Admirable Hero


Although it was way before my time, Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of my all time favorite hero’s. I learned about him in history class at a young age. I was mesmerized by his words. He was courageous in standing up for racial discrimination. He believed in hope, diversity, equality and love.

I love absolutely every single thing about this beautiful man. Happy Birthday!


Wide Open


I absolutely love this quote!

I appreciate traditional, normal, and general types of characteristics. But, those characteristics of abnormal, unconventional, and rare are a magnet to my steel.

There’s something quite gripping about diversity, wouldn’t you say? I think people that are authentic and resistant are the most captivating ones.

Honestly, we’re all authentic. There’s no replica of you or me is there? We’re originals.

Sigh, resistant….unyielding…no brakes….That my loves is a beautiful thing. Keep going and keep writing and shining here. Don’t hold back on anything. The door is wide open. You’re not in prison here. Let it all out. There’s a freedom about writing your thoughts and sharing a piece of yourself. Let your authenticity flow.

Now be proud of your originality and wave it around magnificently loves.

Happy Wednesday – XOXO




Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Bad Girls

I just finished reading this sassy little book and absolutely loved it! Ladies, if you’re looking to be inspired, encouraged, and humored this will satisfy those cravings.

A few quotes….

“You know why God is a man? Because if God was a woman she would have made sperm taste like chocolate.” – Carrie Snow

“There is no point at which you can say, Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.” – Carrie Fisher

“Sometimes I have the most amazing moments of clarity. Razor sharp, crystal clear. It’s at these times I can see how fucking stupid I am.” – Tracey Emin

“It takes a good girl to be bad.” – Sophie Tucker

Authors: Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras

Enjoy Ladies – You’re Welcome!

Releasing Hate

Normally I steer away from politics, sex, religion, and other topics that cause roaring and confrontation. But, I felt the need to blog about this one because I see or hear about it every single day.

Today’s bothersome topic is HATE. I’m talking about the hate for homosexuality and transgender people.

First, I want to explain to all of you that I’m a heterosexual white female. I was raised in the south as a baptist. I no longer go to church but I do pray. I’m not a religious bible thumper or shove God in your face and preach and quote bible scriptures.

If you’re against homosexuality and transgender people let me ask you a few things….

1.) Does it keep you up at night? If so, take a fucking sleeping pill already.

2.) Why does it concern you? Live your life and sit the hell down.

3.) Is it any of your business? No, it’s really not. Do you think homosexuals or transgender people care if you’re straight?

I constantly hear people whether it’s at work, grocery store, on TV, etc. condemning homosexuality and transgender people.

Last I checked this is a free country. Who do you think you are to judge them? Again, it’s really none of your business. They can live their lives however they choose to. Quit focusing on them and worry about your self and your own life. Or better yet get a life.

Just the other day I was speaking with a co-worker in the break room at work and we were talking about our favorite shows. I was telling her about OITNB, Modern Family and Wentworth. She gasped and said to me “You do realize you’re going to hell if you support and watch that stuff don’t you?” I said “Are you serious? You’re one of THOSE people that judges others and decides that they’re going to hell? Really?” She then said ” I cannot have friendships with gays or watch them because the bible says I’ll burn in hell.”

Ahem……..choking a bit on this one. Shaking as I’m taking in the ignorance and hatred and deciding how I’m about to address this…..

I then state “God loves everyone. You are not God, you are not better than anyone else. You sin by eating too much. See those three donuts on your plate, that’s called gluttony but that’s none of my business. You think God is going to make you burn in hell because you ate three donuts? That’s a sin. How is your sin different than theirs? God doesn’t rank them like a top 20 countdown. Another thing, if you were dying and needed a kidney “The Gays” as you call them would be one of the first people to give you a fucking kidney. Bet you’d take a gay kidney wouldn’t ya?”

If I had a mic I would’ve dropped it and walked away flipping my hair.

My husband said I was a bit harsh with her but I was LIVID to say the least. I don’t get the HATE in this world. How is anyone that cruel?

I honestly don’t think these people that continue to preach about homosexuality realize the circumstances at hand. I watched L Word Mississippi: Hate The Sin the other night. It was heart wrenching to watch. People are committing suicide everyday due to their family not accepting them.

Would you want to be the reason someone took their own life? Because they’re being shamed by you and put down because they’re different than you? If you’re making someone feel less of a person because they’re choosing a different life than you then to me that’s like murder. It’s almost as if you’re giving them the gun and saying, “Go on, do it.”

I still cannot understand the parents finding out their children are homosexual and then disowning them. What the fuck is wrong with people? You cut someone off because they love the same sex? You’re that righteous to think that you’re better than them and choose to disassociate with your very own child? It’s disgusting.

Being raised a baptist I was preached to over and over again about homosexuality and tons of other sins. My mother being a very strong christian woman saw things a bit differently. She always told me no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation people are that they’re God’s children and they’re all beautiful.

In my eyes we are to love and appreciate every single person and their differences. God made each of us who we are and loves us unconditionally. He forgives us too.

If you’re a homophobic person I just ask that you try to love and except what’s different from you. Just because they love the same sex and are not just like you doesn’t mean they’re harming you. They want to live their lives just like you do. Not every homosexual or transgender person is going to hit on you. Are you that confident that homosexuals think you’re worthy of flipping? They’re not out to molest you. Believe me. Get over yourself and your harsh thoughts and pull yourself together. It’s 2016 and whether you like it or not, this world is moving forward with or without you.

HATE is not in the forecast for the future. It’s nothing but rainbows, unicorns, puppies, kittens, cupcakes, skittles and peace if you ask me.


Monday Maneuvers….

fucking awesome

As you stretch and shuffle downstairs to get that cup of fearlessness remember you’re going to make Monday your Bitch.

You’ve got this! Do no harm but take no shit……put on that bright bold shade of lipstick or that new tie and swag yourself into the office. Be fierce, Fabulous and Bad Ass.


Come At Me Bruh – See What Happens


I know I’m usually a positive kinda girl and post motivational things. Today really isn’t one of those days.

Yesterday life gave me a booty call and I’m still sore today. Yep, I got fucked over yesterday by a couple of douches at work.

Don’t you love it when you have this amazing idea and someone steels it? I despise thieves.

Now to get my revenge. I know, I shouldn’t probably think like that but come on, do you know me? Do you REALLY know me? I can be a bit avenging to say the least. Don’t fuck with me or my people.

I spoke up in the meeting and called them out on it but then I winded up looking like a babbling psycho. I was so outraged. You see, when I get enraged I break out in hives and veins are popping out of my neck. I can’t hide my feelings. So, on top of not having a filter for my mouth, my issues are written all over my face, neck, chest, etc.

Well, these blood sucking conniving co-workers just handed me the scissors. No more assistance from me on their presentations, sales reports, and sales leads. I constantly throw these mother fuckers a bone to help them out. I am by far a team player and often help others out with their responsibilities because I’m that fucking efficient. Bitches get shit done son! I am constantly asking if anyone else needs assistance.

That shit just came to an immediate halt. How much do you want to bet when I’m distant, cold, and put them on ignore with my rested bitch face they’re going to ask “What’s wrong?” “Are you OK?” Doesn’t that always seem to happen?

Watch out sales dicks I’m coming for ya today! No worries loves, I’ll walk in with all black, my red lipstick, and hold my head up high, can’t let the crown slip can I?

Let my scheming and vengeance begin!


Well Behaved…..Yawn, Stretch, Zzzzzz

How many times have we all heard “Oh Behave”? I’m not talking about the funny Austin Powers shit. I’m talking about your parents telling you this at a wedding or your supervisor at work mentioning it to you. Boring……who the hell wants to behave?

As badly as some of us would like to behave to please our parents, co-workers, supervisors it’s just not in our best interest.

Are you unusual? Quirky? A bit bizarre? I know I am to some people and it freaks them out a lot. Sure, I’m a woman. I wear lipstick, jewelry, and smell nice. But, I’m twisted and freakishly insensitive to others around me.

Filter you say? What the fuck is that? Put a muzzle on it? Try it, you’ll get a throat punch quicker than you can say HELP.

Of course I can turn off my bad ass four-letter words at work to some degree. I would never use profanity speaking with a client. But, there has to be some release and that is my vent sessions with co-workers or with friends or better yet here on my blog.

In the south, the majority of society down here still thinks women shouldn’t be so blunt or speak their mind. We should be more ladylike and serve sweet tea with pie. Well, it’s 2015 fuckers and it’s a whole new world out here. Censoring strong opinionated women is absurd.

It feels good to make noise and be a woman. We’ve got balls. Ours are just on our chest. We need to stand out and be heard. We have something to say. Be crazy about yourself and daring. Never let life break you. Be you and rebel as often as you can get away with.

Because behaving is just too fucking tedious.


Guts And Grit

I remember many years ago kids making fun of me in school. They would play pranks on me and trip me when I walked into class. I wore huge glasses and had a terrible perm and a lot of acne. I was seriously a COLD mess. I’m not even going to call it a hot mess because there wasn’t anything hot about that situation. Ha!

I was extremely weak and timid. I would take their shit over and over and do nothing about it. Until, one day I came across one of my friends pinned up against a wall in the gym by four guys. They were making fun of her and knocked her glasses off and then punched her in the stomach. I dropped my books and ran over to them like I was cat woman or something. I started pulling them off of her and kicked one in the throat and another one in the dick. They were dropping like flies and running away from me. I chased them until they ran out of the gym.

As I walked back over to my friend that was sobbing and slumped in the floor…..I asked her if she was OK? She took a few deep breaths as I helped her up she doubled over laughing hysterically. I said what’s so funny? She then said you’re little skinny timid ass just whipped some serious ass. At that moment I realized that I had a wonderful fantastic trait. This trait being BAD ASS! Who knew? Where had it been the entire time that everyone was making fun of ME and putting ME down?

Here’s the thing. I didn’t care how they treated me. I could take it. But, you mess with my people I will fuck you up. I didn’t even know that I had that courage inside of me. From that moment on, no one messed with me, EVER.

Often I would get in fights at school due to bullies. I notice it’s a huge issue in today’s society. Back in the 80’s and 90’s no one seemed to care. There wasn’t an awareness like there is today. You had to fend for yourself.

Each of us have a fire inside of us. You might not realize it yet but you’re a fighter. Whether you fight for yourself or not…..I guarantee if someone were to threaten someone you love you would easily go Cat Woman on their ass in a split second.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little scrappy when needed. Having a backbone sometimes intimidates others. Too bad. We all should stand our ground.

There’s a feeling of liberation when speaking up for yourself or someone else. Stand up for what’s right.

Guts & Grit All Day! XOXO

Choose You


All of us have been in a relationship and have taken a loss. Whether it’s you letting someone go or you being let go.

It took me cutting the cord to a past relationship to find myself. Being consumed with fixing someone or trying to persuade them into loving us is exhausting.

Although we might love them and they’re in love with us….it just might not be enough.

If the person you’re in the relationship with doesn’t build you up or encourage you to grow then you’re not with the right person.

I assure you that you deserve more. We’re all worthy of our soulmates and deserve unconditional love.

A break up is a learning experience. Always choose YOU. Accept your flaws, glitches, quirks and fall deeply in love with yourself.

The second you believe in yourself and gain your swag the right person will find you.

You’re awesome so start fucking believing it already!