Crooked & Disturbing Drama

Vent / Rant session here……Allow me to elaborate?

For a couple of weeks it’s been like the twilight zone at work. From over emotional cry babies to dramatic nonsense. All entirely out of my control.

Let me share with you a few instances so you can get the picture….

My “Dude Bestie” put in his 2 week notice and the owners walked him out basically because he will be working for a competitor. The next day I get called into an unscheduled meeting with both owners for interrogation. I felt like I was on The Making Of A Murderer. They questioned my friendship with him. They wanted to know if he had approached me to leave with him. They really grilled and strong armed me. It was uncomfortable to say the least. The end result was a raise (Hush Money) for me and to distance myself from him.

I walked away feeling dirty, ashamed, guilty, and confused. It also felt like I was part of a cult or working for the mob. Maybe I’m overreacting or being a bit dramatic about it but it didn’t sit right with me. You see I know why “Dude Bestie” left and it’s because they are shady and didn’t pay him what he earned in commission. The song “Bitch Better Have My Money” was serenading me in my mind listening to their bullshit that day. “Pay me what you owe me….don’t act like you forgot….I call the Shots Shots Shots”…..

I’ve been looking for another job and had a phone interview last week. Sure the raise is great but I can’t trust these overpowering Assholes. Sure they told me they’ll do whatever they can to keep me and make me happy BUT to play mind games and tell me lies about my friend or keep me from being friends with him….Bitch Puh-Lease.

Another incident at work this week was two chic’s getting into it. Chic #1 left a crime scene in the ladies restroom and Chic #2 accused #1 of it and told her she cleaned it up for her. This all didn’t go over well at all. Cat fights are the fucking worst. Tears were flowing and feelings were hurt and so on. Good Grief. I can’t make this shit up.

We don’t really even have an HR department so no one to report anything to. That place is a fucking joke.

For now I’ll sit tight with my hush money and hopefully find something much more professional & secure in months to come.

Honestly I didn’t see myself ever leaving or embarking on another career at 44 years old. But Hey, I didn’t plan on waking up today being this fucking awesome but shit happens right? Ha!

Stay tuned for Monday Eve’s post later this evening. Enjoy your Sunday Loves.



Cannot Live Without These Shows – My Top 8

I’m sure there are Top TV shows blogged daily but thought I’d share mine with you.

Warning: I don’t have kids so these shows are not intended for family night.

Seriously, I am an addict for sure. TV and Food are my drugs of choice. I particularly love comedy and drama and something different and edgy.

1.) Playing House / USA: A side-splitting comedy about two best friends AKA Fresbians that live together and are raising a baby together. The quirkiness and chemistry between these girls makes me jealous and longing for a friendship like theirs. It’s Sure to make you laugh until you piss yourself. They’ve already had two seasons and are hopefully working on the script for the third. Maybe you can check it out on Demand? Not sure if it’s on Netflix yet.

2.) Ray Donovan / Showtime: Nail biting, suspense, bad ass and sexy as fuck. Liev Schreiber is a “Fixer” and is so HOT. The cast is phenomenal. It’s somewhat comparable to The Soprano’s but this family is from Boston. They’re not mobsters but a bit close to it. Thrilling!

3.) Luther / BBC: This show has ended but you might be able to catch this on Netflix: It’s sick, twisted, creepy, freaky and will possibly give you nightmares. But, with Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson it’s off the charts one of the best dark and psychologically charged shows out there. It makes Criminal Minds look like a Disney show.

4.) Black-ish / ABC: The characters are so fantastic on this show it’s like you’re friends of theirs. You feel like these people could be your neighbors. It’s Urban, Black Culture, Hilarious, and heartwarming. You will scream with laughter watching this show. Guaranteed.

5.) Transparent / Amazon Original Series: This show is a comedy-drama and has a lot of dark humor to it. We honestly fell in love with this show. Jeffrey Tambor is the father that is transitioning into a woman. Talk about a lot of heart and emotion. This show brought the process of transitioning to the forefront for me. It came out before Bruce Jenner did so this way all new to me. I have a completely different opinion about this topic after seeing this show. My heart goes out to the people that are going through this. It’s so worth watching. Cannot wait for the second season.

6.) Shameless / Showtime: This my friends will help you to appreciate your family whether it’s dysfunctional or non existent. Watch this show and you’ll need a shower afterwards because you’ll feel so dirty. It brings trashy to an entirely new level. It’s hilarious, sexy, DIRTY, and a Train Wreck that you can’t pull yourself away from.

7.) The Mindy Project / Hulu: This show was originally on Fox. I would sooooo hang out with Mindy Kaling! She’s fabulous! I want her wardrobe. I think all females can relate to her. She’s a gynecologist and shares an office with a few other doctors and they will keep you rolling in the floor with laughter.

8.) Peaky Blinders / Netflix: At first you might want to turn your volume up to 70 on the TV because the british accents are very thick in this gangster series. It’s a time piece as it’s set just after the First World War. Tommy Shelby is a BAD BAD boy and he will make you want more. He’s the lead character and he’s one of those brooding mysterious brits. You’ll find yourself watching the series back to back and then after it’s over you’ll come back wanting more. You’ll have withdrawals when it’s over. You might even start speaking their language a “LIL”.

So, there you have it. My Top 8 TV Shows that are totally worth watching. Hope you enjoy! If you watch something that I’ve suggested please leave comments so we can dish about it!