Often we wonder how people see us.

A few words people have used in describing me…Intense, Strong, Outgoing, Passionate, Defiant, Amusing, Bitchy and Hostile.

The above words are describing my work personality I believe. I tend to think I’m a completely different person at work. At home I’m somewhat a recluse. I like the solitaire. When we’re in a social setting I feel anxious an overwhelmed worrying about what to talk about and how to answer questions that might come up.

Unusual right? I wonder if getting paid to be something or to do something is the reason why I’m a completely different person at work with all of those overwhelming descriptions people have used to describe me?

So, do you ever wonder how people see you? Do you agree with what they think or say about you?

Happy Sunday Loves!


  1. Just Joan · April 14

    People see the side(s) of us that we show them. So much of life is “fake it ’til you make it,” private insecurities covered by public bravado. If you don’t let your freak flag fly, how are your fellow freaks supposed to find you? Be your weird, wonderful self. 🙂


  2. Simon · April 15

    I think there are often different sides to us, maybe your work personality is to be able to survive in a male dominated workplace?


  3. K E Garland · April 26

    I only agree if it’s nice lol


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