Mullet Monday



  1. John Fioravanti · July 10

    You got me at “That shit don’t quit!”, Lennon! Fabulous!

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  2. John W. Howell · July 10

    Ha ha ha. Thanks for the laugh, Lennon.

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    • Lennon Carlyle · July 15

      I loved your photo’s of Edinburgh….Homeless man? Not a chance! You look adventurous and happy with your shades and sports coat on next to that soldier 🙂 Beautiful photo’s! For some reason the comments on everyone’s blogs are not available to me so since I couldn’t comment on your post just figured I would respond here. Happy Saturday my friend!

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      • John W. Howell · July 15

        Thank you, Lennon. I don’t understand why you can’t comment. Well another glitch. I see your “like” on the post. Thanks for the effort. 🙂 Happy Saturday to you.

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  3. what sandra thinks · July 10

    Yes… tons of coffee, still a bitch. 🙂

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  4. Yep! My most favourite childhood memory!!
    Thanks Lennon

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