1. John W. Howell · June 21


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  2. Jim · June 21

    I hope the cake was good at least

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  3. liverpoolmunky76 · June 21

    You have no idea how much I needed to see a shenanigans post today.
    Thanks Lennon

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  4. liverpoolmunky76 · June 21

    Reblogged this on A Munky on Merseyside.

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  5. John Fioravanti · June 21

    I’m blushing, Lennon! Great way to start a Hump Day!

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  6. augustmacgregor · June 21


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  7. musingonamonday · June 21

    These are the best! Where do you find them??

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  8. The world needs Lennon.


  9. K E Garland · June 24

    Missing you on here Lennon!

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