Resolutions & Procrastination

Honestly, the only New Year’s resolution that I completed was in August of 2007. Yes, it took me eight months to see it through. But, I accomplished my goal of being smoke free. I had smoked cigarettes for three years. It took me eight months to get it through my thick skull to decide to just do it. I can be quite the procrastinator at times. Once I made up my mind to quit I quit “cold turkey”.

I often wonder why we think we need to make New Year’s resolutions. Why can’t we just decide to make a change in May or any other month? Let’s face it, in most cases when we try to make these resolutions at the first of the year, 90% of us forget about that resolution or lose focus by Feb. Why is that? This is why I don’t set resolutions at the first of the year any more. I actually hate the word resolutions.

If we need a change or want to set goals for ourselves why not do it that day? Why can’t we control our mindset and make things happen? Why do we give up so quickly or think we cannot do it?

If I can quit smoking without any help I can do pretty much anything. WE are much stronger than we think we are. If we set our goals and plan accordingly we can do the impossible.

When I turned 40 I said I would run a 5K marathon before I turned 41. You can imagine how shocked I was a few weeks later when I started training for it. I began the couch to 5k app on my phone and three months later I not only ran a 5K but it also included climbing walls, crawling through muddy trenches under electric fencing and running up A LOT of hills. I cried afterwards because I was so fucking happy it was over with. Ha! Of course, the tears were also happy tears of accomplishment.

There’s something about setting goals for ourselves and attaining them. I’m not just talking about the 5K, quitting smoking, or losing weight. Maybe it’s paying off that credit card, buying a house, or finishing your education. It could possibly be a relationship that isn’t quite where it needs to be or you’re just not happy. Is it time to weigh out those pro’s and con’s and cut the cord and move on?  It doesn’t have to be 1/1/16 – it can be whenever you get your mind wrapped around it.

Change can happen any time, any where, at any moment. Don’t be afraid of setting goals for yourself and making your dreams come true. Where the fuck would we be without goals? If we had no goals then we would not have any dreams. Don’t you like having dreams? I sure do. We have to put the plans in place to make our dreams come true.

So, whether you’re setting resolutions for yourself for New Years Day or not, whatever you’re dreaming of….start planning and taking those baby steps because you’re so fucking worth it.