Come & Get Yours….

Sigh….I’m so in love with these designs….Not only are they fabulous but they’re originals by my very dear friend Sandra. Most of you probably know her too, her blog is What Sandra Thinks which I am obsessed with. To just sneak into her brain for 24 hours would be amazing to me. She is so fantastically talented at writing poetry, fiction, about her struggles and whatever else is ticking away in that beautiful head of hers. She has pain sometimes too as she struggles with anxiety and worthiness. I’m not telling you anything she hasn’t already discussed on her blog. I adore her and would love to meet her in person one day. A girl can dream right? She inspires me daily and I’m sure she’ll be confused about that when she reads this but she really does. Why can’t I write as beautifully and as honest as she does? She has a gift for it.

Sandra is a stay at home Mom but would like to eventually find work outside of the home but for now she’s found a way to use her terrific talents and work from home. Today I want to share with you her creative collection on redbubble. I’m already hooked….she sells home decor, stationary, cards, to clothing of her original designs. I’ve already purchased a few of my favorites and will be back soon to start my Christmas shopping. She’s very reasonable on her pricing and she has a lot of wonderful items for gifts or if you just want to treat yourself, go ahead. She has something for everyone from men’s, to women’s, to children. Click on the link below and have your credit card ready…..I honestly don’t think you’ll be able to NOT purchase something. Happy Shopping!

What Sandra Makes