Here’s To You


Happy New Year Everyone!

Sitting in Starbucks this morning having my coffee with my hair tossed in a messy bun, wearing my scarf, cozy soft coat, riding boots and plaid leggings…..(One Cold Mess, I’m not even going to call it a Hot Mess because there’s nothing hot about the weather or myself this a.m.) I debated on blogging about what’s to come in 2016. New goals, new adventures, resolutions <Hate that word> and so on.

Nope, not gonna do it. I could’ve posted my 2015 Year in review but I wanted to blog about something meaningful to me. Call me sentimental or softhearted maybe…let me tell you, it doesn’t happen often so enjoy this my loves.

Let’s start shall we? A lot of my new followers might not realize I’ve only been blogging for five months. I believe I’ve posted over 140 entries which is insane. Who knew I had so much to say? I’m grateful for this mental release. It’s something I’ve needed in my life. Blogging has allowed me to be ME. I’m open, honest, and I spill every single thought into this blog. Sometimes I think it’s a bit too much but when I do, you assure me that it’s OK to be ME. Thank you loves for accepting my salty, sassy, blunt, and bitchnificent self. (Definition Of Bitchnificent Here:

You’ve all given me so much encouragement and most of all inspire me daily. Why can’t it be this way in our everyday lives? It seems like we’re building each other up and cheering each other on here in this magical blog world. While in real life when we come into contact with people it doesn’t seem to be easy, comfortable, and as positive as it is  here. I feel like I’m in a cocoon, it’s velvety, warm, and protected here. I so wish it was like this in the real world, don’t you?

Throughout the year I’ve had moments of fear, weakness, mistakes, and foolishness. I’ve learned from these junctures throughout the year and with this blog I’ve grown. I feel more confident, assured, powerful, and most of all appreciative of life. With your blogs, pictures, conversations you seem to keep me centered. For that, I thank each of you.

Here’s to growing, laughing, inspiring, sharing and being bad ass bloggers in 2016!









Wide Open


I absolutely love this quote!

I appreciate traditional, normal, and general types of characteristics. But, those characteristics of abnormal, unconventional, and rare are a magnet to my steel.

There’s something quite gripping about diversity, wouldn’t you say? I think people that are authentic and resistant are the most captivating ones.

Honestly, we’re all authentic. There’s no replica of you or me is there? We’re originals.

Sigh, resistant….unyielding…no brakes….That my loves is a beautiful thing. Keep going and keep writing and shining here. Don’t hold back on anything. The door is wide open. You’re not in prison here. Let it all out. There’s a freedom about writing your thoughts and sharing a piece of yourself. Let your authenticity flow.

Now be proud of your originality and wave it around magnificently loves.

Happy Wednesday – XOXO




Incredible Sex – Make It Happen

Well, my girls weekend getaway got cancelled at the last minute. I’m really disappointed because I had a stressful day at work on Friday. I won’t get into that because I can’t stand whining and negativity but since I’m home and it’s raining and miserable outside for the 6th day in a row I thought I’d take advantage of the time I have.

I’m diving right into what I promised a few weeks ago.

Yes, I’m blogging about sex. You were warned in the subject of this blog so if you’re practicing celibacy or abstinence look at the top left arrow and click it, back away slowly from this blog…..

When I was just an adolescent teenage girl in the south my Mom had the sex talk with me. Not only was it awkward, but it scared the fuck out of me. My Mom was and still is to this day an extremely religious person. It went down like this…”If you kiss a boy, you’ll get pregnant, if you have sex, you’ll be in a lot of pain. You’ll bleed and have a baby.”

In a way maybe it was a good thing she told me those things. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18 years old. I waited for the right one to come along. The one that meant something to me. I’m thankful for that. It was beautiful and special.

Now that I’m in my forties I’m completely in love with sex. Well, I’ve always loved it ever since the first time I had it. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to learn what my body craves and what turns me on. I’m much more comfortable with myself. I’m accepting of who I am and what I want. My husband and I have incredible sex. I’m going to give you a few tips on how to enjoy sex. No, I’m not a therapist but I’m just going to tell you how my mind works from a female perspective.

I never say no, Ever. If my hubby wants sex, he’s going to get it. I’ve got a headache? Too fucking bad. I’ll take it anytime he wants to give it to me. Never resist sex from your partner. Do you like being rejected? I sure don’t. You love one another and you give yourself to them. This is just what I’ve always believed. Often my girlfriends tell me they just don’t want it anymore. They’re not happy with their bodies or they don’t want to shave their legs. The kids and their jobs just take all of their energy. The list goes on for excuses they make to not have sex.

It seems like most women think the sex is mostly for the men. But it’s so not. I think women tend to hold back when they’re having sex and have tons of things running through their minds while they’re having sex. I’ve been guilty of this a few times myself. Turn that shit off. Flip the fucking switch in your brain and get in the moment. This TIME is about you and your partner. If you don’t “feel” like it, you better pull yourself together. We all need to get laid. Our bodies need that release. It’s good for our souls. It’s good for others around us. It puts us in a much better mood don’t you think?

We all have stressful shitty days from time to time. It’s not just us ladies that have shitty days either. All the more reason to have sex. It’s a great way to relieve stress. I know, you’re reading this and thinking, “Whatever, I don’t have time for sex. I’m exhausted and not in the mood.” Do not make excuses. Give yourself this gift.

Example of my life….Stressful day. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Shipments went to wrong addresses, customer’s complaining all day to me, co-workers are being lazy and standing around bullshitting, I’m basically doing everything. I mean, the train went off the tracks that day at work. I’m livid, pissed, and beyond irritated. I come home, my hubby wants to have sex. I’m thinking, Really? Now? That’s when my inner sex goddess shows up for the game. I’m rushed but I can make this happen. Didn’t shave my legs this morning so I throw on my thigh highs, long strand of pearls, brush my teeth, mess up my hair a little, spray some perfume, put a little red lipstick on and some high heels and look at myself in the mirror and I’m fucking hot! I’m ready to go!

So Ladies, in this example of my life, if you’re thinking, “Yeah right, this bitch is crazy!” Do you have self doubt? Do you think you’re not hot? Make yourself hot. You don’t work out? You’re insecure about your body? There are ways around that. Put on a bra, a sexy little gown, and hide your fat rolls or whatever it is that makes you feel insecure. Next thing is your mindset. Tell yourself you are fucking hot. You’re going to get what you deserve and you deserve to have incredible sex. Who’s the hottest actress out there right now? You’re her. Is it Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez? Blake Lively? Sophia Vergara? Whoever she is, be her.

Next move is the music….Have you heard the latest song by Demi Lovato – Confident? Well, if you haven’t, see the link below which is combination of “Cool For The Summer” & “Confident” from SNL. This is the hottest fucking song out there right now. If you don’t feel sexy after hearing this beat, make an appointment immediately with a shrink. This song is sizzlin’ hot. You’ll feel like ripping your partners clothes off and blowing his or her fucking mind.

Fellas, you see there’s a lot about us that you don’t understand. Ha! Bet you’ve heard that a few times. It’s our minds that you’re fucking as well as our bodies. We have to be in the moment mentally as well as physically. It helps for you to tell us that we’re fucking hot, beautiful, gorgeous, that you can’t wait to do things to us. That’s what we need to hear. If you tell us those things it will really make things worth your while.

I’ll close for now and pick up next Saturday hopefully. Have an excellent weekend loves!

Exhale Doubt

Inhale Confidence

Morning Loves,

I’ve got my huge cup of coffee and I’m feeling inspired and motivated this morning. I need this motivation and inspiration every single day. Yep, I wake up pretty fucking positive every morning but it doesn’t hurt to have a quote or something in my mind to set the mood for me.

Today, I’m walking into the office like it’s the first day of Fashion Week and I’m the director of the whole damn thing. Ladies, are you not into fashion? Pretend it’s Black Friday then and you’re stoked and ready to go! Fella’s, like football? Today is your Superbowl, let’s do this!

Let’s bring our confidence to the forefront and set our mind on positive cruise control for this beautiful day. Not feelin’ it? Well, add some songs to your play list and listen to them on the way into work, VERY LOUD.

A few to help get you going:

Alive & Kickin’, Upgrade You, American Woman, Start Me Up, This is how we do it, Eye Of The Tiger, and Radio Active

I’ll leave you with my selection for this morning…..rise up loves!

Good Thing You’re Pretty

I hear this often. Perhaps four out of six bosses have mentioned this to me.

It’s not because I’m brainless, lazy or stupid but because of……Wanna take a guess? Yep, No filter. Or better yet, doing what I want and how I want to do it.

Why wait for permission when I can ask for forgiveness later. Patience is not my BFF.

Besides, I exceed my monthly goal every single month…What? What?

The majority of the time I’m just as shocked as they are when things come out of my mouth. Especially if they have me on speaker.

I don’t take offense to the comment “Good thing you’re pretty” because it’s actually probably saved my ass a few times.

Although some people might think this is downgrading or belittling me, I don’t.

I actually think it’s humorous because they’re allowing me to control the situation and they’re being outwitted by me batting my eyelashes. How crazy is that? I’m being serious about this too.

Conceited? Not really. I just have confidence and I’m happy. Haven’t you ever heard “Happy girls are the prettiest?” I always choose happy.

So go ahead boss and tell me it’s a good thing I’m pretty. I’ll use it to my advantage every fucking chance I get.

Everyday I’m hustlin’ 💋

Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Bad Girls

I just finished reading this sassy little book and absolutely loved it! Ladies, if you’re looking to be inspired, encouraged, and humored this will satisfy those cravings.

A few quotes….

“You know why God is a man? Because if God was a woman she would have made sperm taste like chocolate.” – Carrie Snow

“There is no point at which you can say, Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.” – Carrie Fisher

“Sometimes I have the most amazing moments of clarity. Razor sharp, crystal clear. It’s at these times I can see how fucking stupid I am.” – Tracey Emin

“It takes a good girl to be bad.” – Sophie Tucker

Authors: Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras

Enjoy Ladies – You’re Welcome!

Judgment & Acceptance


Why would you allow what people think of you to achieve power over your thoughts?

Is their judgment more meaningful than what you think of yourself?

Do not be a victim to their advice unless you ask for it. Some people do have your best interest at heart and have excellent opinions to give. You should know the difference.

Be confident in your thoughts and decisions. You do not require validation from anyone but yourself. You are always in control. If you’re not, get a handle on it.

Confidence should be a silent inner strength but insecurities stand out with a sign. People feed on those insecurities. Never apologize for being you and real.

In life we will be criticized, judged, and shamed but, remember their opinions are not facts. They’re not in your shoes and have no clue of what storms you’ve been through or are fighting right now. Do not allow your inner voice to drown.

Love your decisions and learn from the mistakes. We’re all awkward and imperfect in different areas and that’s what makes us original.

You’re good enough, worthy, and magnificent. Now, go out and prove it!

Extraordinary Wednesday

“Don’t be like the rest of them Darling”

Seriously…..make an impression. We’re born to stand out don’t you think?

If you disagree with me then I’m encouraging you to believe in yourself. Understand you are an original. There’s not anyone else like you or me.

Are you on point today? Bring it and own it.

Remember, Bitches get shit done 💋

Operation Monday

Monday Eve’s prep……

Last week negativity called me up for a booty call. I wasn’t feelin’ it so I happily told negativity to go fuck itself. Abstinence never felt so good.

I often hear co-workers spewing bitterness about their jobs and how they’re being mistreated by their manager or the company. Sure, there are times where I feel the same way. I don’t discuss it out loud to bring others down. There’s no need in allowing it to affect my work or take it out on any of my co-workers.

I actually call this “The Sickness”. It’s when the negativity plays house in their brains and the words “It’s not fair” come into play.

The Sickness is an infection that needs a remedy stat!

If you’re feeling any symptoms that point in the direction of the The Sickness, get help fast! No need in their germs sweeping through the office like a parasite.

Disinfect yourself before entering the ward tomorrow. Spray on some “Bitch Puh-lease” repellent and handle yourself. Put on your mental mask and shield that bacteria.

Remember, you have choices, do you want to be encouraging or disheartening? You can’t be both darlings, pick carefully.