It’s Necessary

We get so consumed with work, school, problems, others needing us that we dismiss the fact that we need time to ourselves. We need to make that doctor’s appointment for ourselves, hair appointment or lunch with a friend and stop canceling.

I have a selfish side. For instance this week it seemed like I had to bail several people at work out of their predicaments. It’s always me that has to fix their mistakes. That’s not in my job responsibilities. I feel taken for granted. But I’m also a team player. I wear a headset for nine hours a day and the phone calls are non stop. I share an office with five other people. It’s always loud and insanely fast moving.

I come home and fix dinner. Clean up after the 17 year old Mr. Cheese. He’s my mixed pup and has some health issues which cause him to urinate quite a bit in my home. There’s laundry….hubby wants to tell me all about his day and for me to watch TV with him. It’s bed time and every couple of hours Mr. Cheese walks all over my body to wake me up out of my slumber, drooling on my pillow state to take him outside for his business meeting. Or he doesn’t wake me and I find puddles around the bed to clean up before I get ready for work.

I feel as if everyone wants a piece of me 24/7. There is no quietness in my life. It would be nice to hear nothing….silence. I do sometimes in my car. Today I’m taking time for myself at Starbucks. it’s far from quiet but no one is asking me for anything. No one knows me here. I’m alone and taking in every second of this me time. I’m able to blog out my feelings and vent. A huge sigh of relief…..enjoying my Venti White Mocha. After I’m done here I have a much needed hair appointment. It’s been three months since my last haircut and highlights. I’m not complaining….I’m extremely grateful for this life I live. I have more than so many and that I’m truly thankful for.

I’m just advising you to take some time for yourself to sit back and take things in. If I do things like this more often I’ll be less stressed out and not so overwhelmed. Those of you with children, jobs, ahem… multiple jobs….I bow down to you. I don’t see how you do it all. I honestly don’t. Give yourself a hug for me because you deserve it. Remember to take care of you too loves. Because you’re taking care of everyone else and they need you to be happy too.

You deserve ME time. Make yourself a priority…It’s necessary….



5 Positives Of Today

My Darling Friend Jean blogged earlier today about finding 5 new positive things each day. She mentioned she’s thinking about starting a private journal for each day of these “5 Positives”. What an incredible idea don’t you think? As she mentioned, there are so many things in our lives that are positive that are not acknowledged.

I know I take for granted life’s beautiful moments and positives. I think each of us allow ourselves to get swept away in many insignificant conditions. Life is full of stress, work, problems, and irrelevant things like watching TV, shopping, napping, etc. I call that life’s fluff. That’s the filler in between the work, family, and the treasured moments.

I wanted to share my 5 for today just because…..

  1. Having lunch at a packed cafe today there was only one waitress working and probably 20 tables. She was beyond overwhelmed. Some patrons were so rude to her even though it was obvious she was doing the best she could under the circumstances. I noticed two older gents after finishing up their lunch began bussing tables to help out. As I watched the two I thought how beautiful it was that humanity still exists and there are so many kind people in this world. I handed her a substantial tip with a note complimenting the way she handled herself as we left. She gave me a hug. For that I’m thankful I was able to experience that special moment.
  2. I awoke this morning and had coffee on our deck and listened to the birds chirp and sing. It’s cloudy here and a bit cooler but the birds were out and entertaining me as the leaves whirled around with the breeze. The colors of yellow, red, brown and green were flashing brightly all around me.
  3. I heard from a very dear friend this morning and it was lovely to hear her sweet voice on the other end of the phone. We got to catch up and laugh and reminisce. I miss her so much as she lives out of state.
  4. Blessed to have all of you to read. I’ve been anticipating catching up with all of you this afternoon so let the stalking begin shortly.
  5. Finding Jean’s blog earlier today and reading about her 5 positives makes me appreciate the little things. So, thank you for sharing yours with me and all of us and coming up with this fantastic idea.

If you’re not following Jean, please check her out. I adore her posts. She’s in Ireland and has so many beautiful adventures and posts. You will be in for a great read and some outstanding photographs.


Have a fabulous Saturday Loves!



Makin’ Or Breakin’ Me

Do you ever have a moment where you feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be?

I’m not talking about that client meeting or that doctor’s appointment. I’m referencing that jolt in your brain and heart where you feel banded, packaged, and ready for shipment.

You see, my upbringing was decent but lacking in many factors. Sure, I had parents that loved me and tried very hard to be suitable.

But, there were a few misfires……

My Mom constantly met multiple men that were “The One” and would disappear for a few weeks and leave myself and younger brother to fend for ourselves. I think the first time I was ten years old and my brother seven. Way too damn young to be left alone for days or weeks. My Mom and Dad were divorced and he had a lot of important things going on in his life like work, guns, and women.

They carried medical and dental insurance on themselves but dropped mine when I turned fifteen. I had a part time job so that meant I could pay for my lunches at school, dental cleaning, doctor’s appointments, etc. in their eyes.

My Dad tried to break me a few times. What I mean by that is compare me to my Mom and tell me things like “You’re just like your Mom, a whore, you’re never going to make it or be anything more.” The next day he would tell me he loved me and how proud he was of me. I swear to this day he had split personalities or something. Those words… never forget them.

I read a quote today, “Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack.” When I read this I had that moment of clarity. Sometimes we go through some heartbreaking junctures in life. Because of the misfires in my life it didn’t break me. It made me. I’m a natural born hustler. People tend to follow my direction. When I say hustler I mean “Bitches get shit done.” My work ethic is solid and whatever goals I set for myself, I make it happen. I’m in control of my dreams, aspirations, and anything I fucking want. All of us were born to make an impact. So, go out and get your dreams people! Don’t let anyone break you. Remember, you’re unbreakable just like me.