That’s the only word that really fits my state of mind and body lately. For the last few weeks I’ve had bronchitis and reoccurring headaches. No worries, I’m still lippy and intense at times but for the most part I’m getting by. It could be so much worse.

On a positive note I managed to get through the book signing/reading in Atlanta for Daddy Believe it or not I didn’t vomit or pass out. Sometimes we have to face our fears head on and I’m so happy that I did face this fear. When I wrote my personal story about my relationship with my Dad I never imagined I would be reading a piece of it in front of people in a book store nor signing my name in a book for someone. I met so many incredible souls at the event as well. To think that people took time out of their day to listen to us read an excerpt from our chapters was so special to us. The surprise of that evening was the questions and comments after the reading from the audience. Most of the comments were people stating they couldn’t wait to call their father’s and thank them for their love and support. This entire experience for me was healing and enduring. To mention that I am thankful to K E Garland is an absolute understatement. I will be forever grateful for her including me.

I have been working on the beginnings of a biography. The biography is about someone that I believe could help others by sharing their story. This could take years or decades for me to complete. For now, I’ll keep working at it.

Hoping that all of you are doing well this Sunday morning.









  1. The V Pub · July 14

    You are a sight for sore eyes. It’s great to see you again.😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Simon · July 15

    It’s good to see you again Lennon, I hope the book goes well 🙂


  3. theacquiescentsoul · July 15

    Hi Lennon! *hugs & kisses*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. grandfathersky · July 18

    You are amazing – I did not know this – Congratulations and by all means keep writing – you joy shows through these words!


  5. K E Garland · July 22

    You’re the best Lovely ❤


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