Friday’s Humor

Sigh…..I’ve not had much time this week to post or read blogs. Work is killin’ me this week. Well, mainly the men I work with are killin’ me.


No offense to you fellas out there but the men I work with are a different breed I tell ya. But, Hey!, It’s Friday which is my 2nd favorite F word ๐Ÿ™‚

Call this a drive by post since I’m running late for work but had to wish all of you loves a Happy Friday and give you a laugh for today.




Make today count and enjoy your weekend!


Can I get a what what?


I don’t know about ya’ll but I’ve earned my paycheck this week. Quite a few people were on vacation or out sick this week so I was stuck pulling their weight. Currently we’re exceeding our numbers for the month and I’m pretty much doing the job of four people. To sum it up I’ve been by myself all week with five guys in an office.

The phone rings off the fucking hook loud, very loud but they ignore it while I answer it and take care of customers. Sometimes it sucks being in customer service. But what sucks even more is when five guys are lazy as fuck and not contributing. They’re laughing and joking and just having a dick fest right in front of my eyes.When I yell “Can someone get the phone?” while I’m on the phone with a customer (muting it of course as I yell at them) they still ignore me.

You would be proud of me loves, I didn’t lose it. I didn’t kill any of them or even belittle them like I normally would. I just kept on working managing what I could. I was trying to show tactfulness as my boss nags me to do. He’s on vacation this week by the way. Anyway, I went to the ladies room and one of the dick’s actually knocked on the bathroom door telling me I had a call on hold. When I came back into the office two of the guys were spinning in their chairs staring at the fucking ceiling just not doing anything while the phones were ringing.

Can you believe people actually do this shit? You know what’s funny? It’s the men in my office that are the fuckwads dicking around not doing anything. But they make way more money than me. How is that possible? Before you give me your advice on telling my boss about this next week, he’s one of the fuckwads that joins in with the dicking around when he is there.

It’s OK though because my balls are way bigger than theirs…


It’s time to start scheming again on retaliation. Know what that means? Articulating the hit on these douche’s. I’ll be thinking it over on how to get my revenge for this week. Let the games begin. They want some? They’ll get some. Don’t fuck with me assholes. You’ll pay for this hellacious week. Whatever I choose to do to them I’ll be sure to blog about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, onto bigger and better things loves…it’s fucking Friday! Hustle big today and go make some fantastic memories this weekend!





Just sayin……

I’m not going to lie, the bright pink is what caught my eye on this quote. But then as I read the words I began to feel this would be my Friday Motto. I mean why not? I’m sexy, confident, clumsy and of course have RMS (restless mouth syndrome) so why not?Lordย  have mercy I crack myself up Ha!

Happy Friday Loves! XOXO


Friday, My 3rd Favorite F Word

Happy Friday Loves,

Fridays are such a relief aren’t they? Cheers to paychecks, cocktails, lovely dinners, and making stories for Monday’s office chatter. Damn, my coffee even tastes better on Friday mornings, just sayin’.

So, F words are my favorite words. Not that you asked of course but why not prioritize and share them with you?

1.) Fabulous – Extraordinary, Exceptional

2.) Fuck – I use this for emphasis on whatever I’m trying to say – It’s wrong in so many ways but I love it!

3.) Friday – Hello You Beautiful Day!!!!!

4.) Fantastic – Extravagant, Unbelievable

5.) Fascinating – Extremely Interesting

6.) Fearless – Courageous, Daring

Just an FYI, I think all of you are fascinating, fantastic, and fucking fabulous! I love reading your blogs and want to thank you for sharing so much of yourself with me and others. I honestly love blogging and getting to know all of you. It gives us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world that we might not ever come across in our everyday lives. How magnificent is that?

I’ll be heading out of town tomorrow for a girls weekend getaway. I hope to drop a few quick blogs over the weekend but just in case I don’t have time I hope all of you have an amazing weekend. I’ll definitely be posting my Monday Eve prep Sunday evening as always.

It’s Friday Bitches, Keep the wild in you and let loose a little and have some fun this weekend!