1980’s (Part I) Female Artists/Hits By Lex Jones

Greetings readers, Lex Jones here!  The lovely Lennon Carlyle has been kind enough to let me write a guest post for her Women in Music series.  And as luck would have it…I am writing about the 80’s.  Where do I even begin?  There were so many incredible artists that I could write a mini-series on this decade alone.  So here goes…my top ten in no particular order, because they are all number one.

Pat Benatar:  This little vixen started out as a classically trained opera singer and found her place in rock. I love her voice, her passion.  My personal faves are “Shadows of the Night” and “We Belong.” But be warned, if I hear “Love is a Battlefield” I will still do the dance.  I pretend I’m her, pointing my finger at the greasy pimp (played by her husband in the video) I just wish I had those pipes.

The Go-Go’s:  The very first vinyl album I bought with my own money, was Beauty and the Beat.  My favorite song by the band is, “Head Over Heels” and was on their next album (which I bought on cassette, remember those?).  And to this day, regardless of what she says, I think Lennon and Belinda Carlisle could be sisters.  But Lennon’s dance moves are far better!

Janet Jackson:  That is Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.  Janet Jackson is directly responsible for many of the choreographed numbers I spent hours mastering in front of my bedroom mirror.  She came out strong with “What Have You Done for Me Lately” and “Nasty” but I think my favorite single from the Control album was “The Pleasure Principle”. In fact, if memory serves, Lennon and I tore up the floor trying to learn that dance!  Those were the days.  Janet followed that album up in 1989 with Rhythm Nation.  I can’t don a baseball cap and a ponytail, without secretly singing the intro to Rhythm Nation, “5-4-3-2-1”

Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders.  Ok, true confession time…I was obsessed with Chrissie Hynde.  She was the coolest chic out there.  I loved her voice.  I loved her style.  And I loved her black eyeliner.  She was a badass in her own right fronting an all-male band.  She could sing her skinny arse off and she could rock a guitar.  She was tough like one of the guys, but had this underlying sex appeal that lured you in.  There are so many hits by the Pretenders that I love, but my favorite is “Middle of the Road”


Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics:  I can hear the first line of “Sweet Dreams” and I am transported to the video, where a gender-bending Annie Lennox intrigued us all with her tailored suit and shocking red hair.  The song itself is prophetic and true with many subliminal themes running through the video.  And personally, I think Scott Weiland, from Stone Temple Pilots, totally ripped off her hair-do  Annie did it better.  And she just keeps getting better with time.

Whitney Houston:  She was the darling of the 80’s.  Her voice was a powerhouse and she always presented herself as a class act with her squeaky clean image.  I think “The Greatest Love of All” was the number one choice at every graduation and small town talent show for years because of her.  My favorite Whitney songs are her remake of the Isley Brothers’ “For the Love of You” and “Saving All My Love”.  Such a sad ending to her short life.  RIP, Whitney.  We will ALWAYS love you. 


Tina Turner:  You really could include Tina Turner in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.  But she came into her own in the Eighties.  The 80’s were when she finally dropped Ike’s sorry, wife-beatin’ ass and did her thang!  And she owned it.  It seemed that “What’s Love Got to Do With It” was on every time I tuned into MTV.  And thanks to that video, I learned how to sashay in heels at the tender age of 12 (thanks, Tina).  And although Private Dancer was her fifth solo studio album, it stands out as an icon of the 80’s.  My personal favorite tracks are, “Better Be Good to Me” and her cover of “I Can’t Stand the Rain”

Madonna:  All hail the reigning queen of the 80’s.  I will never forget the first time I saw the video to “Borderline” I immediately wanted to go out and get a goofy striped beret and some spray paint.  Instead, I invested in about 50 black rubber bracelets, fingerless gloves, blonde hair dye and tons of black eyeliner.  Madonna was a constantly evolving enigma of an artist.  She was always changing.  Always pushing buttons.  She should have an honorary degree in marketing because early on, you recognized her brand…you always knew she would change and morph into another version of herself in song and in film.  She was everywhere.  Personally I never felt that she was a particularly good singer, but she was the whole package.  She was a performer.  And still is.  My favorite Madonna songs from the 80’s are “Lucky Star” and 1989’s “Express Yourself” (an anthem for my off-the-wall fashion choices that year)

The Bangles:  Let me just say…I HATED, HATED “Walk Like an Egyptian” but other than that, I liked the Bangles.  Prince had a crush on Susannah Hoffs (so did everyone else) and wrote “Manic Monday” for them, making it their biggest hit.  Hoffs’ voice is unforgettable and unique.  As you know I typically choose the obscure hits as my faves, and for them, it’s their cover version of the Simon and Garfunkel song, “Hazy Shade of Winter.”  They rock in this song and I like their cover better than the original.

the bangles

Salt n Pepa:  You simply cannot talk about women of the 80’s without mentioning these trailblazers of rap.  Not only were they pioneers as female rappers, but there were able to  cross over to mainstream pop, commanding us all to “Push It REAL GOOD…”  We were all under their spell each time this song came on and we found ourselves thrusting uncontrollably!  They followed this up with many other hits in the 80’s.  I still love “Push It” and “Shake Your Thang” which was on their next album.

I am running out of time, but here are a few of my honorable mentions:  Sheila E., Sade and a bevy of one-hit wonders:  Til Tuesday, Bonnie Tyler, Kim Carnes.

The 80’s were a time of empowerment for women.  They were large and in charge, free to be themselves.  Free to experiment.  They were constantly pushing boundaries with sexuality as they ruled MTV and owned the airwaves.   They were good.  They were bad.  They were ever-changing.  And many of them are still making it happen thirty years later!

Now Push it REAL GOOD!!!!


5 Positives Of Today

My Darling Friend Jean blogged earlier today about finding 5 new positive things each day. She mentioned she’s thinking about starting a private journal for each day of these “5 Positives”. What an incredible idea don’t you think? As she mentioned, there are so many things in our lives that are positive that are not acknowledged.

I know I take for granted life’s beautiful moments and positives. I think each of us allow ourselves to get swept away in many insignificant conditions. Life is full of stress, work, problems, and irrelevant things like watching TV, shopping, napping, etc. I call that life’s fluff. That’s the filler in between the work, family, and the treasured moments.

I wanted to share my 5 for today just because…..

  1. Having lunch at a packed cafe today there was only one waitress working and probably 20 tables. She was beyond overwhelmed. Some patrons were so rude to her even though it was obvious she was doing the best she could under the circumstances. I noticed two older gents after finishing up their lunch began bussing tables to help out. As I watched the two I thought how beautiful it was that humanity still exists and there are so many kind people in this world. I handed her a substantial tip with a note complimenting the way she handled herself as we left. She gave me a hug. For that I’m thankful I was able to experience that special moment.
  2. I awoke this morning and had coffee on our deck and listened to the birds chirp and sing. It’s cloudy here and a bit cooler but the birds were out and entertaining me as the leaves whirled around with the breeze. The colors of yellow, red, brown and green were flashing brightly all around me.
  3. I heard from a very dear friend this morning and it was lovely to hear her sweet voice on the other end of the phone. We got to catch up and laugh and reminisce. I miss her so much as she lives out of state.
  4. Blessed to have all of you to read. I’ve been anticipating catching up with all of you this afternoon so let the stalking begin shortly.
  5. Finding Jean’s blog earlier today and reading about her 5 positives makes me appreciate the little things. So, thank you for sharing yours with me and all of us and coming up with this fantastic idea.

If you’re not following Jean, please check her out. I adore her posts. She’s in Ireland and has so many beautiful adventures and posts. You will be in for a great read and some outstanding photographs. https://socialbridge.wordpress.com/


Have a fabulous Saturday Loves!



Friday, My 3rd Favorite F Word

Happy Friday Loves,

Fridays are such a relief aren’t they? Cheers to paychecks, cocktails, lovely dinners, and making stories for Monday’s office chatter. Damn, my coffee even tastes better on Friday mornings, just sayin’.

So, F words are my favorite words. Not that you asked of course but why not prioritize and share them with you?

1.) Fabulous – Extraordinary, Exceptional

2.) Fuck – I use this for emphasis on whatever I’m trying to say – It’s wrong in so many ways but I love it!

3.) Friday – Hello You Beautiful Day!!!!!

4.) Fantastic – Extravagant, Unbelievable

5.) Fascinating – Extremely Interesting

6.) Fearless – Courageous, Daring

Just an FYI, I think all of you are fascinating, fantastic, and fucking fabulous! I love reading your blogs and want to thank you for sharing so much of yourself with me and others. I honestly love blogging and getting to know all of you. It gives us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world that we might not ever come across in our everyday lives. How magnificent is that?

I’ll be heading out of town tomorrow for a girls weekend getaway. I hope to drop a few quick blogs over the weekend but just in case I don’t have time I hope all of you have an amazing weekend. I’ll definitely be posting my Monday Eve prep Sunday evening as always.

It’s Friday Bitches, Keep the wild in you and let loose a little and have some fun this weekend!


Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Bad Girls

I just finished reading this sassy little book and absolutely loved it! Ladies, if you’re looking to be inspired, encouraged, and humored this will satisfy those cravings.

A few quotes….

“You know why God is a man? Because if God was a woman she would have made sperm taste like chocolate.” – Carrie Snow

“There is no point at which you can say, Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.” – Carrie Fisher

“Sometimes I have the most amazing moments of clarity. Razor sharp, crystal clear. It’s at these times I can see how fucking stupid I am.” – Tracey Emin

“It takes a good girl to be bad.” – Sophie Tucker

Authors: Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras

Enjoy Ladies – You’re Welcome!

Theatrical Pity

There are many things that annoy me but the #1 annoyance is the whole “Pity Me” theatrical.

People that are so self-absorbed and whimper about the slightest little thing provoke my dark sarcastic split personality.

For instance, someone I work with is constantly whining about her neck, step daughter’s doctor’s appointments, the rain, the ugly colored flowers in front of our office, the grass not being green enough?

Another example is of another co-worker that gets in a fowl mood of “feel sorry for me” because I hate my job and then talks “baby talk” all day long. I can barely understand what she’s saying. All I hear coming out of her mouth is “Goo Goo Gah Gah”.

It’s almost as if these people are unstable or something. When I come into work I don’t bring in any drama from my personal life, that is IF I have any. I’m pretty much a drama free chic. I can’t stand that shit obviously.

I just don’t understand why people don’t make a change if they’re so miserable with their circumstances. Either change your attitude or handle your shit. Or better yet be grateful for what is going right in your life. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Why always look at the negative in your life and bitch and moan about it to everyone else?

Pull yourself up and brush that dirt off your shoulders and stop feeling sorry for yourself. It’s not attractive and you’re killin everyone else’s vibes. Don’t be a fucking downer.

Ok, now that I’ve turned into one of these people by blogging about it and being a whiny little bitch, I’ll end my rant.

Now, let’s be fierce and fabulous and get shit done! 🙂

Don’t Kill My Vibe

Morning Checklist….

Positive Panties On – Check!

Coffee Cup In Hand – Check!

Lipstick – Check!

Got Swag? – Check!

Feeling Positive – Abso-Fucking-Lutely!

Negativity? – We have a runner!

You’re not here to be average, you’re here to be awesome! Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. It’s time to evict that negative resident out of your mind and have a new lease drawn up for a paying occupant named positivity. You hear that beeping? That’s the moving truck backing in….Negativity pack your shit and get the fuck out. Mind over matter all day, everyday.

Monday Maneuvers….

fucking awesome

As you stretch and shuffle downstairs to get that cup of fearlessness remember you’re going to make Monday your Bitch.

You’ve got this! Do no harm but take no shit……put on that bright bold shade of lipstick or that new tie and swag yourself into the office. Be fierce, Fabulous and Bad Ass.