Think About It…

Warning – This might ruffle some feathers for those of you who have had an affair or are having one currently. It’s just my opinion and my blunt thoughts….Consider yourself warned.

Just recently a friend of mine shared with me what’s been going on with him. I thought I might address this issue by blogging about it. It’s not necessarily a Christmas subject but here it is…..

He’s a Pilot with a commercial airline and had an affair. His wife found out about it and hired a cut throat bad ass attorney. She received half of his pension, child support (as she should if she has full custody), alimony, the beach house, the cabin, and the list goes on and on.

By the end of the mediation’s, hearings, finalizing the divorce, etc. he went from driving his 2014 Porsche 911 to driving a 2008 PT Cruiser. He used to live in a beautiful luxury gated community and is now living in a studio apartment¬† in a sketchy area near the Hood Mart. He’s buying ramen noodles in bulk and sees his kids once a month for a couple of days.

Affairs are Sexy, Hot, Risky, and Tantalizing. They’re also life threatening, self-indulgent, hurtful, unhealthy, and just immoral. Let me add that I’m not judging at all. I’ve had an affair before. I was married to my first husband and things weren’t going well for us at all. Long story short he was mentally abusive, an addict, and we grew out of love with each other. That’s not an excuse for me to have had an affair at all. I shouldn’t have. I’d like to tell you that the affair “just happened” but it really didn’t. I was in a miserable marriage and met the other guy and he came on to me and showed me attention and I caved. My husband never found out about it and I decided I’d had enough of our marriage and we divorced. I wanted to tell him that I’d had an affair but I knew it would hurt him even more so than me leaving him. I refrained from telling him. I didn’t leave him for the other guy at all. I left him to find happiness with me, myself and I. Which, I did after about three years. I only took with me what I brought into the marriage. We didn’t have any children and were renting so we wiped our hands clean of each other and it was pretty peaceful.

Back to the topic of affairs being destructive and such. Whether you’re a man or a woman think about it before you dive into it. A few questions you might want to ask yourself… Do you love your spouse? Do you have a family? Children? How will it affect them if you have this affair? How would you feel if your spouse did this to you? Do you want to lose your pension? You probably work very hard for what you have right? Is that vagina worth losing your family for? Is it gold or encrusted with diamonds? Is that penis that damn good? Is it shooting glitter into your vagina that makes you feel tingly all over or what? Seriously…think about this shit before you put your stick in that vagina will you? Ladies, I don’t care if the other guy is a boxer with a twelve pack, do you want to lose everything you have? I think not.

I would like to make some suggestions to you before stepping out on your spouse….


Fellas: Get that mental image of the hottest woman ever (Kate Upton, Scarlett Johannson, Salma Hayek, or Meagan Good) and jack yourself off for Christ Sake!

Ladies: Get your mental image of the hottest guy ever (Javier Bardem, Chris Hemsworth, Charlie Hunnam  or Idris Elba) and get your favorite toy and have at it.

Watch some fucking porn! There are other avenues to choose from than to have an affair and lose everything you worked hard for including your marriage.

Are you understanding what I’m saying? Pensions, bank accounts, homes, children, husband, wife, the dog, the friends and family you’re surrounded by. It not only affects you and your immediate family but your parents, your in-laws, your friends, and the list goes on and on.

I’ve not even touched on the “other guy” or “other woman” and how they could possibly being fucking psychotic have I? Are you thinking “Oh, there’s that…” Fuck Yeah there’s that. They could stalk your ass and find your home, your family as seen in many movies and really fuck up your life.Have you seen Dateline or 48 Hours? People get shot and stabbed all the time over affairs. So, think about it before you have an affair and the outcome of it is all I’m saying. Think about what could possibly happen and how it could turn your life upside down. Capeesh?

Just my advice and my opinion…. XOXO

Enjoy your Christmas Loves!