Mullet Monday



Sleep. I desperately need it. Soon maybe I’ll crash. Possibly in my bed or in the car? It’s been four weeks since I’ve had a really good sleep. I average 2 – 3 hours a night. And that’s waking up a few times within that time frame. 

Thoughts when I can’t sleep….

Why can’t I buy lemon jelly beans? They should sell individual flavors. Period! 

I hate my tits. They’re way too big. Why? Because if I wear a cute V neck top or spaghetti strap tops it looks like I’m showing off. Women and men look at me funny. 

Bullies at work suck. I find myself wondering how I can retaliate. This shouldn’t be happening. She’s older than me and has been there forever. I’ve tried to get to know her and have been respectful and kind. Nothing seems to work. I’ve caught her mocking me a few times. The old Lennon would’ve handled it face to face possibly humiliating her. This is different. I am different. I’ve not been there 90 days yet and I really love this job. So, I will have to think about it for a bit. 

I need to try to get some sleep. In two hours my alarm will be screaming. 

For The Doll’s….Hump Day Shenanigan’s

I thought I would switch it up today and do two posts of hotties. One for the ladies and one for the guys. 

One of my very favorites, Liev Shreiber which plays Ray Donovan. Gotta love a guy with a baseball bat on a mission. 

Ryan Reynolds…..This Guy. He’s funny, kind and well….just H.O.T. 

John David Washington – Yes, Denzel’s son….former UFL running back turned actor. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Love his role on Baller’s. 

Ok, don’t laugh or go ahead….I don’t think he would mind. He is one of my favorite guys. He’s hilarious, super creative, and loves animals. Have you seen Derek on netflix? This guy is uberly talented. I think he’s adorable! 

Well that’s it for you ladies ๐Ÿ’‹


It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve slept more than 2 hours a night. I’m so annoyed. I’ve tried over the counter sleep aids: Benadryl, Tylenol PM, Nyquil, melatonin, Jack Daniels, and the list goes on. 

I’ve cut my caffeine intake down to one cup of coffee which is one cup first thing in the morning. 

Nope….I’m not stresed out. Love my job, happy marriage, no financial problems, my life is really good. 

But….why can’t I sleep?!?! I went to my Dr hoping he would provide something. He just increased my cymbalta another 30 mg. No….I’m not depressed….I take it for my anger issues and anxiety. It’s helped a lot when it comes to stupid lazy people. Instead of me being annoyed and verbally abusive to these type of coworkers now I just don’t care. I’m as cool as a fucking cucumber. 

But…..the increase in mg isn’t helping me sleep. If I had balls I would tell Doc he could suck my balls and give me some ambien. 

He said to give it 30 days…….sigh…..

Thanks for letting me vent loves. I’m absolutely exhausted. Waaaahhhhh!