Vacation O.V.E.R.

Ahhhh……I cannot believe it’s already over. I miss the gulf coast already. Whining this morning already….I know, enough already right?

I wanted to share with all of you a few pictures I captured on my phone so you can experience the beauty of the south. The white sand looks like snow and the emerald waters are breathtaking. My words and the pictures don’t do it justice….

~ Sunset / Destin, FL ~


~ Volleyball AKA Buzzed Ball ~


And coffee on the veranda overlooking the pool….


A selfie on the beach…


Now you didn’t think I would post a bikini shot did you? Um, I don’t wear a bikini, I sunbathe in the nude. Just kidding! But, nope, you’ll never see a bathing suit shot on my blog, Trust!

~ Drinks at Margaritaville ~


If you ever get the opportunity to visit Destin, FL I am confident you’ll love this little slice of paradise. The water is crystal clear. The food is fantastic. The locals are so friendly and warm. It’s affordable and worth the drive or flight. I hope each of you take a vacation this summer somewhere warm and relaxing because you definitely deserve it.

Now, onto more blogging. You’ll be sick of me by the end of today. I have all day to blog and to catch up. I’ve missed you loves!

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mom’s out there! XOXO