It Gets Worse

Happy Sunday Guys & Dolls,

I was driving home from my new job on Friday and the song “Sorry Not Sorry” started playing and instead of thinking about an ex-boyfriend I couldn’t help but flashback to my last ratchet, possessive, egotistical dickhead employers. I believe I’ve finally found my forevermore career? I’m in love with my new office with a window, what I’m doing, the people I’m surrounded by. I really feel good about this one. Who cares that I’ve quit two jobs in three months, if it’s landed me where I’ll have my happily ever after then it’s worth it right?

Both of those dickhead employers have been asking about me through mutual friends. I’m sure they’re salivating at the mouth hoping to hear that I’m failing miserably and that I’ll come begging for my old job. Ha! Fat chance motherfuckers that will EVER happen.

Besides, I’ve also heard both places are losing money currently and trying to figure out what to do. I love they’re taking a loss because I’m no longer there. I know, I know, I’m vengeful but if you knew what I went through you would probably understand.

Some of my clients have contacted me and told me they won’t do business with either of them since my replacements have fucked up their accounts so badly. Got news for my old employers, it gets worse……Your clients are finding me at my new job and now they’re signing contracts with me 🙂 Cheers!

Mullet Monday

So today I’m traveling to Birmingham, AL for my first day of training. I have to say I’m pretty excited for once on a Monday. But, I don’t want to break the tradition of our sarcastic Monday mood……