My Gang


Throughout the years I’ve made some incredible friends….

I’ve noticed as I get older it’s harder to connect with female friends at my age. For some of you newcomers I’m 44 years old. About nine years ago I relocated to a different city. I’ve not found any chic’s in this area that I’ve bonded with on the level of my other girlfriends in other cities.

Women already have those tight groups of friends already assembled usually at this age. It’s hard to get into these groups for example, it’s a bit like getting a reservation to that newest and latest restaurant that opened up downtown.

In life there are several friendships you’ll have. There’s trial periods, tests, comfort, laughter, arguments, differences, and so on. It’s those challenges that you go through together to see if they’re lasting or not.

There are friendships you might have had through your childhood, high school, or college. You lost your connection but ran into them at a party or in the grocery store and set a lunch date to catch up. You regain that strong friendship by picking up right where you left off. Or, you realize you have nothing in common anymore and your lifestyles are the complete opposite of each other and you’re disconnected.

I have two female friendships that are my “ride or die” girls. They get me. It’s quite hard to explain but I’ll do my best.

Angela – We just reconnected last year and were high school friends. Come to findĀ  out we have a lot in common. We also live different lifestyles. She has children and is highly successful. She lives a crazy busy life and honestly I don’t see how she does it all. She’s balancing being a Mom, a bad ass career bitch, taking care of her Father as his health is declining quickly and has a boyfriend to love and spend time with. She’s fucking Super Woman if you ask me. But, she listens to me, encourages me, loves me (the real me). I offer her the same, listening, checking in on her, encouraging her, building her up, etc. She tells me her secrets and I tell her mine (what secrets I have anyways, which isn’t too much, my life seems to be an open book). Although she lives over 2 hours away, we confide in each other and are tight. I adore her and admire her so much.

Rhonnie – Just met her a couple of years ago through social media. She lives far far away. We have an incredible connection like we’ve known each other our entire lives. It’s almost as if we grew up together….it’s actually quite scary. We banter back and forth via text and bust each others balls (If we had some) and when we insult each other we’re pretty much showing our gratitude for one another. For instance, yesterday she texts me her picture of her Starbucks and I mentioned I wondered if ours was open Christmas morning and her response was “probably not down there where you hicks live”. Of course, some would be offended at this but not me, I busted out laughing. Typical Rhonnie. I text back “Eat a bag of limp dicks”. Another example, I paint my nails one day a teal color – guys that’s like the color of a swimming pool (I know you fellas sometimes don’t get the names of colors) anyway I text her a picture of my nails “Whatcha think?” I wait, and wait, and wait and 10 minutes later she replies “You want my honest opinion? Take that shit off, you’re 44 years old and too damn old to wear teenager colors, pull yourself together!” She’s brutally honest with me and I love her for that. Always making me laugh. I love her more than she’ll ever know. But, we’ve never even met in person. That’s the beauty of my friendship with her. I love that we’ve never even met or spoken on the phone but we have this mad real connection.

I also have a dude that I’m pretty tight with too. He’s my work Bestie. I get so tired of hearing that men and women can’t be “just friends” because I honestly think they can be. My personality is pretty much of a “dude sort of trapped in a woman’s body” I’ve been told. I do think like a man at times…like why are anniversaries and Valentine’s Day so fucking important? Why do women need expensive bags, diamonds and shit like that and make lists for the men to go get for their birthdays and such? I’ve forgotten my wedding anniversary twice. Anyway, my work Bestie and I are always cracking jokes and picking on each other. When we pass each other in the hall we karate kick each other. We also have the serious side to us where we support each other and confide in each other about work stuff and talk about our goals, hopes and dreams. He’s married and I’m married but we are great friends. He makes me laugh, believes in me, builds me up and I do the same for him. We even have one of those stupid fist bump thingsĀ  that we do. Basically we’re geeks, dorks, and in this elite club at work which only entails the two of us.

My point to all of this is cherish and value these friendships you have. The older you get the less you’ll find anything like them. Find you’re small gang of Strong, Bad Ass, Direct, Honest, Ride Or Die friends. I’d take a bullet for any of them. Not that that would EVER be necessary but you get my drift. These are friends I respect, admire, and love unconditionally. Friendship is so fucking important whether you’re a chic or a dude. We all need that support, humor, honesty and devotion don’t we?

Let your gang know how much they mean to you and never lose that allegiance to one another.