The Wait


She was free-spirited yet effortlessly confident.

With tangled black long wavy hair she was unavoidably innocent but dangerous.

When she spoke…. her voice was raspy and delicate.

He was more than infatuated with her.

Over and over he envisioned pinning her down and consuming her while she panted in his ear whispering with her seductive voice “no one can fuck me the way you do.”

He wanted to consume her slowly sliding every inch of himself into her owning her and hearing her beg and plead for more.

It was time. Tonight. The wait was over.






Hotel Hospitality – Part I

Hyatt Regency San Francisco

It was my sanctuary away from the madness. As I put my black lacy bra on I couldn’t help but watch myself in the mirror and wonder if I had enough time to pleasure myself before the meeting at 8 am. I better not take that chance. Besides, if I bottle it up maybe I’ll have a mind blowing orgasm tonight with my best toy I liked to call Buzz. Yep, I’ll save up for later. I’d not had intercourse with a man in over a year. My body, my rules, it kept me focused intensely on my career.

My alarm went off on my phone which meant I needed to get down to the lobby in ten minutes. I shimmied into my black pencil skirt and finished buttoning up my flesh colored blouse and slid into my leopard strappy heels. I grabbed my coffee, lipstick and bag and headed towards the elevator down the hallway.

I pressed the button waiting and listening to the slight hum as it began moving its way down to my floor. “Ding” the doors opened up…there was the Regional Manager standing there grinning with his sparkling white teeth. I swear there was a spotlight on them. “Morning Olivia, you look bright eyed.”

“Morning Ezio, I’m not quite awake yet seeing as I didn’t get in until 2 am since I was dealing with the Barsetti clan.”

“I heard they had quite the demands last night. I hope you know how much I appreciate your work ethic Olivia. The clients prefer you over anyone and you’re a huge part of our team here.”

Before I could say thank you the elevator doors opened up to the lobby and people were rushing in while we were walking out. Ezio was a fantastic regional manager. I knew quite a bit about his extracurricular appointments.. He trusted me to make sure his pleasurable nights were always confidential. You see Ezio craved very strange things for his sexual appetite. He was bisexual and had weekly “appointments” or orgies as I would call them. I couldn’t help but envy his adventures. It must be incredible to just live out your fantasies that way at work while meanwhile having this rich bitch of a wife at home spending all of your money cash. But, to each his own right?

While I scanned the lobby walking briskly to my office I laid eyes on him. It was Ezio’s nephew Ben who was now our Chef at the hotel restaurant and bar. He was laughing and in conversation with a housekeeper as he was buttoning up his chef coat preparing to entice everyone with his flavorful scents. Ben had that perfect Greek nose, rich brown smooth skin, mint iced green eyes and was around thirty pounds overweight. Being a Chef and preparing those amazing dishes would be a good reason to be overweight if you asked me. He had a laugh that just captivated you. His personality was intriguing and he had humorous stories about his past that he would tell us. There was something about him that fascinated me. He wasn’t my normal type of guy actually, far from it. At no time had he even addressed me or even spoken my name. For all I knew, he didn’t know my name. So what, I’m the manager of this thriving successful hotel but he didn’t work directly for me.

I looked away and entered the code to my office as I balanced the cup of coffee and my bag. I flipped the light switch on and rounded my desk to cut on my laptop. I placed my bag on the desk and gulped the rest of my coffee down. Instead of diving into those budget reports I decided to stalk Ben and see what he was all about. I believe I’ll use him as my muse this evening with Buzz and see where it leads…..

For Starters….

As I mentioned earlier this morning I’m going to be taking a new direction with my blog. I don’t want anyone to think that it’s just going to be erotica, fucking, fantasy, fetishes, etc. I’m also going to ask for your opinions on things having to do with relationships, love, intercourse, body images, the whole spectra of sex I suppose. It’s no secret I love sex and am capable of bad things. I am human right?

I was surfing online looking for inspiration for characters or just some eye candy. One thing I realize is that I’m totally into the Dad Bod. Know why? Because it’s REAL. Yes, we all want to be healthy and in shape but these actors and models are making tons of money to look like that. In most cases REAL men are working day and night and supporting their families or are just too busy to be “cut”, “swolled up”, “ripped” and whatever other fucked up words they’re using today for hard bodies. Besides, with me, it’s all about the mind, humor, personality, wit, intelligence, a connection with that person. I don’t care if you are bald, hairy, wear bifocals, are twenty years older, wear braces, have one leg…..If I were single, I would be interested in who you are, how you talk to me, if you intrigue me, flirt with me, what your interests are, etc.

I feel as if women are attracted to the mentality of a guy more than the physical images. I am probably way off here but that’s my mentality anyways. I would love to hear from other women here in the comments.

Men, it seems to me that with you, the priority is the physical aspect of women. I’m sure each guy is different but the majority of men I know, it’s the looks that they’re into. Would love to hear from you guys too in the comments.

What I’m trying to say here is when I start writing my fiction, sex stories, erotica and whatever else that comes up in my perverted mind, my characters are not always going to be perfect. Sure, sometimes they will be, depends on the character I’m building. But, when I write, I normally take pieces of my life experiences and use it and I try to find the images that best fit that scenario.

See below my pick of what I think is attractive. You can have a Dad Bod or be overweight and still be extremely sexy with confidence. No doubt that Idris Elba, Ryan Reynolds, John David Washington, Dwayne Johnson are fucking sexy as hell but this is what I’m talking about…..






Renovations Soon

I’ve hit a roadblock here on my blog. The Hump Day Shenanigan’s and Mullet Monday’s have become stale and tiresome.

I believe I’m going to give fiction, erotica, sexual fantasy, and whatever else gets my mind excited a try here.

I need to explore my creative side. Feel free to unfollow me if these renovations/direction doesn’t interest you. I’ll miss you but I get it. No hard feelings whatsoever.

Stay tuned as I’ll begin the process soon. I can’t wait to try something different.


Selective Participation

We’ve all heard or experienced some of these haven’t we?




We all get frustrated when we work harder and more efficient than others and cannot comprehend why they’re so disengaged, unproductive, limited, and just fucking lazy.

In case some of you are new followers here to my blog, I live in the south, the state of Georgia to be exact. “Around these parts” or “In our neck of the woods” when a woman is in the industrial equipment business the men tend to make more money and we’re not exactly taken seriously. In the majority of their eyes we’re to be reserved, “purty” translation of “purty” is “pretty”. We’re there to basically file, type, answer a phone, make them look good and prepare coffee every morning.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of hard working, respectful, incredible men that I work with and are not that closed-minded. Unfortunately, the pigheaded ones are the majority.

I have found my “forever career home” I believe and I do really love it. It’s the perfect fit for me. I’ve been there six months now and my review is this coming Monday. I’m excited about this position as it’s not management and I’m only responsible for me. Sure, it’s not as much money as I was making before but money isn’t that important to me. Happiness is my goal. I do not live above my means and consider myself to be very low  maintenance.

At this company I work with a lot of guys that are younger than me. They’re either in their twenties or thirties. These guys are super intelligent, humorous, kind, gentlemen, and like younger brothers to me. I’ve become attached to them and really enjoy getting to know them.

But, yes, there’s always a BUT….they drive me insane. They’re those type of guys that say “Watch This!” and attempt to do some stunt and breaks an arm. Not sure if any of you have ever watched Jackass or not but they’re the equivalent to those guys. Yesterday I found one operating a forklift while another one was standing on the tip of the forks in the air pulling a drone out of a tree. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. The day before that they were racing their remote control cars up and down the hallways and when I say remote control cars I’m not speaking of those small ones, these are the size of a medium size dog. They will also chase you up and down the halls or outside as you’re trying to make your way to the copier. They also have go-carts that they race in the back parking lot as well. I hear “boys and their toys” daily as everyone laughs and jokes about them.

These sweet gentle guys are still living at home with their parents unable to do their own laundry, cook, barely get themselves to work on time. They’re certainly lovable and kindhearted but my God, I’m so frustrated with them. They’re not pulling their weight at the office. It just seems like the women are doing the work and the fellas are outside playing. Our operations manager tends to just look the other way and allows it to happen. I love our manager and I do honestly love everyone I work with but I just think their selective participation is getting old.

I suppose I should just turn and look the other way and remember “Not my circus, not my monkeys” but it sure is hard to do that when I’m giving it my all. Maybe I should use that saying “if you can’t beat em’ join em’?”

Thanks for allowing me to vent here. Do any of you have any coworkers that drive you crazy? If so, please share with me and let me know that it’s not just me dealing with this shit? No offense but I’m hoping some of your stories are better than mine?


Train Wreck

Hi Loves! Happy Fucking Friday!

So, on this weeks Mullet Monday I posted “I hope today isn’t a fucked up train wreck for you” because in most cases we all know Monday’s suck the happiness right out of our souls. Mine are usually a train wreck or comparable to getting a root canal and a pap smear at the same time. Yeah, it can be that bad at times. I have fabulous news! My friend Sandra has created some T-shirts and cards with that phrase on them. How cool is that? Check it out below and if you like what you see order one, two, or three! She also offers a clean version too that just says “Train Wreck” in case you want to keep things clean. Today is Friday so let’s get this party started and begin our weekends shall we? Check out all of her other merchandise too. She has a ton of fantastic things from pillows for your couch to journals, greeting cards, scarves, and even tech accessories.

Happy Shopping!

What Sandra Makes