What Sandra Thinks

One of my favorites is Sandra. She’s as real as you can get. You’ll read poetry, see her amazing style of doodling, feel her emotions with everyday life. She is so intriguing and appreciates new followers so much. She’s warm, witty, intelligent, funny, and authentic.

What Sandra Thinks




The Unique Blogger Award


Hi Loves,

I got nominated by my “besticle” Simon for this unique blogger award. If you don’t know Simon please get to know him by stopping by his blog and checking him out. He is one of the kindest, intelligent, and interesting guys I’ve ever known. I love that he blogs about where his feet land from time to time or his outer space stuff or even just a humorous post. He’s definitely entertaining and most talented. Thank you Simon for nominating me. This award is truly unique.

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Include one meme and one quote you really like.
  3. Nominate 8-13 bloggers to receive this award.
  4. Ask your nominees 3 UNIQUE questions.
  5. Add a link to the awards creator.

Favorite Meme:


One of my favorite quotes:

Dear Life: Whatever, Motherfucker, Whatev’s. Suck a bag of dicks.

  1. Use three words to describe you? Confident, Sarcastic, Imperfect.
  2. If there was one job you could do for the rest of your life – what would it be? Writing of course!
  3. You’re going to be dumped on a desert island for a year and can take three things with you – what are they? Pen, notebook, water?

The bloggers I’m nominating do not have to participate. I am bending the rules a little here as well and just nominating four but please feel free to participate if you like! My four bloggers are Badass women that I truly admire. If you don’t feel like participating or don’t have time ladies, look at it like this, you’re on  my mind, your blog is getting shared, save it for a rainy day when you have writers block and post it? And one last thing….You’re fucking awesome! So here we go…..



About Me


The 3 Unique Questions They Must Answer

  1. Use three words to describe you.
  2. If there was one job you could do for the rest of your life – what would it be?
  3. You’re going to be dumped on a desert island for a year and can take three things with you – what are they?





Sunday Thinking

Sure do miss that furry face in the picture on the little table. He crossed the rainbow bridge a little over two weeks ago. Still stings my heart and eyes to think about it. Seems strange not hearing the pitter patter of paws scurrying throughout the house. Moving on now…..

We arrived back home this morning around 11 am after visiting my family over the weekend. Since I’ve arrived I’ve done laundry, prepared salads for tomorrow’s lunches, made homemade meatballs, did the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, painted my toenails and fingernails and now what to do? 

It’s too hot outside to do anything that’s for sure. Sure there are many topics I could write about but I’m lacking in motivation today. 

I’m enjoying reading your blogs. Thanks for keeping me entertained. Hopefully I’ll feel inspired again soon. 


Smiley Thumb

While I was on vacation this week on the gulf my friend T. Wayne nominated me for a new award. The Smiley Thumb award was created by David from the Chape blog, and I was given the nomination by https://joyfulprocessblog.com/  and let me just say, I feel like I’ve known him twenty + years. He’s genuine, sincere, caring, funny and single ladies, he’s absolutely adorable! Everyone, please check him out. His music taste is superb. Thank you again T. Wayne for the nomination!


As with any award, there are rules (always rules!). The rules for this one are as follows:

  • include the photo of the Smiley Thumb award. (Done!)
  • thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (Done!)
  • tell us what makes you smile.
  • nominate as many bloggers as you like.
  • include these rules in your post.

Okay. That seems simple enough.

What makes me smile:

  • Comments from all of you on my blog. I look forward to meeting, laughing, getting to know each of you. It means the world to me when you read/comment on my posts.
  • My hubby and mutt 🙂
  • The Beach! I hope to retire in many years to become a beach bum. I belong there!
  • RAOK – I’m a firm believer in random acts of kindness. I try to do some act of RAOK once a week. If I can bring a smile to someone’s face that’s having a shitty day, it makes me smile in return.
  •  Sarcasm and wittiness! I live for this stuff!
  • Music – I don’t know what I would do without music. It gets me through the day and has been my soulmate my entire life.

My nominees for this award are chosen below. They may or may not accept, but here goes nothing:


everything you [n]ever wanted to know about sandra.



Be sure to visit these blogs and take a look around; if you like what you see, then follow them! Thanks again T. Wayne for the honor of participating and your friendship!









Ugly Days

ugly days

Today was just a really ugly day. Can you say ugly for me? It sounds strange and foriegn doesn’t it? Probably because I never say it. I try to find the pretty in everything that comes my way. The issues at work today were mad real, I can’t make the shit up. I’ll spare you the ranting, bitching, and moaning because I’m sure you have ugly days too. You don’t need to hear about mine.

Loves!!! You are my beauty in this ugly day. Know Why? Because your blogs are inspiring, motivating, funny, real, and uplifting to me. Ya’ll are always making my days brighter! Thank you for that!

I have a little celebration bouncing around in my heart as well. As of today, I have 202 followers on this lame ass blog that I write. It’s shocking and insane to say the least. I remember it took about 3 weeks to get 5 followers when I first started back in August of 2015.

Who knew that my mundane day to day rants and ramblings would have followers like you. Although some of you are new to my blog I so appreciate getting to know each one of you. I love your comments, jokes, blogs, personalities, pictures and everything about you.

I just want all of you to know that you make me smile daily and you’re like family to me. Not the dysfunctional kind either. You support me and build me up and I hope I do the same for you.

Thank you for following and for being you! Now, enough of this mushy bullshit! How was your day loves? Tell me all about it, raise a glass of wine, beer, mixed cocktail and let’s toast to this fucking Monday being O.V.E.R. shall we? Cheers!